I got my daughter to laugh non stop for the first time yesterday, it was the cutest thing ever I kept grabbing her cheeks saying Chubby cheeks.,This will for sure tickle your funny bone.


{March 19, 2013}   She is the smartest Baby ever

{March 19, 2013}   Ariella’s New Milestones

So much has been happening, my Sweetie is going to be turning 4 Months old on the 4th of April and she is doing so much  new things, I love watching her grow cause I get to be there to see her do everything first.Its a beautiful moment to experience it all with my husband.

She is know Grabbing and holding her toys and standing with assistance but she loves to stand on her feet so she goes in her exersaucer all the time know that helps her Balance & develop core strength and coordination. It Spins around as she moves and jump actions also provide her with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. So she has hit a Milestone already using her feet. She also is making new noices when she trys to talk or chew us out in baby talk lol. Also she knows her name know because when you call her name she looks at you right away. Its truly amazing to see her no her mommy and daddy, anytime we look at her and talk to her she looks at us and gives us the most Brightest smile you can ever see from your daughter. The 9 months of carrying her inside of me was truly worth every once of it. She is going to be starting Solids as her 4th month starts, its going to be so weird just cause I remember just like it was the other day having her and know so much is changing. She also has a sleep pattern even though some days she wakes up and is fuzzy but she is learning to be a Big Girl. I cant even think of how it will be the more she grows up cause its just you think they will be small in your arms forever. And you know that one day she will start walking which for her, I believe will be before she starts crawling just because How she is with her feet. Im so glad she is my Daughter God brought me the Perfect angel from Above….

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I was putting away clothes walked outta the room and when I came back she was all into her micky mouse clubhouse Cartoon, but at the end she started to cry for me, but if you watch you can see how good she is holding on to her rattle know…She is know 3 months 1 day old

Watching Micky Mouse Club house, one of her favorite cartoon also Sid the Science Guy lol

Hey everyone I know its been a while since I last posted something but Ive had way so much going on. But today I thought was better than never to post, my daughter turned 3 Months today, I can not believe 3 months ago I was in the Hospital laying in that hospital bed waiting so much for this day to come to finally see her face, and with all the pain came out the most beautiful baby in the world. I never thought I was going to ever become a mom and know that I’m one today, I will not ever take another day for granted again. She has been doing a lot of new stuff lately. She is teething a lot know, she chews on her hand loves, when we put our finger on her gums and she chows down on our fingers as if she really had teeth that hard, plus she slobbers a lot. The other day we went to Babies R Us and I had found this mesh grape that you put Ice cubes in and its like as if u were to put ice in a rag for them but a fun little shape to get there attention. Also she can hold her head up, and her legs are getting so strong that when I hold her she stretches out her legs and stands up, but with assistance though. She is also out of Newborn clothes I had to pack them all away for our next baby girl, she is know wearing 3 month old clothes.And Size 1 Diapers.. She is just so cute to watch. Carlos gave her a little bit of a lollypop a couple weeks ago and it was so funny because I told her no more after the couple licks she got of it and she kept looking at me and him trying to figure us out to try to get that lollypop back. I would shake my head no than she looked at him and he was playing showing her it and since she saw me say no she would look back at me. We were laughing so hard in the mall when it happened she did it for a good 10 mins till she figured out if dad gives this back to me mom is going to pop him in front of everyone lol, She has also started giggling and she tries so hard to talk to us in baby talk as if she is really talking, its priceless. But I talk to her as if I know everything she is saying..Hehe. I started video taping her during her second month into her 3rd and will be for the rest of the time she is growing up,it sucks I didn’t get to do the 1st month but I have so many pictures it actually makes up for it..Ugh man I got to actually see the video my husband taped when I was in labor and oh gosh, was I screaming and boy did it all come back. I felt as if I was in there watching another woman give birth watching my own video lol. Boy I didn’t no I could scream so loud…

As for my pup Candy, she just loves her sister so much, ive never seen a dog so close to a baby before, but candy will curl up right beside her when im holding her on the couch and when she cries she goes and sees what is wrong. She even try’s to share her dog treats as well as bring her toys near her and lay them beside her hoping one day she will be able to through them for her. I love it cause I was so scared that my dog wasn’t going to take well to her because she was use to being the only baby. Never think when you have a baby for the first time that a your dog will not like your child because you can be 100 percent wrong like I was. =)

Well as for me im doing okay still getting all my testing done, all I have left is blood work and I should be done for this part of trying to see what started the seizures, hopefully they have a answer or the test says something other than that, also went 11 whole months without a period, and I finally got one, it wasn’t as bad as everyone told me it was going to be though, after going that long without having one. YAY!!!!!!! And know we are starting one baby 2 know. So everyone wish us luck and send all the baby dust that you can my way……We are hoping for a boy this time around if it doesn’t happen and we have another girl im still going to be excited. But we will keep trying for one either way.

Last week my husband took me out for the first time to a restaurant since we had Ariella and she came with us, she did pretty good in there .What turned out to be a romantic lunch ended both my husband and I in a ambulance with food poisoning we spent from 7pm  to 8am on Feb 23rd 2013  in there throwing up so much and ect .And my Bro in Law watched Ariel while we were in the hospital I thank god he was able to make it in time. Don’t anyone in Alexandria, Virginia eat at Ruby Tuesday’s..I got Lobster and Steak and had the salad bar and my hubby had a seafood platter and shared the salad bar and we both were eating off of each others plates. So we dont no what got us sick but it was something. I’m just happy we are done with that, it makes me question alot when I go out anywhere to eat know even though the food looked completely fine and tasted good.

{March 4, 2013}   3 Months old today

Watching Micky Mouse Club this morning with mommy on my Kindle Fire

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