{August 4, 2013}   Another Day of Motherhood

June 10th, 2013
WOW ! You have no idea how much Ariella is growing there is just so much that is going on. We are going to have to start picking up so much and most probley have to buy plastic Boxes to keep our Little things she can put into her mouth,  cause she puts everything in her mouth know, She grabs everything and she don’t stop at all she is a persistent Little one when it comes to getting what she wants, like my remotes for the TV she shoves them in her mouth till I relise oh crap. lol..Than we were eating last night and she grabbed one of our plates got it everywhere, than we told her NO,!!!! And what she does she do ????? Grabs her two bibs right beside her and picks them up and throws them down lol, SHE FOR SURE HAS MY ATTITUDE LOL. . She hasn’t yet started crawling but she is know doing belly time way better than before,She can roll from her belly to her back Perfect, and she loves sitting up doing things,only if im there watching her..I ran into a Little girl and one of her parents and her grand-mom yesterday they were in the store talking about a smash cake so I had to ask how old she was, and they said in 2 weeks she will be 1, and she was still a tiny one.But she just started learning how to crawl. So I’m  curious if she will advance to crawling or walking by 1…..Its so hard to tell. But anyways they were getting stuff to make a simple smash cake just from box cake. Maybe they cant afford to do a nice one but I want my little Girls First cake, especially it being a Smash cake to be the most cutest one ever. So I can take the best pictures that we all can treasure forever. Plus its only a one time thing, that you can just look back on forever pretty much.We are still trying for 5 more but you never know what god will or will not Bless you with, I have wanted a baby for so long and im glad I had her with my husband, and After we were Married to me all the Pieces fell into Place.

August 3, 2013
Wow since the Draft I didn’t finish above lol, a lot of thing have changed, last week Ariella started to crawl and better yet said Mama for the Very first time all in one day, isn’t that the most awesome news? She is also standing on her own hasn’t Mastered Walking yet but im really sure that will be happening quicker than we thought would. =) When I place her into her crib now and she don’t want to sleep or she wakes up in the morning she stands up peeks her head over to find me. Than she will start jumping up and down.At first before she started doing that I kept waking up and finding her not in the spot we normally lay her in at night she would keep turning herself I guess until she finally figured a way she could prop herself up in bed. We even thought about setting up a camcorder to record it cause we were so curious how she was doing it, lol. So what I do since I wake up a lot during the night is set her tv station on her favorite channel so in the morning she can watch it,if she doesn’t wake me up right away. =) That gives me maybe about a extra 5 minutes to sleep if im lucky hehe. I never did think I would see her do that from bringing home a brand new Baby that you have to hold just right in your arms make sure you Secure her head. Too a Half way Independent baby, that could get up and move around a mumble her opinion about things..=)She also has 2 Bottom teeth know, and she will be getting her next set within a couple more weeks. She is already eating Finger food and Little Bit size fruits. I am still making all of her foods homemade, only her Oatmeal and er new crawler snacks are store bought.

Cant believe she will be turning 8 months old tomorrow, seems like time is going by so much know 4 more months to go and she will already be 1 year old. Her grandma (My mom) will be heading down here, by Train,to see her for the very first time. I’m really happy she is and yet so nervous at the same time, cause Ive been thinking how is my mom going to be when she first lays eyes on her? How strange its going to be seeing her daughter Mothering her own baby? What am I going to put on her, to first introduce them to each other? How am I going to do her hair? When I get out of the car when I pick her up will emotionally break down before saying Ariella this is Grandma? Will she be walking by than? How is Ariella going to be scared and crying or Automatically be happy? Cause she cries sometimes meeting people right know. Yup she hit that stage where she will study the person and if they don’t click within 2 seconds she will cry till I am near them past a hour, and she knows if im okay than she will warm up to them and till than she buries her face in to my chest and keeps pecking. So you can say I have a Million things running through my mind. .Well enough of me Talking for tonight got to turn in, but below are some pictures of all of us enjoy,Thank you all for stopping by..Christina Cruzpagan


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