{November 28, 2012}   Got some news Wooohooo made it to 39 weeks

Well Ive wanted to update you all on what all has been going on before its to late to for some reason. Well on Monday my husband and me Did another photo shoot this time we did it in our living room  it was really fun as always, but the blocks we have been searching high and low for since this lady at Walmart took the last set, over 3 months ago, we finally came across at another set but it wasn’t in the baby isle this time, it was in the toy isle.Thank god we found them because we really wanted to take pictures like this before we had her, And not only did we get two sets so we had enough to spell out her name, when we finally got taking the pictures and I layed on my side her name was beyond long that in the picture it blends in with my pregnant tummy so it didn’t turn out right, but we got some other ideas and they worked out well. But they will come into use down the road also, for props for pictures with her in them and for her to play with. Hope you all love those pictures my favorite one is with my hubs head on my shoulders it just shows so much love and to find that after all these years im grateful for. I have honestly found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know many of you haven’t found your special someone yet but they are out there trust me. I takes the longest time but when you found him you will know. =) As for yesterday we had alot of problems over here and Im pretty surprised I didnt go into labor, I think I was having some bad braxton hick contractions yesterday at night when everything was said and done and all the plumbers and Power guys left. Cause I was cramping in my tummy and my back and my stomach started getting really hard and I was getting shooting stabbing pains down there. My husband rubbed my back to sleep And im so glad it worked..Well what happened yesterday is we have been having plumbing issues here first started from the sub pump not working to getting that fixed twice to another plumbing problem the pipes collapsing and flooding the basement for a second time. So we had them come back in forth for a week before even finding out that was what was wrong with The pipes. Well when the plumbers came over here yesterday At first they couldn’t find where the pipes where under ground so they truck a hauler truck for digging and started digging our yard up, as they finally found it After destroying my garden that we worked so hard on, they kept going back so they can get a hold of the whole pipe, they dug up so deep that they ended up cutting two power lines under ground They started to spark and smoke of course lol, And I was inside when they blew the first one out cause all of a sudden all the power snapped out and I was left in the dark, I went out there telling that guy in the meanest voice that he just cut our power off. So than I had to call the power company the emergnancy line for them to come repair live exposed wires, as soon as they finally got here they made the workers get out of there and stay out till it was safe to go back in the ground. As they started fixing it more and more trucks and power company people showed up. They say Mother power didn’t mark off that spot so its the Power companys fault, which it actually is, but either way that guy should of been aware of wires anyways..Well after they got the power on they drilled our basement floor a 4×4 area put in the new pipes and put most of the mess back but its so muddy we had talk the landlord into getting a cleaning crew to clean up. Well they still havent finished the job they are suppose to come back today to finish if they ever show up, but the water is working and power is know that’s a good thing. Well enough about that for know. As another note goes, Im having my Little Baby girl Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan Getting Induced on Dec 3rd at 6:30pm at Inova Alexandria Hospital. Unless by than All this stress puts me into labor, I’ve tried everything she don’t want to come out lol. From the foods to sex and Walking, I just feel the pains and that’s it. So that is when my little girl will be in my arms mattering how long it takes after they induce me, Im so excited I have only 5 days left, Tomorrow I go to the obgyn to see how many cm’s I am, plus she is going to tell us what we need to do, when to check in and all. My heart is beating so fast knowing im going to be a mother and have someone look up to me to raise them and love them unconditionally. This is the best Christmas Present ever I could of dreamed for in this whole wide world….I love you Ariella.


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