{November 19, 2012}   2 weeks and 4 days left

Well Im counting each day as if its my last carrying her inside of me, So excited for this to finally happen, I redid  her closet once again added a new shelf. And totally feeling every single pain possible know, It feels as if I did a thousand situps thats how bad my muscles in my stomach hurts, and the pressure down below feels as if she is reaching her hand straight out of my vagina lol.Today my husband and I went to our last Birth class it was called Baby Care Basics. This three-hour class prepares parents to understand their new infant’s needs. The class includes bathing, diapering, understanding normal newborn characteristics and procedures, infant safety, nursery equipment, and when to call your pediatrician. It was pretty much a non brainer class, I knew about everything and so did my husband. But this one guy and his wife next to us omg he asked so many questions as if he didn’t no completely anything baby wise in his life, from diapers to swaddling. It was just completely nuts the questions he was asking, and I looked over at his wife and she didn’t say anything as if she was as much clueless waiting for a answer than him..Holy cow. One thing that was kool was that there was another couple and she was due the day before us, so are due dates were off a day..I have only ran into people online that where a day or same as me, never in person so that was a first. I also got the worse case of Braxton hicks Contractions in the class ever, that I was actually bent over and my hubby was rubbing the pain away. I’m so glad he did, cause in my mind I was thinking how am I going to do this the pain is so awful.As well as us being 30 mins away from the hospital we Did our classes at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC and 40-50 mins away from the house, I’m not going that far again till she is out lol. I know she is coming very soon, I can feel the difference of my body changing. My belly is so round also right know, its kinda cute cause ive never seen it look that round, but than I feel huge everyone knows im about to pop. As everyone asks when im due, you know your huge at that point. Well I will keep you up to date as things progress.


{November 8, 2012}   36 week update

Hello everyone got back from the obgyn yesterday, and found out im a half of a cm Dilated . She said if I have her anywhere from know on she will be totally safe. So everyone wish that she comes soon. No more cooking lol..All my checks from know on are every week, and all are going to be checks to see if im dilated each time, so yup got to undress from the waist down, ugh. But there is one good thing coming from it, to see how my progress is doing, and that means a extra week closer to seeing my child.

Also I gained 5 lbs from my last visit , only 2 weeks ago holy cow lol. She is having a growing Marathon inside of me, also had the strep test today and the baby has dropped know the doctor felt her head.She is in the right position hopefully she stays with her head down til birth. And of course I started crying, as soon as my Obgyn started talking about how soon till she gets here, whats new. But all is good right know. We also spoke about what she wants to do epidural wise on me since I have bad back problems from a Degenerated disk in my back, So she is either going to give me a regular one and spinal, or just spinal or just the regular one, she said she wants to think about it. They want to make sure I feel no pain during delivery so im happy about that. Im also measuring at 37 weeks know a week more, for some reason it keeps going up and down a week each time I go to the doctor lol, So im pretty sure this little stinker will be coming soon enough. So thats the news on that, I will add to this post later on today after my High risk appointment this, will be the last time we see our baby on ultrasound before she comes out. =( Im curious how big she is know at 36 weeks. Keep checking back for the rest of the update.I posted the new update right above this yay..Thanks for stopping by…

