I am extremely Happy and Touched by getting this award today in the mail. I got nominated the 2018 EndoMarch Activist of the Year. I do everything I can’t to keep all my endo sisters updated with everything that is going on endo related I have busted my butt doing endomarch stuff and photography during the March’s and to finally get recognized for my hard work leaves me in tears. I’m so glad I have got to meet everyone of you ladies either in person or online threw the years. Love you all.


{May 18, 2018}   Nurse week! 👩‍⚕️

I’m sorry i haven’t been on here in a minute but I will be posting once again. This post is not mom related but is the next thing that means a great deal to me. So if you have time grab a cup of coffee something to snack on and please read this. Thank you all.

I have pulled dead, mangled bodies from cars..Nursed in Nursing Homes seen my fair share of Bed Sores, so bad I can see there spine just cause a nurse didn’t correctly position the patient every 2 hrs as needed. Walked in when a family member was in the room trying to choke a family member to death. 😿Talked to really sweet older people and next day go to work and the died over night, when I was off shift.
I have lied to people as they were dying.
I said you are going to be fine as I held their hand and watched the life fade out. Just to be there for them cause there Family wasn’t.
I have held dying babies. Help in Labor and Delivery seen babies die just after being born and have to tell the parents. As I see the Heartbreak in there eyes. Took care of Newborns in the NICU and they were so far gone that we couldn’t save them. Bought lunch for people who were mentally ill that haven’t eaten in a while. I had to tell people’s families that there mom, son or infant died and see the pain as the fell apart right in front of me. I had to clean dead bodies and get them ready for there Family to say goodbye.
I have held towels on bullet wounds. As blood dripped all over me.
Done CPR when I knew it wouldn’t help just to make family members feel better. And tried my hardest to help save there lives.
I’m so thankful for working as a Nurse and wouldn’t trade it for the world. People need to understand how hard it is to be one you see things you never in your life would want to see. This Week please give thanks to any nurse u see. I hope u all can share this out by putting it on your walls.

{July 28, 2017}   Motherhood Challenge 

#motherhood post 4 pictures,

1. Post 2 When you were pregnant

2. The day your baby was born

3. Your baby now

{June 2, 2017}   Please vote for my Ladybug

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Washington, DC Saturday, March 28, 2015


2:00PM 2:30 PM Volunteer check-in & training outdoors at Upper Senate Park, Volunteer Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Registration Check-In begins outdoors at Upper Senate Park, Registration Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Pre-march interviews & Virtual EndoMarch, outdoors, at Upper Senate Park, Press Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Educational Symposium for general public, outdoors, at Upper Senate Park, Information Tent
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001

CALL TO ACTION CEREMONY: Upper Senate Park (Outdoors)
4:00PM 4:10 PM Opening Ceremony: Welcome and Introduction
4:10PM 4:50 PM Speakers & Presentations, including patient stories & video of Marches from around the world
4:50PM 5:00 PM Musical Finale to Start the March
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001

THE MARCH BEGINS: Upper Senate Park (Outdoors) 
5:00 PM 6:00 PM Beginning Point: Upper Senate Park at New Jersey Avenue NW & Constitution Avenue NW
– We will walk in a loop that begins on sidewalk on Constitution Avenue NW, toward First St. NW
– We turn right on First Street NW, right on Louisiana Avenue NW, right on C Street NW, right on New Jersey Ave. NW, and finally, left on Constitution Ave. NW, to return to Upper Senate Park. Those who cannot walk this full distance can shorten the walk by turning around at First Street NW & heading back toward Upper Senate Park via Constitution Ave NW.
Ending Point: Upper Senate Park (a distance of approximately 1/2 mile)
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001


6:00 PM 8:00 PM Post-march Reception: Venue TBA




{November 20, 2013}   11 months and 15 days Guess What???

