{December 3, 2012}   My Last Pregnancy Blog while Im pregnant…=(

Hey everyone as you all have been reading today is the day I get Induced at 5pm I have to be there and at 6pm they start the induction, I’m so mixed up with emotions right know that I’m actually feeling numb inside, and very emotional just want to burst into tears. Im so scaried how its going to feel ,So many reasons to name off.  But I know Im going to be in pain either way, but Thank god Endometriosis has made my life pain all my life, for the first time I can thank having endo cause  I think it has trained my body for this day. . Well my husband is putting the pak n play up right know In the living room, and Im just packing stopping and all of it over and over again. Next time you all see another post it will be filled with pictures of my newborn girl. God Blessed me so much on the aspect of my life from finding someone to love to having a child, I couldn’t thank him enough, for giving me the best Blessing in the world. I’m going to miss my dog like crazy while we are at the hospital but my Brother in law is going to be taking care of her and she loves him. So I know she is in good hands. Just haven’t left her since I got her back from Nevada, when I went to get my stuff to move to Virginia… Well I wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas tree before when we picked it out and while we were decorating it till how beautiful it sits in our living room. It’s So amazing next time we walk into our home we are going to be walking in with our new baby, Im so glad she will be here for her first holiday Christmas Time. Well Im going to bring this to a end cause I still have alot to do, enjoy the pictures, PLEASE EVERYONE SAY A PRAYER THAT SHE COMES OUT HEALTHY FOR ME…….Love you all..Christina Cruzpagan



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