{December 27, 2012}   My Labor and Delivery Decemember 4th 2012 Sorry its late

My sweet Little Girl Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan Born December 4th 2012 In Alexandria, VA. She came in
at 3:43pm Weighing 7lbs, 2oz and was 20 inches, but she did lose about a half of a lb afterwards, but
she finally grew it back. So very happy for that. Well here is how the whole birth went….December 3rd
2012  Was my induction date, so before we went.We finished getting our stuff together and than on the
way there we we stopped and got mcdonalds, thought I should just go all out since we were already
going out to eat there since my tummy always hurts when I do go there to a hospital, lol. Well when I got to the hospital We signed in, I was beyond nervous to have this time finally here that I waited 9 months, that’s not even tacking on that time plus 32 years of my life that I have dreamt so much of my life Just to be able, to look at my daughter in her eyes, feel her skin against mine, touch her feet her toes.. Smell her skin, know my own blood I gave birth too is so close to my side, and is always going to be there forever. Its the best feeling in the entire world, and to have it with someone you truly cherish and love can only be god’s plans for me. I’m glad my life stepped in this direction.Well here with the new lifestory. Well after signing in at labor and delivery we got taken to the room I was going to deliver My Little Lady Bug by one of the nurses I had about 6 all together that’s with shift changes, And my Main OBGYN Dr, Agarwal, Aditi MD and the anesthesiologist, which talking about, omg….Beyond hurts, Here  we go with that story, The nurse told me to undress and put on my Hospital robe and said we got about 30 mins to get our room all together before we get started on everything, the nurse spoke to us about what would be going on, since we had to wait to get induced. which would be the next day, so we had a day or so.Well before the anesthesiologist got there, The next day in the morning, the obgyn another one that works in my doctors office broke my water with a latex glove, which I was burning so bad, cause im way allergic to Latex, so by the time my obgyn got there I was hurting so bad and having bad contractions, That I was 2 cm Than went to 9 cm in about a hr. After my obgyn came and checked me again. I had no handle over my breathing I was screaming my husband the nurses and my ob. Were trying so hard to walk me through it, I think I had my eyes closed almost the whole time, because that was the only thing that seemed to calm me down or at least try to.The ob finally got there I was never so happy to see her
because I knew within hrs I would have my child in my arms. As soon as She got settled in and ready I
was pretty much already 9 cm’s. I started having contractions every 30 seconds I knew it had to be
getting closer just with the amount of pain I was having it felt as if my bottom half off my hoo hoo wanted to brust, so My obgyn checked me and all I could hear was omg Christina, your 9 cm’s already, lets hurry up and get this table ready. Nurses throwing thing unhooking the table as quick as they could anthem telling me not to push yet, ya right I needed Well As soon as my doc got ready we started waiting for contractions and I started we all started to count to 10 with me pushing. And the nurses were so surprised because my doc said I have been the only Patient that has ever begged to push before, because every time they said when you feel a contraction let us know so than we can start counting and pushing before the next one comes around. I was pushing even when I wasn’t suppose to be pushing. Which helped me get her out quicker but did not help me hoo hoo. Because when it all was said and done with I stretched myself so bad and got a 4 degree rip that I had to get two rolls of stitches inside of me. It took forever to recover from it also as I still am, cause the burning and stings are still there. So if your body feels as if it needs to push when you shouldn’t , you should maybe for sure listen, unless you want to be sore, swollen and barly walking afterwards with tons of sticthes.
And don’t go on about all the stories you have have heard about epidurals. Cause Im concrete Proof, IT
MIGHT WORK AND IT MIGHT NOT..Cause the Epidural Numbed my entire left leg for a whole day but
as for my right leg it numbed it half way for all the way up to when I was about to push, than it almost all
wore off completly..It does help your pain more afterwards than during though thats for sure, well at least for me.I heard so many stories and not one has yet been the same espeically after what I endured,during my labor and delivery process. Enough about the bad things, when she finally came out my husband got to cut the Umbilical Cord, which was exciting to watch his face, it got so big and he seemed shocked that he actually got to do it, even though he knew he was going too. Guess there was so many things going on at that time it threw him off lol.Well also after that we got switched to another room for after birth and thats when the Lactation Consultant came in took over my breast grabed it without even asking and shoving it down her throat, than saying sorry afterwards cause she didnt relise how hard she was actually being. It really didnt bother me, but would of been nice if she was more gentle so you could learn the right way to breast feed. And also she had her first bath there in that unit also, which got me really emotional because I wanted to be the first one to bathe her, wheather or not it was just a nurse. When my baby started crying I lost it. And also having to get escorted to the bathroom every chance I needed to go I wasnt liking at all. But at the end of the day getting to be with my child and know she was safe and sound made my heart fill up with tons of love, and having my husband give me love, and surprise me with baby gifts was sweet. Well As I think of more and more I will fill this in or make another Blog post, My mind is kinda floating around so I need to think of the rest, cause ive been so buzy I couldnt post this sooner..Take Care Everyone Christina Cruzpagan

P.S. Give me 10 min to post some Pictures for this post.


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