{November 16, 2012}   37 Weeks 2 weeks 6 Days left

Well here is our Update for our doctor’s Appointment the other day sorry I didn’t post it the day of, but got busy doing things. Well here is how it went, I lost 2 lbs, the nurse said that towards the end my weight will go up and down, so that was good news lol, than got stumped with not so good news after, I tested Positive for Group B Strep. But than the nurse says today you get to sign the form to go into the hospital, My jaw dropped. I almost cried just to hear the nurse say that, She told me the reason I’m filing out this is so they can send my chart to the labor and delivery unit so that when I go there if I go into labor early they will have it all there already so they can take care of me right away. Signing that paper meant the world to me, it was the next step of my child being so close to me.So I went into the room after visiting with all my favorite nurses and favorite Phlebotomy Tech. As I walked into the room my husband was already in there waiting for me I walked in a told him about the test, and he said it will be okay honey. And got undressed from the waste down first the nurse came in there and Took The baby’s heart beat its was at 143 as my honey stood by my side smiling trying to cheer me up. But I was really worried, just dont want nothing to go wrong at all. And a couple things has I just thought it would finally stop, But after the nurse left my OBGYN walked in and I she told me the test came back that way also, but not to worry about it they can treat it so the baby wont be harmed during delivery, but as soon as my water breaks or contractions start I need to call her ASAP, and go straight to the hospital don’t wait for the every 5 min contraction stage. Cause they Need to start me on Antibiotics before I even deliver her so she don’t come out sick, as long as I go when I suppose to go I shouldn’t have no problems with her after delivery. Well I was just hoping the test would come out okay you know, but as long as she is healthy that’s all that matters to me. Well she started on my exam to see if im dilated and know im actually half a cm dilated, and her head has dropped down even more than last time, she said im progressing very fast, so by next week I should be more lets hope. She said I am know Full Term so she told me ways of going about to get labor started. I couldn’t believe it lol. Yup so know she went down the list. (Spicy Foods, Sex, and of all she said lemon cupcakes) Yup that was new for me too, I said what lol, she said they actually do. I never knew that at all And I was a nurse. hehehe.So she gave us the flag if she comes out know she is fully developed. She wont be in the NICU at all, that’s unless something happens of course. But she said your almost close and said I will see you next Wednesday, But before I left had to do some blood work just to keep track of me.So I went there chatted with Alexia, She is so awesome. But I asked her if she would be there when I have her and she said to call her at the office and she will try to get out to go. Yay I hope she does, she has been there through the beginning with me also. But than after we left and went to 711 and home, watched some tv and than I started thinking should we go get the stuff to start progressing this labor, I asked my husband and he was was like sure, I was in complete shock cause it was 11pm so we did a late night trip to the store lol. I looked on some web sights also to get some more ideas of what helps so I could get also. So we went to get Fresh Pineapple cause it helps bring on contractions, Spicy Cheetos,Spicy Doritos, Spicy Thai noodles, And salsa, And so far I ate one whole Pineapple a small pack of Spicy Doritos  and been Snacking on the Black Licorice, found out she hate Spicy Doritos cause she was kicking up a storm in there when I was eating them and when I stopped she stopped too funny. Thought for sure that would trigger it,but still hasnt Bohoooo. Well Enjoy the pictures once again hehehe, You never no when they will be the last pregnancy pictures I have…Goodnight everyone….


Want to start off too all the service men and women that, gives us the freedom we have everyday, its good to no we are all out of harms way. I hope you all no matter where your at overseas or in the states are enjoying today celebrated for all of you…I thank my Husband for doing 10 in a half years in the service protecting us, you are the love of my life and my hero…The pictures im posting today was when he was still in the service when I met him and fell in love…I dedicate my day to him…..  If it wasnt for have meeting you on facebook and traveling and falling deep in the I wouldnt be where im in my life together, married and having a future and a New child coming into our Live Dec 5th 2012. I couldnt see myself with anyone else but you….Well today not sure how everyone else celebrated but we BBQ’d some Burgers, Brats, and also kabobs, also I had made cold anti pasta salad so yummy, and Devil eggs. And we had some lobster dip we had got from costco which is so good, And watched cake boss The entire day lol. Other than That yesterday My husband put together the baby’s Bassinet which looks so beautiful, Just got to get some battery for  the lights and the rocker part of it and music, Theres some picture’s Im going to post so you all can see how cute it is. Well This nusery is a work in progress, we are trying to wait to get the stroller and car seat together and the bedding, and some pther stuff cause If itsa girlI want to deck it all out in pink and if its aboy I got to take my mermaid collection downstairs and start getting boy things for the room.. Not sure we have 7 weeks to go, after wednesday. Plus I still need to get a comfy rocker for the room also. Im so intensence on wanting to now what it is already. This pregnancy hasnt been easy but at the end the joyfulness of being a mother finally after being 32 will set in and Will make me the happiest of my life. So nice to see all the people that have been taking the time to read my blogs, its amazing…. Babydust to all the women out there trying to have a childit may be a long road but never give up, One day it will happen forall of us.

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