{November 20, 2013}   11 months and 15 days Guess What???

Yesterday November 18th 2013 was the day Ariella started walking, and the best thing ever is she didnt let me or her dada miss it, she did it in front of us. And she took our breath away. I didnt think I would ever have a child let alone, her crawling, or walking. =) Im so glad God blessed me…My baby started walking some more today and I caught a little bit of it on video to share with you all, she is trying so hard to master it. And so far she is doing way better than I thought. Every time she does it she smiles the whole time and when she is done she claps her hands. This is one of biggest reasons why I smile. What is extra special is usually everyone says my daughter or son took there first step, as for Ariella she just busted out walking way more than a couple steps, as if she has been doing it and crawling out of her crib in the middle of the night and doing it. Lmao. I always have her hold my hand as we walk down the hallway together which usually I did two hands. But than one time I did it with just one hand cause how stable she is and than she would just take off down the hallway with me. Well she gained the endurance to do it all by her self and Im so proud of her. And right before she turned “ONE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ariella momma Loves you so much and she is teary eyed about how much you have grown but sees your personality come out more and more each day. You are going to be the most sweetest girl ever..Love Mommy


{November 7, 2013}   9 Months- 11 Months

I’m have been soooooo Busy lately I haven’t got to catch up on my blog really at all lately, So let me say sorry to my viewers that have been wondering why they haven’t saw nothing in a while. Have tons to say though lol….First lets say that Ariella my Beautiful baby is growing like a Ivy…And I mean the Ivy’s that grow up trees around houses lmao….She is know 11 months and 2 days old, Next month I cant believe I will be singing Happy Birthday to her, Its going to be the many journeys as a parent. That are Happy one as well as very sad ones Knowing she is growing so fast. I really never could believe anyone when they say “Trust me she will be growing quick, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES” …When I hold her in my arms know her legs dangle cause she is starting to get so tall, she even stands and is very close to walking now. I could probley say within the week of her birthday she will be walking, she cruises holding onto things know and also has started climbing, which has me on edge every min lol. So just by the little ive said im sure you all have a great idea why I haven’t been on here for a bit. This Halloween she was A Ladybug, Reason being is because when I found out I was pregnant A ladybug was in my bathroom and there was one every week till I had her, So one of her nicknames is ladybug so I thought It would fit, How we found out she was here, to me that ladybug was a symbol of her saying mom you will meet me real soon. 

Wooooweeee Just paused writing this to clean as much as possible got alot done Thank God, Hopefully it stays clean,,,Please oh Please TEHEHEHE…Well a Little more new things about my daughter she know has 8 teeth, she just had 2 pop out on the bottom , so by her first birthday she should actually have those pretty showing pretty good in all her Birthday Pictures. And when I was giving her some teething Gel the other day you can actually feel there will be 2 new one soon but not sure, im thinking after her birthday cause it takes a while for them too show really good.But if your a parent that is going through painful teething problems, The Best stuff that works within 4 minutes is (Little Remedies for teethers) and also to give Motrin 1.25 every 6 hours Just a tip. Also one of my online friends had sent me a ( Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether) and she uses it so much . The older she gets the worse it gets but as a mom you learn what your baby likes the best and you stick with it =)

Oh ya almost forgot I got her saying Baba know so she tells me when she wants one, or if I say ” You want a BABA she has the cutest face when she is saying it back to me..I love her so much, I never thought I would love something so much. But she has made my beliefs change in so many ways. She also follows me everywhere, and will stand up holding on to my leg and give my leg the Biggest of hugs its sweet. And she is a Big hugger, every time I pick her up out of bed or just out of anywhere if im holding her she will. And even beyond that she comes close to momma’s Lips and opens her mouth to kiss…It melts my heart. My husband and I have celebrated our 2nd Anniversary also, and to this day and forever He hold the key to my heart also,  as well as my Doggie Candy she has turned 7 Years old, and still looking Chic for her age. Theres so much to say im going to have to split this into two chapters lmao…. Well I have lots of pictures I will be adding to this to catch you all up with , also will be posting Videos so you can see her adorable personally, also tons of Family pictures, and also pictures of the Homemade food I still make her….. And you all will See a post again on Her birthday….Love you all and Thank you for Viewing…..Love always Christina Cruzpagan..


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