{January 25, 2013}   Watching my Sweet Lady Bug Grow.

Here I am up at 2:41am trying to catch up on my blog..HeHe! Well everything over here is going a little better Im trying to get on that better schedule even though how hard it is, cause its the good ole 3-4 hours wake up cycle to get feed Ariella. Which like a day like this when its a good day and I wake up easy out of bed in the morning and make my hubby his lunch and start off her fresh set of bottles and get a good chance to type some stuff up.=) Which I love, but dont get me wrong im still dead sleepy. Lack of zzzzzz’z and staying asleep gets to ya, but at the end of each day I look at it as a leap to the next day of seeing her grow up.Lately she has been growning and I mean growing, she smiles more and more each day, Yesterday was her first time going out to take a picture in the snow, she didnt even act bothered by it, she looked like a little snow baby in her Winter jacket and Pink winter boots. Sooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Our whole family Me, her daddy, Her and our pup candy got to take pics, it was a nice moment before my husband had to head off to work. Also feeding her when I go to burp her she use to be so light to turn around to burp, know she feels like she has gained a couple more lbs cause it takes one good push to get her on her other side. She tries so much to Communicate with you, like say your taling to her she will try to move her mouth like she is talking back to ya, and the little goo”s and gaa’s ❤ I’m savoring every moment and not taking this time for granted, for I know how quickly this will all pass by. When you all see the videos I post later today you will see how much of a enjoyment it is to see her look at considerate on ya its just beautiful. Just the other night also she was having some trouble falling asleep so I put her in bed with us, as I cradled her in my arms to sleep right in the middle of me and the hubs, she dossed off in her dreamland, and as she was sleeping she kept rubbing my chin and face with her hand it felt so sweet and soft, everytime I moved my head just a mere bit away she would get her hand in touch it to the side of my face as of to tell me to move back and lay my head against hers again because when I did. She would just have her hand placed on my cheek. Almost immediately, tears gush out of my eyes, but I tried so hard to keep them in so I wouldnt wake anyone up.They were not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy and love. I didn’t want that moment to end, it was such a magical moment. Also my love had got one of her baby books we sat down on the couch and the pup joined us, lol as if she wanted to hear what it was about also. But my he started reading and she was sitting on his lap right after having her baba =) And as he read this Sesame street book she sat and listened and looked at all the pages and was so quite. It was a shocker for the both of us just to see how calm it made her, and how much she loved her daddy explaining the characters and what each one was doing, lol .That was another moment which we will never forget. We are trying to say momma and daddy alot to see which one will be the first one she says. Im so curious which one it will be as well as how cute her voice is going to be, and how nice it will to have another girl as much as he being my daughter to have to talk to.

As for the other things I have stopped Breastfeeding had to stop after my seizures, it has put a scar on my heart because I wanted to breastfeed and Breastpump for a entire year, But When I had gone into the hospital my obgyn said I had ended up getting Mastitis, which is a inflammation usually caused by infection. The Doctor had said there was a Baseball size Red spot on the side of my right breast, so After the seizure I got put on meds to help it and for that reason I had to stop, because I didnt want the baby to get any meds transferred through the breast milk. I’m really heartbroken about it, I’m glad she got the first part of my milk which had the most benefits towards her health and well being. So im just hoping the don’t do no recall on any formula which was my concern about doing it this way in the first place. Ekkkkkkkkkk. Oh also on a better note My Little Girls hair is starting to grow more and more now, Her front is starting to catch up which how long the back of her head is, and she has curls like mommy has before she blow dries and flattens out it lol. It has filled in also, cant wait to start putting bows and doing cute little hair styles on it. tehehe.. When you came out lil one you had black hair like daddy’s but it has turned my color yay =) I think you look like your dada so much though its like your my little girl version of him all wrapped up in one cute lil body. You have some things that looks like me, and ways you act also. I think you came out so perfect. You have no Idea how much I dearly Love you. As for know im going to bring this to a end and add some more cute photos….Stay tune for the next Update…


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