I was very proud to be a Big part of this event Marching alongside my Endo Sisters and doing Photography for EndoMarch Headquarters, Endosisters. We all Marched to spread awareness for a cause we hold Dear to our hearts, not only for us but for the ones we love. And Endosisters that could not be here to do so for themselves. I had my support system walking with me which is my Husband Carlos and my Daughter Ariella. I hope one day that if she gets Diagnosed with this Disease than there will be a cure in place so she don’t have to live the painful life I have lived while doctor after doctor threw all my problems aside. Making me believe all my pain and issues were in my head. Why I went 24 years till I found out I was going through this the entire time, as my pain grew worse and worse.It has been a extremely hard journey through this all, and as I sit here and type. I feel every bit of Endo pain my sisters feel, plus extra. Im sorry it took to the end of the month to post the pictures but ive been in alot of pain, trying to fight through it all to play and watch my daughter grow up. I’m trying to treasure as much memories as possible, cause it seems like she is growing up so fast. I want to Thank the Nezhat Family for making this happen for the very First time, you doctor’s are amazing for taking your time out of your day. Also want to Thank Stephanie March for sharing your story, Also Sheryl Crow for Boasting everyone’s spirits with your beautiful voice.And allowing me to take pictures and get to talk to you.And all the other Endo sisters that shared there stories.  

I want to share all these photos with you all. If your in them you can copy them and share them, Please if you do so can you mention me =) I will be making a personal photo page soon. But I use this as my mine blog of everything. So you can share my sight. I hope you all loved the images I captured throughout our 1st ever Endo March. Feel free to leave me comments..Will love Feedback. Love Always Christina Cruzpagan

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{March 20, 2014}   My Daughter is One Year Old

Hello everyone, haven’t posting in a while so this blog entry will be about, My Daughter’s 1st year old birthday !!!!!!!!!..Very Belated Post, just cause she keeps me on my toes, as all of you moms can understand.. Well for my Ladybugs B-day, I have got to say Ariella’s theme went well. At first I was stressing so bad because I wanted everything to go perfect but she helped me pick it out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. Since that is one of her all time favorite cartoons. I was holding that one and a hello kitty Party Plates up in the air, and asked her to point at which one she wanted the most and she picked Mickey =p ..

I went on Pinterest for the cutest ideas and saved a lot of money with that web sight. I made a Minnie mouse centerpiece, also made her a Chalk Board Sign about her First year. It looks nicer than I thought it would come out..Than I ordered her a Hot Pink and Black Romper for her very First smash cake, i got that at and than looked around for a cute bow to match. The smash cake looked so cute when I was done with it. It looked like a cupcake Cake, at first she was confused what she was suppose to do lol. So I put her hands down and smashed them in and she started crying when she looked at her hands and saw cake all over them. But boy did she love the taste when she got into it.She had a couple bites of her Smash cake and than also a slice of her cake which we got done from the Fort Belvoir Commissary. I love how cute it turned out. I had some boarders changed and some colors changed to match.That is also the first day we changed her from Formula to Vitamin D Milk. she took to the change really good Than I got her Minnie Mouse Dress for her to open up all of her presents in. I’m pretty sure you can order it online if you go on Well for her Birthday !!!!!! It was Me, her Dad her Uncle Tito, And her Sissy Puppy Dog !! I had the decorations up so nice that it looked like i hired someone to do it..Also had made some finger foods that she would be able to eat. So for the first time I gave her a good size toddler plate, I had made real chicken strips that aren’t processed, and Tater tots and for a snack she had her favorite Chedder Baby Goldfish, and some of her Toddler juice.She loved the food that momma made, and also she did a great job opening all her gifts. Once I made a little tear on the gift wrap, she dived into it ripping the paper off like a pro .Which was so cute because it made it even more fun for her and us to all enjoy. She got quite a lot of toys I will post pics for you all to see. We did some opening her toys so she could peek at em. after that we all went to our favorite park, where they have ariella’s swing and playarea and they have a great dog park over there also…

so both Candy and Ariella had a fun day. I cant believe my baby is 1 already seemed like time went by so fast….. MOMMY LOVES YOU FOR ETERNITY DONT EVER FORGET THAT.