Well know I’m 33 weeks pregnant, im getting there and the lil one is sure showing me more and more each day how much of a struggle this is going to be.Yesterday she moved around a lot and I mean a lot however I was sitting laying ect she was moving, it it nice to know we are almost done with this pregnancy and get to enjoy her real soon. We were thinking of doing Blood Cord Banking But the cost is overrated right know, Its around 200 to do it plus to have to pay storage every month. Its like getting another apartment and trying to keep up with that ekk. So the second best thing all they do after the baby is born is throw away all the stem cells blood ect, so I’m donating it, so It can help someone who really needs it. Since my Blood Transfusion years ago I haven’t been able to give blood ect, so This will be my chance to give back to save someone else s life. And if by chance something would to happen to our lil one We would have to deal with it as it comes she will be on good insurance and with me taking her to all of her appointments getting her shots on time and keeping up with her, she should be good. And if not we will come across those chances when it happens. She is going to be well taken care of and only around me and her father im not letting nobody watch her at all, just cause ive seen to much bad things happen to kids when they get babysit by someone else. Next week I have another OBGYN checkup to see how she is doing, So I will keep you all posted on her progress.Just keep us in your prayers that this preganancy stays good till the end and after…On another note …Well I bet you all are going to be a pretty surprised but I’ve been looking through cute things to do for the holidays for woman that are pregnant so we can take tons of photos of how big my belly is getting Till the end when she is born, she has 7 more weeks to go, so I’m starting to get creative, lmao. As you will soon see, Well after my husband got off work yesterday I had told him to get his paint on, and make my Belly into a pumpkin, It came out really cute and boy did we have a blast. He looked so happy painting all over my big masterpiece lol. They paint brushes tickled so bad and the paint was cold it just felt so strange hehe.But the best part was the lovely memories we have on pictures that I can keep forever. So this is our surprise to all of my followers and ladies that come across this that are pregnant, and family and friends hope this put some smiles on your faces lol, as It did ours.Just make sure if you do this at home you use Non-Toxic paints which you can buy at Micheals and after clean up using a wet Hot wash cloth, and soap and water after you get it off to make sure your not sticky at the end, cause trust me you will be…

We have lots more in store for you all so keep checking back day by day….Enjoy…Our Craziness.

{September 20, 2012}   2nd 4D ultrasound at Peek a Boo

Watching this is amazing just to see how much she has grown and progressed through my pregnancy, im at 29 wks 2 days and she is coming really soon, I cant wait….

I went to go water my garden outside at 7:43pm last night and my husband walked outside after me to come see how my garden is doing, and to be by my side, we started talking about what plants were what and looking how big they have been growning  so after I got done watering that area I went where my Topsy Turvy Plants are at and started spraying them which are under are deck of our house there sits 2 bird nests which before only sat 1, so I guess they built another one. Well when I started spraying the water into the planters all of a sudden a baby bird maybe a couple weeks old came attacking me and hit the back of my head and kept going like 2 mins later it finally clicked in my head “Holy Cow WTF is going on”, my husband stands theres starring at me laughing as the mom and dad birds comes saving there baby and both of them come fast as hell towards the top of my head as I look up Im the top of my head as I look up Im freaking out screaming running for my husband. And we see the baby bird on the ground carlos telling me to grab it so we can put it back in the nest, I start to try and the mom and dad are stil coming at me, seeing WTH is happening to there baby, so I freaked once again and I tried to grab the bird in time was so scaried as much as the bird was so I couldnt get him in time and it hopped into this crazy amount of ivy we have growning from the ground upward on the walls outside we didnt, so I handed my husband a rake he was trying to go through the ivy to find the bird. He finally found the bird made sure it was okay and put it back in the nest the whole time tons of birds that wasnt the mom and the dad was coming by seeing whats going on, we go back upstairs so the mom and dad could go back back to the baby. Thw whole time im saying Im Sorry, Im Sorry!, like a ton of times, man I feel like crap seriously. I hope they dont kill it cause it has a human scent on it now. I can still hear them chripping away cursing me out in there birdy Language. Than my husband tells me “I forgot to tell you the birds made a new nest” REALLY ! Well thank you so much for now letting me know after getting attacked and almost getting killed lol. I will never forget turning 15 weeks pregnant in this Pregnancy ever. With al these aches and pains boy did I take off can you just imagine a pregnant woman running from birds???? OMG what a day. 9:23PM I had a thought what was going on snd if the baby was okay and still there, so I have my hubby go to check if its in the nest, and my heart was telling me right it was gone so we are out in our backyard looking everywhere for him and thank god my husband found him he went back into the ivy. So we got him and have in a pot and I noticed he had little bugs crawling all over him, So ihad got some warm water and my hubby and bro in law had gave him a bath and got most of the bugs off of himand they dried him off and we had changed pots and towels and threw that nest out. Poor little guy we got him all covered up hope he lives threw the night. Ino his family isnt going to come back for him, and I feel its all my fault cause of me watering my plants freaked them out. Today I woke up at 9:11am and I went to go take my dog out and there my bro in law was out on the porch and he asked where do I keep candys dog food cause on this websight he found last night it says you can feed baby bird dog food, well I show him , than I go to the bathroom come back out go outside and than he told me the bird got out of the pot and its on the ground below our deck and theres another baby bird in the corner of the yard I was thinking where did that baby bird come from cause threw that whole thing that happened yesterday I never saw a second baby,But it looks just like the other one same markings and everything. But my bro in law put both birds next to each other and the nest on the ground the one that dont have bugs crawling like crasy through it,And also the mom and dad are back out there so They came back how awesome is that. I keep going out there to check on them the last time I checked The mom and dad had worms in there mouth bringing it to the babies. YAY, they are pretty close to flying to hopefully we can keep this going till they are able to fly and be okay without having to worry. I know you all were wondering what happened last night sorry I didnt get to this last night but my husband rubbed my head to sleep, so I knocked out..Hope you all get aa good laugh out of this,lol