Yesterday November 18th 2013 was the day Ariella started walking, and the best thing ever is she didnt let me or her dada miss it, she did it in front of us. And she took our breath away. I didnt think I would ever have a child let alone, her crawling, or walking. =) Im so glad God blessed me…My baby started walking some more today and I caught a little bit of it on video to share with you all, she is trying so hard to master it. And so far she is doing way better than I thought. Every time she does it she smiles the whole time and when she is done she claps her hands. This is one of biggest reasons why I smile. What is extra special is usually everyone says my daughter or son took there first step, as for Ariella she just busted out walking way more than a couple steps, as if she has been doing it and crawling out of her crib in the middle of the night and doing it. Lmao. I always have her hold my hand as we walk down the hallway together which usually I did two hands. But than one time I did it with just one hand cause how stable she is and than she would just take off down the hallway with me. Well she gained the endurance to do it all by her self and Im so proud of her. And right before she turned “ONE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ariella momma Loves you so much and she is teary eyed about how much you have grown but sees your personality come out more and more each day. You are going to be the most sweetest girl ever..Love Mommy

{November 7, 2013}   9 Months- 11 Months

I’m have been soooooo Busy lately I haven’t got to catch up on my blog really at all lately, So let me say sorry to my viewers that have been wondering why they haven’t saw nothing in a while. Have tons to say though lol….First lets say that Ariella my Beautiful baby is growing like a Ivy…And I mean the Ivy’s that grow up trees around houses lmao….She is know 11 months and 2 days old, Next month I cant believe I will be singing Happy Birthday to her, Its going to be the many journeys as a parent. That are Happy one as well as very sad ones Knowing she is growing so fast. I really never could believe anyone when they say “Trust me she will be growing quick, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES” …When I hold her in my arms know her legs dangle cause she is starting to get so tall, she even stands and is very close to walking now. I could probley say within the week of her birthday she will be walking, she cruises holding onto things know and also has started climbing, which has me on edge every min lol. So just by the little ive said im sure you all have a great idea why I haven’t been on here for a bit. This Halloween she was A Ladybug, Reason being is because when I found out I was pregnant A ladybug was in my bathroom and there was one every week till I had her, So one of her nicknames is ladybug so I thought It would fit, How we found out she was here, to me that ladybug was a symbol of her saying mom you will meet me real soon. 

Wooooweeee Just paused writing this to clean as much as possible got alot done Thank God, Hopefully it stays clean,,,Please oh Please TEHEHEHE…Well a Little more new things about my daughter she know has 8 teeth, she just had 2 pop out on the bottom , so by her first birthday she should actually have those pretty showing pretty good in all her Birthday Pictures. And when I was giving her some teething Gel the other day you can actually feel there will be 2 new one soon but not sure, im thinking after her birthday cause it takes a while for them too show really good.But if your a parent that is going through painful teething problems, The Best stuff that works within 4 minutes is (Little Remedies for teethers) and also to give Motrin 1.25 every 6 hours Just a tip. Also one of my online friends had sent me a ( Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether) and she uses it so much . The older she gets the worse it gets but as a mom you learn what your baby likes the best and you stick with it =)

Oh ya almost forgot I got her saying Baba know so she tells me when she wants one, or if I say ” You want a BABA she has the cutest face when she is saying it back to me..I love her so much, I never thought I would love something so much. But she has made my beliefs change in so many ways. She also follows me everywhere, and will stand up holding on to my leg and give my leg the Biggest of hugs its sweet. And she is a Big hugger, every time I pick her up out of bed or just out of anywhere if im holding her she will. And even beyond that she comes close to momma’s Lips and opens her mouth to kiss…It melts my heart. My husband and I have celebrated our 2nd Anniversary also, and to this day and forever He hold the key to my heart also,  as well as my Doggie Candy she has turned 7 Years old, and still looking Chic for her age. Theres so much to say im going to have to split this into two chapters lmao…. Well I have lots of pictures I will be adding to this to catch you all up with , also will be posting Videos so you can see her adorable personally, also tons of Family pictures, and also pictures of the Homemade food I still make her….. And you all will See a post again on Her birthday….Love you all and Thank you for Viewing…..Love always Christina Cruzpagan..