We have almost made it to 5 months on the 4th of next month Last time we took her to the doctor for her 4 month old shots she was already 14 in a half lbs, so she should for sure already be 15 plus lbs know.She has been doing really good, feeding, sleeping and also she has been baby talking up a storm,I’m interested to see if that translates to a talkative Litlle Ariella lol, I cant wait to hear her talk up a storm to me. =) . She has also  improve things like her strength and hand-eye coordination,  she grabs toys and my hair of course lol, she been doing that since she has notice I had it since she was born, also she has started petting Candy my pup, they both seem to love each other. laughs quite a bit, and she is sitting up by herself know, she rolls to her side from her back too. Im so proud of her learning process.  I love Motherhood its such a adventure watching your baby Newborn turn into a Infant and do all new things. Since I didn’t get to Breastfeed or Pump that long due to Two Seizures I Had after I had my baby the best thing I thought I could do for her is make sure she would have at least Healthy Food, so I know started on Puree’s know with the Baby Bullet. She has tried Rice Cereal, to Carrots Mangos, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Pears which all she loves. And know to the Two she cannot stand are Green Beans, and Banana’s. I follow the 4 day to a week Rule which you do to make sure your baby does not have a allergy Reaction. I make all of her Baby food Homemade boil or Bake them first and use the Baby Bullet, my husband and I try them all to see how they taste. And I have to admit they are really good way better than the nasty stuff they sell in the cans that are overcooked and processed. In other words, stripped of a lot of its nutrients. And much of it also has fillers, thickening agents and preservatives, which are never a good idea. . Before embarking on this project . I played a game with my husband we both got 5 cans of baby food from the store, without even seeing each others cans. And went to the register to play and took them home blind folded each other and had to guess what each can was just so we could get a taste of what people feed there kids. It was so Horrible and of course my hubs got the most nastiest ones ever with meat in them, Gross lol. Well I suggest all mom’s do that so you can see what you are trying to give your child. As for that I have been reading a lot to her lately and she loves it so much she looks at me reading and back at the pages and by the time im done with one or two books matters how sleepy she is will knock out. Its rather adorable if I say so myself lol. Just cause I put the book down and get to stare at such a beautiful baby Carlos and I brought into this world…

Till next time everyone Thanks so much for stoping by, Love always Christina Cruzpagan

I’m going through so much pain right know that its taking me down, I’m just in tears right know. I no you all think what’s new another sob story from another person online. But my grandmother just passed away with how much there is that got her to this point I cannot say its just in my heart, but what my heart knows is that. She should be here alive and not gone. She had a hard life like all of us have had. But she should of seen more days and, know that I loved her so much. I could remember all the times we had good together, shopping we use to do, amusement  parks we went to together, Going to Arizona and spending so much time with you talking you sharing tons of my childhood with me. If I could repeat my life I would of gone no matter who was in my way and said goodbye and hold her hand one last time. Well before she passed she Broke her Arm in a Nursing Home and went down hill from there. I didn’t find out she had cancer also till it was already the end so that played a role in it also. =( TEARS POURING). She ended up getting a Pneumonia and having a Mild Heart Attack also Just like my Grandfather did that passed away this time in 2001. So having to deal with both of them around this time every year after this is going to take the biggest toll of my heart. My grandfather had passed from The Doctors saying my he was having a Pneumonia when he was so sick one day which he didn’t have and he actually had a Mild Heart Attack in his sleep and didn’t know until the end when it was too late to fix it. His last Holiday was Easter. And my grandma passing near this same time knowing I don’t have any more grandparents around anymore Hurts so bad. And my Husband lost his Grandfather also a long time ago, which I never got the chance myself to meet. All I can do is Thank him from here for leading me the way to his grandson.Too know my Daughter will never meet them  and see her face brighten up when they could be making her smile hurts also. She would of loved them, everyone one of them. I am thankful for my husband being by my side and trying to have a huge family with me, I know we will make them proud of us and like my husband told me. They are looking down on us smiling and making sure we are okay.

