{March 15, 2015}   Something for all my Endo-Sisters Endomertriosis Month (MARCH 2015)

Somewhere, if you care enough to see, there is still me.
Through all the pain and fear of what this disease brings.
All I can do is plead, as this disease destroys the insides of what is left of me.
I lie here in pain, night after night and wonder how much is there in me to fight.
I know there are people that need me in their life, as those are the people I have to count on, each and every night.
As this Endo attacks and spreads to parts of my body, unexplored!
It’s so tough for me to ignore, all the doctors that push me aside.
And as this happens, my Endo-Sisters and I, we fight.
This is what people do not see, this is why we need to find a cure for this Disease.




Sharon says:

Endometriosis is an invisible disease,

That takes over your body without you even knowing.

Endometriosis can be a millimetre,

Or it can completely cover your insides.


When it gets so bad and the pain is far to much,

That whatever you do, you just can’t function.

The pain can be maximising and debillitating,

Or it can be nothing at all.


This disease is not properly known,

So many women and girls are misdiagnosed.

It’s only Irritable Bowel Syndrome, say the doctors,

Stop making such a fuss.


It’s easy for them to say, when they’re not living in such pain.

The doctors just don’t get it, they haven’t a clue.

They don’t listen and they just don’t care.

They constantly fob you off with ridiculous ideas.


A human being, a woman on the outside,

Having to fight each day just to get out of bed.

But inside, everything is just being superglued,

By this incredibly horrifying disease!

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