{January 22, 2013}   Growing Day By Day !!!!!!!!

Hello All. I’m glad to be back to post another Blog, So Sorry for my Absence away but a whole load of things have been happening and I just haven’t had much time at all.
I see you all keep checking to see if I have posted again =( I have some Faithful readers out there. Well from the start It is the most beautiful feeling to actually be a mom now, Its just amazing. Never thought this day ever would come in my life that I would have a sweet precious Little Girl with a amazing man. Ariella is growing so much day by day,She has those adorable chubby Baby cheeks know, and is starting to grow out of some of her Tiny Newborn clothes.There is still a lot that she still has yet to fit in cause they are to big which I have yet to understand lol. Cause they are considered Newborn,weird huh? LOL.We had to actually go get some bigger pants for her the other day cause her other ones dont fit no more, so I put them in a plastic big box im putting all her first things like my mom did for me that I have to this day.. It’s so cute the things she does. When she sleeps she still does her cute Smiling and Giggles which melts our hearts, she understands mommy and daddy’s voice know, and when I say good morning to her when I wake her up to change her and give her, her morning Bottle she smiles and does this cute yawn awwww lol. She also is Trying little by little to hold her head up, hasn’t got it 100 percent down yet cause it wobbles, and will till she has her strength down in it. She does her tummy time, and when she is on our chests she will turn her head from left to right to look at us. She gave her first daytime smiles to daddy the other day and today to gave her uncle his first smile..hehehe. I love when she looks at us because you can tell her eyes are drawn to yours and she is scoping you out. And she will open her mouth and sometimes she makes those sounds grunting and coos like she is trying so hard just to tell you what is on her Little mind. =)
Don’t you all wish you could really tell what they are thinking? I think Ive got down some of her cries of what is going on, like when she wants her bottle and when she is going poo. Wish I could figure out the rest though, I’m sure I will in time. In the beginning she didn’t like getting baths, but she loves when I give them to her know, she just relaxes. And I found out when I give them to her after she is a lot more mellow which is a good thing cause than she is less fussy. Her daddy and I have been trying so hard to Get use to the change with on sleep schedules cause there is know our new member of our family is here and we have to get up every 3-4 hours to feed her which we aren’t use too. But after a few months we should be closer to her knowing a schedule, which will make us not so sleep deprived. I can actually see more of the day though since I get up early hehe, Big change. Never been that much of a morning person. Today since hubs was home I got some extra needed zzzzz’s. We also yesterday took her for her first walk in the park with the pup candy, we took some pictures next to this tree everyone plays on. Poor tree hasnt seen any good days lol.
Its a kool looking tree though think thats why all the kids go climb it and ect. Well here are some new pictures of her for you all…Thanks for stopping back by….


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