With that being said. Grandma I truly loved you with everything inside of my heart, and I hope I can meet up one day with you again and see your beautiful face and Smile again. And knowing your Happy where you are knowing than living in pain where you were. I will hold on to your ashes forever till my passing day and you will be spread on with me till we meet again. I will love you no matter if your gone or not cause you will never be gone out of my heart. And Grandpa since your passing I’ve held you in my heart and soul and never have ever got rid of the memories we had together I have your pictures I look at everyday and your bible right by my bedside. I hope God is keeping you safe up above and hear every time I talk to you late at night. I will never forget about you. And to Gonzalo I know I would of loved you as much as I do my own grandparents You have the most wonderful grandson every and I will make sure him and our daughter we had to together is well taken care of. And I will make you proud of having me a part of the Cruzpagan Family. I will stay by Carlos’s side through thick and thin and make sure our marriage grows into as Happy as anyone else’s one should be in this world. Well I need to close my eyes before my emotions take the best of me. Thank you all for taking time to read….Love always Christina


{March 19, 2013}   Ariella’s New Milestones

So much has been happening, my Sweetie is going to be turning 4 Months old on the 4th of April and she is doing so much  new things, I love watching her grow cause I get to be there to see her do everything first.Its a beautiful moment to experience it all with my husband.

She is know Grabbing and holding her toys and standing with assistance but she loves to stand on her feet so she goes in her exersaucer all the time know that helps her Balance & develop core strength and coordination. It Spins around as she moves and jump actions also provide her with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. So she has hit a Milestone already using her feet. She also is making new noices when she trys to talk or chew us out in baby talk lol. Also she knows her name know because when you call her name she looks at you right away. Its truly amazing to see her no her mommy and daddy, anytime we look at her and talk to her she looks at us and gives us the most Brightest smile you can ever see from your daughter. The 9 months of carrying her inside of me was truly worth every once of it. She is going to be starting Solids as her 4th month starts, its going to be so weird just cause I remember just like it was the other day having her and know so much is changing. She also has a sleep pattern even though some days she wakes up and is fuzzy but she is learning to be a Big Girl. I cant even think of how it will be the more she grows up cause its just you think they will be small in your arms forever. And you know that one day she will start walking which for her, I believe will be before she starts crawling just because How she is with her feet. Im so glad she is my Daughter God brought me the Perfect angel from Above….

SAM_3294 SAM_3295 SAM_3297 SAM_3299

Hey everyone I know its been a while since I last posted something but Ive had way so much going on. But today I thought was better than never to post, my daughter turned 3 Months today, I can not believe 3 months ago I was in the Hospital laying in that hospital bed waiting so much for this day to come to finally see her face, and with all the pain came out the most beautiful baby in the world. I never thought I was going to ever become a mom and know that I’m one today, I will not ever take another day for granted again. She has been doing a lot of new stuff lately. She is teething a lot know, she chews on her hand loves, when we put our finger on her gums and she chows down on our fingers as if she really had teeth that hard, plus she slobbers a lot. The other day we went to Babies R Us and I had found this mesh grape that you put Ice cubes in and its like as if u were to put ice in a rag for them but a fun little shape to get there attention. Also she can hold her head up, and her legs are getting so strong that when I hold her she stretches out her legs and stands up, but with assistance though. She is also out of Newborn clothes I had to pack them all away for our next baby girl, she is know wearing 3 month old clothes.And Size 1 Diapers.. She is just so cute to watch. Carlos gave her a little bit of a lollypop a couple weeks ago and it was so funny because I told her no more after the couple licks she got of it and she kept looking at me and him trying to figure us out to try to get that lollypop back. I would shake my head no than she looked at him and he was playing showing her it and since she saw me say no she would look back at me. We were laughing so hard in the mall when it happened she did it for a good 10 mins till she figured out if dad gives this back to me mom is going to pop him in front of everyone lol, She has also started giggling and she tries so hard to talk to us in baby talk as if she is really talking, its priceless. But I talk to her as if I know everything she is saying..Hehe. I started video taping her during her second month into her 3rd and will be for the rest of the time she is growing up,it sucks I didn’t get to do the 1st month but I have so many pictures it actually makes up for it..Ugh man I got to actually see the video my husband taped when I was in labor and oh gosh, was I screaming and boy did it all come back. I felt as if I was in there watching another woman give birth watching my own video lol. Boy I didn’t no I could scream so loud…

