Hello All, as you all have noticed Ive been on a break from my blog entry’s lately, I need to catch back up on things again. As my Daughters 6th month is Finally here,Cant believe in another 6 months starting the 4th she will be 1 YEAR OLD. Cant believe it ! I’m already in the process of figuring out what all I will be doing for her First Birthday. This is where Pinterest comes into play, my oh oh my I love that web sight. Well where shall I start hmmmmmm, Well new foods I have given her since the last update.. I have made Watermelon which she loves but oh boy is it messy lol, and also Made Peaches and Pears mixed together, what can I say But she loves that mix a lot…Much more than any of the fruits ive made by far already. Also I recently made Acorn Squash she loves that one also. as well as today I made Apples and Pears and than also Nectarines So my Making homemade baby food is going great. I will post some pictures of all the foods Ive made so far so you all could judge yourself how ive been doing.Also she has been using a sippy cup know, =( Too soon… Besides that about 3 weeks ago my hubs and I went to target and we came across this cute Play mat and My hub said I should get it at first I thought where would we have space for it, than once I opened it. It was too cute to put back so it was Ariella’s from that point on lol. Well the next day my husband went off to work and I decided to put her down on it, not thinking she would sit up right away, But she did. A couple times she layied back and messed up but she was siting correctly for 30 mins as I sat on the floor, know she is up to a good 45 mins. I gave her A new Minney Mouse Learning toy as well and a cute Purse that makes sounds for her Easter. And I think I went through about 40 pics before really paying attention and starting to have tears roll down my face of what A special moment this was. I called my husband quickly to tell him the news and sent him pictures as soon as he came home I showed him and he was in awwww taking pictures also as he could believe it either. I think it was much of a shocker to the both of us. She was sitting up little by little in her car seat when we went out and about but always holding on to something we weren’t sure she could do it 100 percent by her self. But boy did she show us..=) Ever since that which was about a week ago, ever since she has been sitting up so perfect. 2 Weekends ago we took Ariella to the zoo for the first time, she had fun as well as us too, her favorite animal though was a Hog lmao…How I know was because she was starring at them so much and she made the same high pitch sound as she does with Candy my pup to get her attention as she smiles. They kept getting closer and closer, Also she looked at it a lot more at other animals but at first she wasn’t sure were we took her cause she was looking at the plants the trees and all, her daddy thinks she would do good at the Botanical Garden’s lol. But she got the idea after a while. On another subject ! Ariella has cut Two of her bottom teeth, I keep feeling too see if any other ones have poped out but just for know there is two. She isnt doing that bad at teething she does have her moments.She has also got into this grabbing stage where anything you have in your hand she wants to grab away from you and if you pull her away she gets mad hehe…I think its cute. She has also hit her 6 month marker which we had a pre celebration for her, so we got her some toys and it was nice because she understood that they were toys for her, and she started playing with them right away. I love all the new things she has been doing like a lot she has this thing she does too get her sister’s attention A.K.A my pup Candy. She does a loud high pitched squeal which sounds so adorable to get her attention, and when Candy looks she Smiles so Big and giggles at her, and if she by chance doesn’t pay attention at that moment when she does it she will go and go at it till she has got at least a side way look from candy to her lol, Than she is satisfied. Than also last night my pup was curled up with me and than my husband put Ariella next to me on the couch while he went into the kitchen and she was such in a deep sleep, candy licked her hand to make sure she was okay and than after that curled herself right up beside her, yup you all no I took more pictures, will post more asap….
P.S Our 1ST Mothers and Fathers Day both were Amazing also we both made them as special as can be….
Thanks for enjoying our Blog xoxooxox to you all


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