Hello everyone thats stopping by to read my blog welcome, Well here is my updates, I went to the obgyn a week ago and the babies heartbeat was 159 bpm, which is great,all my blood results for all the testing they have been doing has been coming out really good, they baby is healthy. And my morning,day,and night sickness has finally disappeared thank god for that, cause know I can eat. My cravings have Been Chinese food very bad, and mexican food and Nacho chesse Sauce and lots of fruit, Ive actually turned to water so much now that I pick it alot over my caffenine free soda I use to drink 24-7. I Brought a Doppler the other day online threw a medical supply company its a real nice one it shows the babys heart beat and has a speaker so you dont have you use earphones..So It comes out more clear like how it does at the obgyn office. Cant wait till it gets here just so I can check on the baby everyday..I have been feeling like a elastic Rubber band lately my tummy keeps expanding So far to me it seems like my stomach is hanging in the middle it hasnt dropped at all yet. Im going to be scheduling a 4D Ultrasound on week 15 which is on this Wednesday.This is going to be my first child actually born Im hoping this pregnancy keeps going good. We have another Obgyn appointment coming up, we got to meet every doctor in that practice just in case my doctor isnt on call the day I go into labor.The thing that worries me is hoping the baby comes out healthy, How much pain Im actually going to feel when I start having contractions, I have two birth plans cause I know my pain level is very weak. So im going to try to push for 10-20 mins if its too much I told my doctor I want a C-Secion. Also not having any family there is really breaking heart right now, but thank god my husband will be by my side, but you always want family around. Also since im at high risk whats going to happen when the baby comes out if they are going to put the baby in my arms right away or take it the newborn unit to check to make sure everything is doing okay? Waiting for that first cry when the baby is born,just to know that the baby is okay and doing well. And knowing how bad im going to be crying looking at my child face to face finally after carrying the baby for 9 months which seems to take forever.Im Just entered my second Trimister so I have to finish this one as well as one more lol…. Just hoping the baby is healthy and so beautiful than ever, and smiling as soon as he,or she comes out.. Ive been really emotional everything makes me cry, Ive been watching alot of Baby story, and Birth Day shows and with most of them I cry as soon as I see how the parents react to seeing there child and the show Coming home, oh man theres not one show I dont cry to on that one, And I even break down in stores at home. My emotions are all over the place. I rather take that than the pregnancy sickness in a heartbeat. Oh yea we also found a Shermag Bella Deluxe Glider Rocker, Ottoman in Chocolate so I have a place to breastfeed the baby in the nursery..Its really nice we got it at Baby’s r us it should be in, in about a week cause it had to be ordered cause they only had the sample chair out there… Carlos and I loved it it locks when you get up so it doesnt rock and hit your legs it also lock in place if you dont want to rock when your breastfeeding also.Other than that those are my concerns..I bet the list will get longer as time goes by. How many of you had fears and what were they, and how did the outcome turn out at the end please share your stories??