As for my pup Candy, she just loves her sister so much, ive never seen a dog so close to a baby before, but candy will curl up right beside her when im holding her on the couch and when she cries she goes and sees what is wrong. She even try’s to share her dog treats as well as bring her toys near her and lay them beside her hoping one day she will be able to through them for her. I love it cause I was so scared that my dog wasn’t going to take well to her because she was use to being the only baby. Never think when you have a baby for the first time that a your dog will not like your child because you can be 100 percent wrong like I was. =)

Well as for me im doing okay still getting all my testing done, all I have left is blood work and I should be done for this part of trying to see what started the seizures, hopefully they have a answer or the test says something other than that, also went 11 whole months without a period, and I finally got one, it wasn’t as bad as everyone told me it was going to be though, after going that long without having one. YAY!!!!!!! And know we are starting one baby 2 know. So everyone wish us luck and send all the baby dust that you can my way……We are hoping for a boy this time around if it doesn’t happen and we have another girl im still going to be excited. But we will keep trying for one either way.

Last week my husband took me out for the first time to a restaurant since we had Ariella and she came with us, she did pretty good in there .What turned out to be a romantic lunch ended both my husband and I in a ambulance with food poisoning we spent from 7pm  to 8am on Feb 23rd 2013  in there throwing up so much and ect .And my Bro in Law watched Ariel while we were in the hospital I thank god he was able to make it in time. Don’t anyone in Alexandria, Virginia eat at Ruby Tuesday’s..I got Lobster and Steak and had the salad bar and my hubby had a seafood platter and shared the salad bar and we both were eating off of each others plates. So we dont no what got us sick but it was something. I’m just happy we are done with that, it makes me question alot when I go out anywhere to eat know even though the food looked completely fine and tasted good.

{January 25, 2013}   Watching my Sweet Lady Bug Grow.