{August 4, 2013}   Another Day of Motherhood

June 10th, 2013
WOW ! You have no idea how much Ariella is growing there is just so much that is going on. We are going to have to start picking up so much and most probley have to buy plastic Boxes to keep our Little things she can put into her mouth,  cause she puts everything in her mouth know, She grabs everything and she don’t stop at all she is a persistent Little one when it comes to getting what she wants, like my remotes for the TV she shoves them in her mouth till I relise oh crap. lol..Than we were eating last night and she grabbed one of our plates got it everywhere, than we told her NO,!!!! And what she does she do ????? Grabs her two bibs right beside her and picks them up and throws them down lol, SHE FOR SURE HAS MY ATTITUDE LOL. . She hasn’t yet started crawling but she is know doing belly time way better than before,She can roll from her belly to her back Perfect, and she loves sitting up doing things,only if im there watching her..I ran into a Little girl and one of her parents and her grand-mom yesterday they were in the store talking about a smash cake so I had to ask how old she was, and they said in 2 weeks she will be 1, and she was still a tiny one.But she just started learning how to crawl. So I’m  curious if she will advance to crawling or walking by 1…..Its so hard to tell. But anyways they were getting stuff to make a simple smash cake just from box cake. Maybe they cant afford to do a nice one but I want my little Girls First cake, especially it being a Smash cake to be the most cutest one ever. So I can take the best pictures that we all can treasure forever. Plus its only a one time thing, that you can just look back on forever pretty much.We are still trying for 5 more but you never know what god will or will not Bless you with, I have wanted a baby for so long and im glad I had her with my husband, and After we were Married to me all the Pieces fell into Place.

August 3, 2013
Wow since the Draft I didn’t finish above lol, a lot of thing have changed, last week Ariella started to crawl and better yet said Mama for the Very first time all in one day, isn’t that the most awesome news? She is also standing on her own hasn’t Mastered Walking yet but im really sure that will be happening quicker than we thought would. =) When I place her into her crib now and she don’t want to sleep or she wakes up in the morning she stands up peeks her head over to find me. Than she will start jumping up and down.At first before she started doing that I kept waking up and finding her not in the spot we normally lay her in at night she would keep turning herself I guess until she finally figured a way she could prop herself up in bed. We even thought about setting up a camcorder to record it cause we were so curious how she was doing it, lol. So what I do since I wake up a lot during the night is set her tv station on her favorite channel so in the morning she can watch it,if she doesn’t wake me up right away. =) That gives me maybe about a extra 5 minutes to sleep if im lucky hehe. I never did think I would see her do that from bringing home a brand new Baby that you have to hold just right in your arms make sure you Secure her head. Too a Half way Independent baby, that could get up and move around a mumble her opinion about things..=)She also has 2 Bottom teeth know, and she will be getting her next set within a couple more weeks. She is already eating Finger food and Little Bit size fruits. I am still making all of her foods homemade, only her Oatmeal and er new crawler snacks are store bought.

Cant believe she will be turning 8 months old tomorrow, seems like time is going by so much know 4 more months to go and she will already be 1 year old. Her grandma (My mom) will be heading down here, by Train,to see her for the very first time. I’m really happy she is and yet so nervous at the same time, cause Ive been thinking how is my mom going to be when she first lays eyes on her? How strange its going to be seeing her daughter Mothering her own baby? What am I going to put on her, to first introduce them to each other? How am I going to do her hair? When I get out of the car when I pick her up will emotionally break down before saying Ariella this is Grandma? Will she be walking by than? How is Ariella going to be scared and crying or Automatically be happy? Cause she cries sometimes meeting people right know. Yup she hit that stage where she will study the person and if they don’t click within 2 seconds she will cry till I am near them past a hour, and she knows if im okay than she will warm up to them and till than she buries her face in to my chest and keeps pecking. So you can say I have a Million things running through my mind. .Well enough of me Talking for tonight got to turn in, but below are some pictures of all of us enjoy,Thank you all for stopping by..Christina Cruzpagan