Today went pretty good at the High risk doctors office, We did a regular ultrasound, which was kinda werid cause it wasnt as visual than the 3d sonograms we have been having but we actually got a couple good close up profile pictures and the ultrasound tech was so funny and nice and she printed us off lots of pics like the other ultrasound techs, just the doctor was a little off but thank god he isnt going to be the one I see next time, because we had to actually ask to sit down with him to tell him all my medical history and ask questions about getting the epidurial while pregnant in my spine cause of my disk is badly I can hardly do anything for long periods of time. Well he also said it would be fine also, plus he dont think it will hurt the baby or even go to the baby while its in me. So I might just go through with it. Going to have to go back to my nuero and talk to him now, Well the baby’s heartbeat I guess is settling down to his/her regualar heartbeat because know it is at 167 which last time it was at 171. Our Baby was moving like crazy inside of me during the ultrasound and we had taken a video of it Im going to post it on YOUTUBE so you all can see I cant imagine how much this baby will be kicking soon lol. Its like I drinking 8 cups of expressso before we went in lol. But it was awesome to know the baby is doing great they told us the baby is actually growing fast its 5 days bigger than it should be but they are still keeping the due date at the same for know till it gets closer. But even though I got sick with a viral infection and with me barly eating cause I couldnt hold down much, the lady said when your sick the baby is completly safe inside of you. So with the growth pattern so far Im actuallly being a great mom keeping my baby inside of me. They also checked for Down Syndrome and on the ultrasound They check the neck, spine and nose length and so far we are in the clear, I had to do a needle poke which will tell us a yes or no on that too we should get the results back in a week, but they said it looks good no signs at all. But oh boy did that needle poke scare the crap outta me I started to panic lol to the point, where carlos took one for the team and got poked before me, just to show me it wasnt that bad, which it still was hehehehe. Oh man my nerves were tripping lol. But I made it with a little bandaid on my finger and my honey gots one toooo aww isnt that wuv…Well next time I go will be 7 weeks from know to the high risk I have a obgyn appointment next week and every month with my obm so it wont be so bad, just the wait to see our sweet lil one again is going to take forever. Carlos was so happy this appointment when he saw the baby bouncing around the video I posted on Youtube listen to him in the background so cute how he was loving every bit which this time was the first I didnt cry, and I mean first I think this time I was more nervous and curious what was going to happen that it took the crying part away this time, which was great cause I looked at our baby which is getting so big and than looking over at my husband holding him and watching him look at the screen with the biggest smile ever. I love when he is happy like that. This is going to be a amazing experience and I feel things from this point are going to go good, and im hoping I done jinx it but I feel good about this entire miricle growing inside of me.