Here I am up at 2:41am trying to catch up on my blog..HeHe! Well everything over here is going a little better Im trying to get on that better schedule even though how hard it is, cause its the good ole 3-4 hours wake up cycle to get feed Ariella. Which like a day like this when its a good day and I wake up easy out of bed in the morning and make my hubby his lunch and start off her fresh set of bottles and get a good chance to type some stuff up.=) Which I love, but dont get me wrong im still dead sleepy. Lack of zzzzzz’z and staying asleep gets to ya, but at the end of each day I look at it as a leap to the next day of seeing her grow up.Lately she has been growning and I mean growing, she smiles more and more each day, Yesterday was her first time going out to take a picture in the snow, she didnt even act bothered by it, she looked like a little snow baby in her Winter jacket and Pink winter boots. Sooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Our whole family Me, her daddy, Her and our pup candy got to take pics, it was a nice moment before my husband had to head off to work. Also feeding her when I go to burp her she use to be so light to turn around to burp, know she feels like she has gained a couple more lbs cause it takes one good push to get her on her other side. She tries so much to Communicate with you, like say your taling to her she will try to move her mouth like she is talking back to ya, and the little goo”s and gaa’s ❤ I’m savoring every moment and not taking this time for granted, for I know how quickly this will all pass by. When you all see the videos I post later today you will see how much of a enjoyment it is to see her look at considerate on ya its just beautiful. Just the other night also she was having some trouble falling asleep so I put her in bed with us, as I cradled her in my arms to sleep right in the middle of me and the hubs, she dossed off in her dreamland, and as she was sleeping she kept rubbing my chin and face with her hand it felt so sweet and soft, everytime I moved my head just a mere bit away she would get her hand in touch it to the side of my face as of to tell me to move back and lay my head against hers again because when I did. She would just have her hand placed on my cheek. Almost immediately, tears gush out of my eyes, but I tried so hard to keep them in so I wouldnt wake anyone up.They were not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy and love. I didn’t want that moment to end, it was such a magical moment. Also my love had got one of her baby books we sat down on the couch and the pup joined us, lol as if she wanted to hear what it was about also. But my he started reading and she was sitting on his lap right after having her baba =) And as he read this Sesame street book she sat and listened and looked at all the pages and was so quite. It was a shocker for the both of us just to see how calm it made her, and how much she loved her daddy explaining the characters and what each one was doing, lol .That was another moment which we will never forget. We are trying to say momma and daddy alot to see which one will be the first one she says. Im so curious which one it will be as well as how cute her voice is going to be, and how nice it will to have another girl as much as he being my daughter to have to talk to.

As for the other things I have stopped Breastfeeding had to stop after my seizures, it has put a scar on my heart because I wanted to breastfeed and Breastpump for a entire year, But When I had gone into the hospital my obgyn said I had ended up getting Mastitis, which is a inflammation usually caused by infection. The Doctor had said there was a Baseball size Red spot on the side of my right breast, so After the seizure I got put on meds to help it and for that reason I had to stop, because I didnt want the baby to get any meds transferred through the breast milk. I’m really heartbroken about it, I’m glad she got the first part of my milk which had the most benefits towards her health and well being. So im just hoping the don’t do no recall on any formula which was my concern about doing it this way in the first place. Ekkkkkkkkkk. Oh also on a better note My Little Girls hair is starting to grow more and more now, Her front is starting to catch up which how long the back of her head is, and she has curls like mommy has before she blow dries and flattens out it lol. It has filled in also, cant wait to start putting bows and doing cute little hair styles on it. tehehe.. When you came out lil one you had black hair like daddy’s but it has turned my color yay =) I think you look like your dada so much though its like your my little girl version of him all wrapped up in one cute lil body. You have some things that looks like me, and ways you act also. I think you came out so perfect. You have no Idea how much I dearly Love you. As for know im going to bring this to a end and add some more cute photos….Stay tune for the next Update…

{January 22, 2013}   Growing Day By Day !!!!!!!!

