{June 7, 2012}   Obgyn Visit Today

I went to the Ob today cause ive been feeling a little bit of stabbing pains down there This is been going off and on for a while know and I went before to the ob to get it checked out and like today , they say nothing is wrong. So curious what can be causing this. But besides that I got to hear the babys heartbeat on the doppler today and they found it right away, ohhh it felt so good knowning that the baby was doing good, cause i need to buy A new dopple cause mine at home is so old I think its useless know lol. Well anyways the babys heartbeat is higher than it was the last visit its know 159 BMP and I recorded it on my recorder but I cant post the sound on hear kinda suck, (((Oh never mind I got a idea come back to this post tomarrow and you can hear it, I got what I can do hehehhe….Baby and I are doing okay just for the usually pain the morning sickness has finally gone away yippy000)))…… Talk about happy. Well till tomarrow Goodnight everyone.


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