{November 23, 2012}   Update on my last Trimister. 38 wk Update

Hello My fellow Followers =) Ive been real busy lately that I haven’t got around to Blogging Lately. So here is what is going on as of know, I went to the Obgyn on November 21st 2012 and went to see how everything has been going check the heart beat which was 138 BPM, and than Got my weight checked I gain the 2 lbs back lol. And went in the room with my husband and waited for the doctor to come in, as I sweating, cause of how nervous I was to find out if any progress has happened. Well she comes in and as she says each time, we are getting so closer. And than asked me if anything new like cramping ect has happened lately. Well we went on to the exam, Im know for sure 1 cm Dilated, thought I would be more but the doctor said im progressing pretty quick being this is my First Long Term Pregnancy.

Well other than that we talked to the doctor about getting induced, and she said on my 39th week she can, reason Behind me wanting to get induced is because knowing my luck she wont be on call doctor that will be on shift the day I naturally go into labor. So since she knows my birth plan and we have a understanding if I do get a c-section she will be able to remove some of my Endometriosis, plus she knows all my medical history as well as me, I am choosing this and she said it will be safe because the baby is already full term. So how I naturally have my appointments on Wednesday this coming week will be Thursday because she will be in surgery’s all day on wed. So Thursday we will have a for sure answer since she will have a new schedule up so we can plan. I’m nervous as can be but with knowing a for sure day I can get last minute things set up and do some baking and get my doc a present in all, for helping us all through this all the way. But that’s if she doesn’t come in between know and Thursday , let hope she does that would be even better.

As for the all mighty Turkey Day A.K.A Thanksgiving =) The night before I did the Pumpkin Pie, some recipe I found on pinterest Called Browned Butter Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats, well they did not come out like normal ones, so my husband nicknamed them Pumpkin Rice Krispie Crunch. Lmao They were so hard At the end of the night I just tossed them.Totally do not recommend  that ever make them..They smelled good so unless your house smells like someone died in it I wouldn’t make them lol. I give that recipe 10 Thumbs down. Lmfao… Also made Chocolate chip cookies and a Peach Cherry Pie. And the Onion Dip we had for our Doritos and Corn Chips, also did the Devil Eggs. That all came out good. I woke up at 4am to put the turkey on, and got things prepped like the Sweet Potato Casserole, and put the Potatoes in water with seasoning just to put aside till I was ready, got the corn ready,and went back to sleep set my alarm for 7 woke up to base the turkey. And went to the DVR set the Macy’s Day Parade to record at 9am just in case I would to forget about it and than about 11am I pulled out the turkey. And than put the Sweet Potato casserole in, and got together another recipe for Pineapple Casserole I also found a new recipe for wanted to try some new things. That was a weird recipe how you make it but it smelled good at the end, but never got to eat any cause there was way to much food, but my hubs liked it. Than as we were waiting for that we made Bacon Mac n Cheese, and the stuffing and finished with the mashed potatoes. I think its so funny cause my hubs didn’t think I would be able to make thanksgiving cause of how pregnant I am, but I showed him hehe. He helped out to, it was real fun, always love cooking with him cause we take really cute pictures in the process. Well that is our Thanksgiving dinner completed and we had it all done by 12pm which was pretty good timing. It was funny also that my bro in law brought a huge box of hostess snacks cause you all no about them going out of business, so man I’m good for months and months.. There is actually people on E-BAY selling Twinkies for 60 dollars a box, which I thought was nuts. The day I heard that I went to the store got my all time favorite Swiss Rolls, which are made by Little Debbie which Hostess owns also and my Nutty Butty Treats. But that’s the story with that, like you all wanted to know that huh.. Funny funny thing though is when i went to get them I had got those had grabbed a fit Pregnancy Mag and had Sour Cream and Bacon Bits with me, and I told the cashier I know this don’t go together and she looked and started laughing cause she didn’t even notice it at all. Bad huh, oh well cant a pregnant woman have munchies while being fit hehehhehehehehehehhehe

Well enjoy the picture, I think I talked your heads off for know…

Also something that touched my heart one of my friends on facebook sent me this message she had put it in one of the Endometriosis Groups I belong too. Wanted to share how Heartfelt it was with you….

( Me & all the 176 million Endo suffers, would like to wish Christina all the luck in the world for the coming days as she begins the truly amazing journey into motherhood, she defied the medial world and proved to many that miracles do happen, your a truly amazing woman and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your little princess Ariella xxxx the long 9 months is nearly over baby. X)


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