Hello All. I’m glad to be back to post another Blog, So Sorry for my Absence away but a whole load of things have been happening and I just haven’t had much time at all.
I see you all keep checking to see if I have posted again =( I have some Faithful readers out there. Well from the start It is the most beautiful feeling to actually be a mom now, Its just amazing. Never thought this day ever would come in my life that I would have a sweet precious Little Girl with a amazing man. Ariella is growing so much day by day,She has those adorable chubby Baby cheeks know, and is starting to grow out of some of her Tiny Newborn clothes.There is still a lot that she still has yet to fit in cause they are to big which I have yet to understand lol. Cause they are considered Newborn,weird huh? LOL.We had to actually go get some bigger pants for her the other day cause her other ones dont fit no more, so I put them in a plastic big box im putting all her first things like my mom did for me that I have to this day.. It’s so cute the things she does. When she sleeps she still does her cute Smiling and Giggles which melts our hearts, she understands mommy and daddy’s voice know, and when I say good morning to her when I wake her up to change her and give her, her morning Bottle she smiles and does this cute yawn awwww lol. She also is Trying little by little to hold her head up, hasn’t got it 100 percent down yet cause it wobbles, and will till she has her strength down in it. She does her tummy time, and when she is on our chests she will turn her head from left to right to look at us. She gave her first daytime smiles to daddy the other day and today to gave her uncle his first smile..hehehe. I love when she looks at us because you can tell her eyes are drawn to yours and she is scoping you out. And she will open her mouth and sometimes she makes those sounds grunting and coos like she is trying so hard just to tell you what is on her Little mind. =)
Don’t you all wish you could really tell what they are thinking? I think Ive got down some of her cries of what is going on, like when she wants her bottle and when she is going poo. Wish I could figure out the rest though, I’m sure I will in time. In the beginning she didn’t like getting baths, but she loves when I give them to her know, she just relaxes. And I found out when I give them to her after she is a lot more mellow which is a good thing cause than she is less fussy. Her daddy and I have been trying so hard to Get use to the change with on sleep schedules cause there is know our new member of our family is here and we have to get up every 3-4 hours to feed her which we aren’t use too. But after a few months we should be closer to her knowing a schedule, which will make us not so sleep deprived. I can actually see more of the day though since I get up early hehe, Big change. Never been that much of a morning person. Today since hubs was home I got some extra needed zzzzz’s. We also yesterday took her for her first walk in the park with the pup candy, we took some pictures next to this tree everyone plays on. Poor tree hasnt seen any good days lol.
Its a kool looking tree though think thats why all the kids go climb it and ect. Well here are some new pictures of her for you all…Thanks for stopping back by….

My sweet Little Girl Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan Born December 4th 2012 In Alexandria, VA. She came in
at 3:43pm Weighing 7lbs, 2oz and was 20 inches, but she did lose about a half of a lb afterwards, but
she finally grew it back. So very happy for that. Well here is how the whole birth went….December 3rd
2012  Was my induction date, so before we went.We finished getting our stuff together and than on the
way there we we stopped and got mcdonalds, thought I should just go all out since we were already
going out to eat there since my tummy always hurts when I do go there to a hospital, lol. Well when I got to the hospital We signed in, I was beyond nervous to have this time finally here that I waited 9 months, that’s not even tacking on that time plus 32 years of my life that I have dreamt so much of my life Just to be able, to look at my daughter in her eyes, feel her skin against mine, touch her feet her toes.. Smell her skin, know my own blood I gave birth too is so close to my side, and is always going to be there forever. Its the best feeling in the entire world, and to have it with someone you truly cherish and love can only be god’s plans for me. I’m glad my life stepped in this direction.Well here with the new lifestory. Well after signing in at labor and delivery we got taken to the room I was going to deliver My Little Lady Bug by one of the nurses I had about 6 all together that’s with shift changes, And my Main OBGYN Dr, Agarwal, Aditi MD and the anesthesiologist, which talking about, omg….Beyond hurts, Here  we go with that story, The nurse told me to undress and put on my Hospital robe and said we got about 30 mins to get our room all together before we get started on everything, the nurse spoke to us about what would be going on, since we had to wait to get induced. which would be the next day, so we had a day or so.Well before the anesthesiologist got there, The next day in the morning, the obgyn another one that works in my doctors office broke my water with a latex glove, which I was burning so bad, cause im way allergic to Latex, so by the time my obgyn got there I was hurting so bad and having bad contractions, That I was 2 cm Than went to 9 cm in about a hr. After my obgyn came and checked me again. I had no handle over my breathing I was screaming my husband the nurses and my ob. Were trying so hard to walk me through it, I think I had my eyes closed almost the whole time, because that was the only thing that seemed to calm me down or at least try to.The ob finally got there I was never so happy to see her
because I knew within hrs I would have my child in my arms. As soon as She got settled in and ready I
was pretty much already 9 cm’s. I started having contractions every 30 seconds I knew it had to be
getting closer just with the amount of pain I was having it felt as if my bottom half off my hoo hoo wanted to brust, so My obgyn checked me and all I could hear was omg Christina, your 9 cm’s already, lets hurry up and get this table ready. Nurses throwing thing unhooking the table as quick as they could anthem telling me not to push yet, ya right I needed Well As soon as my doc got ready we started waiting for contractions and I started we all started to count to 10 with me pushing. And the nurses were so surprised because my doc said I have been the only Patient that has ever begged to push before, because every time they said when you feel a contraction let us know so than we can start counting and pushing before the next one comes around. I was pushing even when I wasn’t suppose to be pushing. Which helped me get her out quicker but did not help me hoo hoo. Because when it all was said and done with I stretched myself so bad and got a 4 degree rip that I had to get two rolls of stitches inside of me. It took forever to recover from it also as I still am, cause the burning and stings are still there. So if your body feels as if it needs to push when you shouldn’t , you should maybe for sure listen, unless you want to be sore, swollen and barly walking afterwards with tons of sticthes.
And don’t go on about all the stories you have have heard about epidurals. Cause Im concrete Proof, IT
MIGHT WORK AND IT MIGHT NOT..Cause the Epidural Numbed my entire left leg for a whole day but
as for my right leg it numbed it half way for all the way up to when I was about to push, than it almost all
wore off completly..It does help your pain more afterwards than during though thats for sure, well at least for me.I heard so many stories and not one has yet been the same espeically after what I endured,during my labor and delivery process. Enough about the bad things, when she finally came out my husband got to cut the Umbilical Cord, which was exciting to watch his face, it got so big and he seemed shocked that he actually got to do it, even though he knew he was going too. Guess there was so many things going on at that time it threw him off lol.Well also after that we got switched to another room for after birth and thats when the Lactation Consultant came in took over my breast grabed it without even asking and shoving it down her throat, than saying sorry afterwards cause she didnt relise how hard she was actually being. It really didnt bother me, but would of been nice if she was more gentle so you could learn the right way to breast feed. And also she had her first bath there in that unit also, which got me really emotional because I wanted to be the first one to bathe her, wheather or not it was just a nurse. When my baby started crying I lost it. And also having to get escorted to the bathroom every chance I needed to go I wasnt liking at all. But at the end of the day getting to be with my child and know she was safe and sound made my heart fill up with tons of love, and having my husband give me love, and surprise me with baby gifts was sweet. Well As I think of more and more I will fill this in or make another Blog post, My mind is kinda floating around so I need to think of the rest, cause ive been so buzy I couldnt post this sooner..Take Care Everyone Christina Cruzpagan