Hello All, as you all have noticed Ive been on a break from my blog entry’s lately, I need to catch back up on things again. As my Daughters 6th month is Finally here,Cant believe in another 6 months starting the 4th she will be 1 YEAR OLD. Cant believe it ! I’m already in the process of figuring out what all I will be doing for her First Birthday. This is where Pinterest comes into play, my oh oh my I love that web sight. Well where shall I start hmmmmmm, Well new foods I have given her since the last update.. I have made Watermelon which she loves but oh boy is it messy lol, and also Made Peaches and Pears mixed together, what can I say But she loves that mix a lot…Much more than any of the fruits ive made by far already. Also I recently made Acorn Squash she loves that one also. as well as today I made Apples and Pears and than also Nectarines So my Making homemade baby food is going great. I will post some pictures of all the foods Ive made so far so you all could judge yourself how ive been doing.Also she has been using a sippy cup know, =( Too soon… Besides that about 3 weeks ago my hubs and I went to target and we came across this cute Play mat and My hub said I should get it at first I thought where would we have space for it, than once I opened it. It was too cute to put back so it was Ariella’s from that point on lol. Well the next day my husband went off to work and I decided to put her down on it, not thinking she would sit up right away, But she did. A couple times she layied back and messed up but she was siting correctly for 30 mins as I sat on the floor, know she is up to a good 45 mins. I gave her A new Minney Mouse Learning toy as well and a cute Purse that makes sounds for her Easter. And I think I went through about 40 pics before really paying attention and starting to have tears roll down my face of what A special moment this was. I called my husband quickly to tell him the news and sent him pictures as soon as he came home I showed him and he was in awwww taking pictures also as he could believe it either. I think it was much of a shocker to the both of us. She was sitting up little by little in her car seat when we went out and about but always holding on to something we weren’t sure she could do it 100 percent by her self. But boy did she show us..=) Ever since that which was about a week ago, ever since she has been sitting up so perfect. 2 Weekends ago we took Ariella to the zoo for the first time, she had fun as well as us too, her favorite animal though was a Hog lmao…How I know was because she was starring at them so much and she made the same high pitch sound as she does with Candy my pup to get her attention as she smiles. They kept getting closer and closer, Also she looked at it a lot more at other animals but at first she wasn’t sure were we took her cause she was looking at the plants the trees and all, her daddy thinks she would do good at the Botanical Garden’s lol. But she got the idea after a while. On another subject ! Ariella has cut Two of her bottom teeth, I keep feeling too see if any other ones have poped out but just for know there is two. She isnt doing that bad at teething she does have her moments.She has also got into this grabbing stage where anything you have in your hand she wants to grab away from you and if you pull her away she gets mad hehe…I think its cute. She has also hit her 6 month marker which we had a pre celebration for her, so we got her some toys and it was nice because she understood that they were toys for her, and she started playing with them right away. I love all the new things she has been doing like a lot she has this thing she does too get her sister’s attention A.K.A my pup Candy. She does a loud high pitched squeal which sounds so adorable to get her attention, and when Candy looks she Smiles so Big and giggles at her, and if she by chance doesn’t pay attention at that moment when she does it she will go and go at it till she has got at least a side way look from candy to her lol, Than she is satisfied. Than also last night my pup was curled up with me and than my husband put Ariella next to me on the couch while he went into the kitchen and she was such in a deep sleep, candy licked her hand to make sure she was okay and than after that curled herself right up beside her, yup you all no I took more pictures, will post more asap….
P.S Our 1ST Mothers and Fathers Day both were Amazing also we both made them as special as can be….
Thanks for enjoying our Blog xoxooxox to you all

{April 22, 2013}   Teething lol

Just the cutest teether ever

et cetera