{November 8, 2012}   36 week update

Hello everyone got back from the obgyn yesterday, and found out im a half of a cm Dilated . She said if I have her anywhere from know on she will be totally safe. So everyone wish that she comes soon. No more cooking lol..All my checks from know on are every week, and all are going to be checks to see if im dilated each time, so yup got to undress from the waist down, ugh. But there is one good thing coming from it, to see how my progress is doing, and that means a extra week closer to seeing my child.

Also I gained 5 lbs from my last visit , only 2 weeks ago holy cow lol. She is having a growing Marathon inside of me, also had the strep test today and the baby has dropped know the doctor felt her head.She is in the right position hopefully she stays with her head down til birth. And of course I started crying, as soon as my Obgyn started talking about how soon till she gets here, whats new. But all is good right know. We also spoke about what she wants to do epidural wise on me since I have bad back problems from a Degenerated disk in my back, So she is either going to give me a regular one and spinal, or just spinal or just the regular one, she said she wants to think about it. They want to make sure I feel no pain during delivery so im happy about that. Im also measuring at 37 weeks know a week more, for some reason it keeps going up and down a week each time I go to the doctor lol, So im pretty sure this little stinker will be coming soon enough. So thats the news on that, I will add to this post later on today after my High risk appointment this, will be the last time we see our baby on ultrasound before she comes out. =( Im curious how big she is know at 36 weeks. Keep checking back for the rest of the update.I posted the new update right above this yay..Thanks for stopping by…


{June 7, 2012}   Obgyn Visit Today

I went to the Ob today cause ive been feeling a little bit of stabbing pains down there This is been going off and on for a while know and I went before to the ob to get it checked out and like today , they say nothing is wrong. So curious what can be causing this. But besides that I got to hear the babys heartbeat on the doppler today and they found it right away, ohhh it felt so good knowning that the baby was doing good, cause i need to buy A new dopple cause mine at home is so old I think its useless know lol. Well anyways the babys heartbeat is higher than it was the last visit its know 159 BMP and I recorded it on my recorder but I cant post the sound on hear kinda suck, (((Oh never mind I got a idea come back to this post tomarrow and you can hear it, I got what I can do hehehhe….Baby and I are doing okay just for the usually pain the morning sickness has finally gone away yippy000)))…… Talk about happy. Well till tomarrow Goodnight everyone.

It went pretty well, first got my blood pressure and weight taken and than went into the room, the nurse that had taken me in there was like pull down your pants a little so she can put the doppler on me and find the baby’s heartbeat, I guess the baby couldn’t stand her because she was being hard as hell putting presure on my stomach so she gave up and my hubby and me are waiting for the doctor to come in took a little time, guess they were really buzy today well, she came in saying congrats and was shaking both of our hands, she is such a sweet doctor she promised me I would get pregnant by this year and she was completly right…Well she tries with the doppler also and after 10 mins she finnally found it, it was really faded cause its still a little too soon to hear it one those dopplers, But I have reached 12 wks today One more week and I hit my Second Trimister, she told me im bypass the alarm rate of having a misscarriage those are always good words to hear.  Also we showed her a video of our last ultrasound so she can see the baby moving and she said she thinks its a girl, I was so excited, cause she was already right about one thing, and she has been doing this for years. But carlos is like your going to keep saying it and its going to be a boy lol…We will see soon Enough…And we were talking to her about some of my back problems in all, got to go to my neuro doctor and have him call her so they can figure out what I can be given and what I cant be given. Also last week we had gone to the High Risk doctor and they had done some tests For Down Syndrome, one was the measurements of the baby’s spine, nose canel, ect and also a needle prick on my finger to test for the gene in my blood. GOOD RESULTS TODAY !!!!!!!!!!! Im 1 in 10,000 of giving that to my child so most likely The baby will not have Down Syndrome at all, which is awesome, Nobody likes to hear that there might be something wrong with your child after birth. Well that and the baby’s heart rate is 143 its going down to its normal rate it will finally be at, so all we got to do is wait one more week and than I get to sign into the hospital System as a soon to be mom delivering in there unit, they have everyone sign up when they hit there 2nd trimister. As how im doing is so so, im having really bad back pain and leg pains to the point where its hard to bare sometimes, the nausea let up a little so thats good so every once in a while that happens, I have low blood presure so I have to eat alot of salt, thats why ive been so dizzy. And I still have endo pains,so that hasnt gone away at all yet. But other than that the baby is doing great, and im really happy about that my angel is still doing good.  Thank you all for your support through this all, without you Im not sure I could handle Going through this, Your upbeat comments are the best and always keep my mood happy.

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