P.S. Give me 10 min to post some Pictures for this post.

Hey everyone as you all have been reading today is the day I get Induced at 5pm I have to be there and at 6pm they start the induction, I’m so mixed up with emotions right know that I’m actually feeling numb inside, and very emotional just want to burst into tears. Im so scaried how its going to feel ,So many reasons to name off.  But I know Im going to be in pain either way, but Thank god Endometriosis has made my life pain all my life, for the first time I can thank having endo cause  I think it has trained my body for this day. . Well my husband is putting the pak n play up right know In the living room, and Im just packing stopping and all of it over and over again. Next time you all see another post it will be filled with pictures of my newborn girl. God Blessed me so much on the aspect of my life from finding someone to love to having a child, I couldn’t thank him enough, for giving me the best Blessing in the world. I’m going to miss my dog like crazy while we are at the hospital but my Brother in law is going to be taking care of her and she loves him. So I know she is in good hands. Just haven’t left her since I got her back from Nevada, when I went to get my stuff to move to Virginia… Well I wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas tree before when we picked it out and while we were decorating it till how beautiful it sits in our living room. It’s So amazing next time we walk into our home we are going to be walking in with our new baby, Im so glad she will be here for her first holiday Christmas Time. Well Im going to bring this to a end cause I still have alot to do, enjoy the pictures, PLEASE EVERYONE SAY A PRAYER THAT SHE COMES OUT HEALTHY FOR ME…….Love you all..Christina Cruzpagan