We had our third ultrasound WE were surpose to wait till 11 weeks, but yet another scare, I started feeling a stabbing pain down there. So my hubs called my obgyn and when he did they wanted me to have a emergnancy ultrasound to check on the baby to make sure everything is okay. I was just concered that the babys heartbeat was okay than I knew everything would be fine. Well my husband and my mom both got to be in the room, it was very beautiful expierence because this time the baby was moving around and you can see his/her hands waving at us, it was so adorable and yes I started crying again, I seem to always do when im looking at my baby. Well of course any new mom would looking at there baby develop inside of them, And seeing the baby not being to touch through the screen, =(. Cant wait till the labor part of all of this pregnancy.. The ultrasound tech she than went on to do all the measurements, And the baby now is 2.57cm getting so big, also the baby’s heart is know 171. Carlos keeps saying its a boy and by the way im starting to think it is know also because this baby is trippling in size day by day when carlos was born he was 10 lbs so its gotta be, even though I wanted a little princess first but either way im going to love it till the end. Well The bleed that I had outside the Gestational sac that went away which was 1.3 and know theres one on the right side but still on the outside so it dont harm the baby, Thank god. But that still kinda worries me but the doctor and ultrasound tech says it happens to tons of women and they have completly healthy births of there children. They couldnt find any reason for the sharp pains so no answer is a good enough answer for me, shouldnt it be, you all? Today im 9 weeks 5 days, cant waitto see our lil one again on the 11th week I start going to my high risk doctor and the face and body will be more to see than this each set of pictures will get more and more clear, this is the best expierence ever cause my husband my side, and I love him so much for never missing a appointment with me he is always by my side and keeping me strong when I fall weak to something. I couldnt ask for more, Enojoy the pictures.

It was this test along with 5 more that actually told me for sure I was preganant, cant believe I caught that faint line,

and boy was it a faint line, even my doctor said I had a mad track on it, Ive check every month for about 7 or so, so I knew something was up when it came back this way,Talk about how excited I was…..This was the best news and still is. I feel like Dec 5th cant get here soon enough than I can see my baby and carlos and I have our own little start of a family, to be able to see my mom again. Cause she is clear across the United states, also to see her will be a relief and she how she is going  to see her first little grandchild. Theres going to be alot of good memories come out from this, I thank you god everyday for making this happen to me finally, You and my grandfather are diffently looking after me from up above and making sure this is all planned out right….This Chrismas will be the best of my life.

Guess what Im actually 8 weeks 1day pregnant my doctor offical told me today the right date And my due date is for sure dec 5th.So every wednesday I gain a week onto our preganancy.  Im going to be working with two doctors her and a high risk doctor and the ultrasound tech, next ultrasound we are going to have will be at 11 wks when we can see the entire baby inside of me, they will be measursing the nose cavity and looking at the bone , the Bone Structure and spine in all.13 weeks we should be able to get to do the heartbeats at home in all. and I had 6 tubes of blood ran today plus a urine doing all the prenatal testing,The did testing on all the below.

1. HIV-1-HIV-2 ab,EIA,Ser w/ rfl

2. Culture, urine, Routine

3. Blood Group & RH


5. Rubella Immune Status







We are having the baby at Alexandria Hospital, In Virginia. And my mom and hubby will be in the room unless I cant handle the pain and have them do a c-section in that case my hubs will only be there, but either way im going to try my hardest so they both can be by my side.The doctor said the only reason she will fight me on having a c-section is if im way to diliated to do so, but im am getting a epidural, thats for sure and whatever else they can help me with for the pain that is safe. It fills great going to the first prenatal cause we got a ton of info, also a RX of My new Prenantal Vitamins and It was awesome to look into my husbands eyes and look at him smile at me, the babys heartbeat is doing good and everything is fine so far….So I got to call to make a appointment with my High risk doctor which they will be located in the hospitalI will be delivering in, Which will be going at 11 weeks, Thank you all for all the love the beautiful words and sweet thing to get me going everyday…..Yup not my best picture at all but I guess its the only one I can share of course carlos takes a cute pic of him cause he knows he is sexy and he knows it lmao…Wiggle wiggle wiggle over here. lmao…..Cant wait to see this baby, Im really focused on doing this all the way through and not messing up on anything, she/he is going to have the best mom in the whole wide world……I can promise that. I will never leve there side and always be there till the end..I may not be 100 percent the smartmest cookie in the world but I can show my child the rights and wrongs as Ive gone through them in my life. And they know they can be completly safe with me……..And there dad is going to stick to there side like glue, and grandparents are going to fall in love with you at first sight…

et cetera