{March 19, 2013}   Ariella’s New Milestones

So much has been happening, my Sweetie is going to be turning 4 Months old on the 4th of April and she is doing so much  new things, I love watching her grow cause I get to be there to see her do everything first.Its a beautiful moment to experience it all with my husband.

She is know Grabbing and holding her toys and standing with assistance but she loves to stand on her feet so she goes in her exersaucer all the time know that helps her Balance & develop core strength and coordination. It Spins around as she moves and jump actions also provide her with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. So she has hit a Milestone already using her feet. She also is making new noices when she trys to talk or chew us out in baby talk lol. Also she knows her name know because when you call her name she looks at you right away. Its truly amazing to see her no her mommy and daddy, anytime we look at her and talk to her she looks at us and gives us the most Brightest smile you can ever see from your daughter. The 9 months of carrying her inside of me was truly worth every once of it. She is going to be starting Solids as her 4th month starts, its going to be so weird just cause I remember just like it was the other day having her and know so much is changing. She also has a sleep pattern even though some days she wakes up and is fuzzy but she is learning to be a Big Girl. I cant even think of how it will be the more she grows up cause its just you think they will be small in your arms forever. And you know that one day she will start walking which for her, I believe will be before she starts crawling just because How she is with her feet. Im so glad she is my Daughter God brought me the Perfect angel from Above….

SAM_3294 SAM_3295 SAM_3297 SAM_3299


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