{February 28, 2013}   Drifting Low Low

Yup my dog has alot of energy for being 5 years old, but she sure can wear out a 29 and 32 year old lol..


{February 28, 2013}   Watching my Daily Toons

She loves Watching Cartoons her eyes just light up in the morning when she gets to lay in bed with me and watch them. Big Smiles

{February 28, 2013}   Teething at almost 3 months

Wow she is getting to the point of biting down without teeth but it feels like she actually has teeth by how hard she presses down. And drooling like crazy. I had got her a amber necklace for this, at first I was thinking it was working and than the drool started getting worse and the crying at times, but at certain times it doesnt who knows if that works or not. lmao…

Getting her use to her crib before we switch her from her bassinet to crib, man is she growing like everyday you see something new….Its amazing watching your own child grow.

{February 8, 2013}   Tummy Time

Here’s my Sweet Daughter doing Tummy time, She is know 2 month and 4 days old know. We went to Ariella’s 2 month appointment, she is know 10 lbs and 13.5 oz and 22.75 .When I gave birth to her she was 7 lbs 2 oz 20 inches oh my she has grown.

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