{November 13, 2012}   Installing Car Seat at 36 weeks

We put in the car seat to the base the other day, what a Amazing feeling. I had like I always say a billion in 1 things running through my mind, As I walk outside with my husband to put the car seat in it’s in my hands and it feels so right to hold it. It was Just as amazing putting it in, at first I wanted to try to see how good I would be at putting it in. But I had a cover as you can see in the picture before we had took it out and tried it, it was nearly impossible to click it in the base with that on there. Which I had planned to keep that on it to keep the dust and other stuff from going in it till the time I go into labor. Well since that didn’t work out as planned we took it off and it was entirely way easier installing it without it, So once it was in, I just put the cover on backwards so Its still covering it. HA ! HA! , I out beat The cover !!!!!!!!!!! We took turns putting the stuff together it almost had me in tears to see a actual Car seat sitting there in our car, knowing in just three weeks she would be sitting in there for the ride home, to her new place with her new Mommy and Daddy and Pup Candy. There was a lot of times I just wanted to break down in tears so every time my husband went in for battery’s for the Mirror we got so we can see her while we are driving that has 3 different tunes and lights up.She is going to love it, well when he went to get them I let out a couple tears and tried so hard to mask it up by the time he got out. He knows when there is something wrong, and when he asks, I just get worse. So it was better off that way. Well we had after we were done putting it all together went to the fire department, cause I remember in Vegas they checked if the car seats were put in right. Well we walked up and knocked at the door a gentleman opened the door but was on the phone so a lady asked what we needed help with I asked if they did Car seat Inspections and she said the Police department did, so we took off to there. Took us a while to find the place but when we did, we went in and asked if someone could do it for us and of course the person that does it wasn’t there, so we have to wait till the 18th to have it done, that’s the next time they do it. So if she comes before than we have to hope we have it installed good which its pretty good in there. We just wanted to make sure. I’m so curious how sweet the first time driving home in the back seat with her is going to feel like, plus I’m so wanting to know what my little girl looks like. I cant believe we have 3 Prenatal Appointments with my Obgyn for this Pregnancy left. i cant believe that is it, it has seriously been a long time waiting. And know that it is around the corner I’m getting more and more nervous.But at the same time I want to just hold her and tell her I love her so much.I cant wait to show you all pictures when she is born…I cant promise how good I will look in them after pushing out a baby but im sure you all will understand lol..

So we have that and one more class to take Baby 101 This three-hour class prepares parents to understand their new infant’s needs. The class includes bathing, diapering, understanding normal newborn characteristics and procedures, infant safety, nursery equipment, and when to call your pediatrician. A list of essential items or products to purchase for baby’s care will be provided. Pretty Neat huh? Oh and I forgot to add we picked out our Second turkey together, from the same place as last year, And guess who get to cook it yuppers me, woohooooo. I get to show my skills off to my love and my bro. lol

As for today, im just getting very uncomfortable with my belly growing, it hurts a lot so, ive been trying so hard to relax and not over do it in any kind of way, also my ribs and lower back hurts, we think it could be the braxton hicks but im not quite sure. I’m pretty sure I will feel the real thing when it happens, Everyday and night I have all this Caution that this can be the day or night it can be happening, so Ive been getting more and more ready for this. You can never be to ready. I got mostly a lot packed cause we should be in there for 3 days if everything goes right, or more if there is a problem. So at the last moment I’m going to grab all our daily stuff. I have moved around her clothes so much and have so many so Im putting the older ones 6-12 months aside in a bag so they can stay fresh and clean at the same time give me room to put all her stuff she will be using for her first 4-5 months. And matching outfits, Im having a blast doing that. Cause I keep thinking how awesome its going to be to have my own child and raise her..Its a beautiful feeling…Well tomarrow I will update you all again since im turning 37 weeks tomarrow yay


Carlos says:

Love the post babes, we get it inspected Saturday! woohoo, have to be nice and safe for our lil miracle. 🙂
21 days and counting! It will be amazing once we get her in there 🙂
Love you bunches babes! Muahz!

I love you too hunny buns lol. Ya its getting close and im getting more nervous, as you can tell by me staying up forever cleaning hehe. Well trust me Ive been counting so much the days, when it finally gets to one hand of counting thats when my real nerves will kick in gosh, its hard waiting for her to get here. Thanks for leaving me a msg and know I wuv you more than anything

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