{November 19, 2012}   2 weeks and 4 days left

Well Im counting each day as if its my last carrying her inside of me, So excited for this to finally happen, I redid  her closet once again added a new shelf. And totally feeling every single pain possible know, It feels as if I did a thousand situps thats how bad my muscles in my stomach hurts, and the pressure down below feels as if she is reaching her hand straight out of my vagina lol.Today my husband and I went to our last Birth class it was called Baby Care Basics. This three-hour class prepares parents to understand their new infant’s needs. The class includes bathing, diapering, understanding normal newborn characteristics and procedures, infant safety, nursery equipment, and when to call your pediatrician. It was pretty much a non brainer class, I knew about everything and so did my husband. But this one guy and his wife next to us omg he asked so many questions as if he didn’t no completely anything baby wise in his life, from diapers to swaddling. It was just completely nuts the questions he was asking, and I looked over at his wife and she didn’t say anything as if she was as much clueless waiting for a answer than him..Holy cow. One thing that was kool was that there was another couple and she was due the day before us, so are due dates were off a day..I have only ran into people online that where a day or same as me, never in person so that was a first. I also got the worse case of Braxton hicks Contractions in the class ever, that I was actually bent over and my hubby was rubbing the pain away. I’m so glad he did, cause in my mind I was thinking how am I going to do this the pain is so awful.As well as us being 30 mins away from the hospital we Did our classes at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC and 40-50 mins away from the house, I’m not going that far again till she is out lol. I know she is coming very soon, I can feel the difference of my body changing. My belly is so round also right know, its kinda cute cause ive never seen it look that round, but than I feel huge everyone knows im about to pop. As everyone asks when im due, you know your huge at that point. Well I will keep you up to date as things progress.


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