{November 9, 2012}   36 week High Risk appointment

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Hey you all I was going to add on to my recent blog but thought I would make a brand new one so I can show you all the new pictures.Well this appointment went real good even though we had to wait a hr in a half to even be seen. Well the baby is measuring 6 Lbs 10 Oz so this will be her last weigh in till she is born. I kinda felt a lost feeling knowing it would be the last time I would see her on screen, and with the lady going so fast cause she wanted to get out of there and go home, kinda got to me, cause of how long we waited and just knowing this is the very last time, I will get any updates of her being inside of me other than her heartbeat. I know that I have had way more ultrasounds than any pregnant woman but im thankful for all the memories as well as the keepsakes I get to show her growing up and I get to keep forever. But I rather have her here with me in my arms, where she belongs. She is measuring a little over, but they said if she stays in me to her full term date than she will be 8 Lbs and 10 oz. It was so cute cause she hated the lady doing the ultrasound so much that she kept kicking the Doppler every time she flew it her way, and also I had one of my hands and legs holding up my head so I could get a better look at the screen and one holding my love. The ultrasound tech said she was laying the same way inside of me. And if you have read before on one of my past blogs to the 4D Ultrasound you would remember how I mentioned how I was sitting in the car the whole way there with one leg under another, and she was laying that way also. LOL! She takes after me already totally love it. I started thinking about how it feels when she has hiccups and the closest thing I could come up with is, a Mexican jumping bean lol. I know that totally that was off topic but she has them right know hehehehe.Very Thankful also for having my husband by my side at every single appointment from the beginning till the end, I couldn’t ask for more..Well soon she will be here everyone, the only doctor visit”s are only going to be with my obgyn know,every week. Than I can share all the real photos of her out of me, man oh man is that going to be a whole different feeling. Enjoy the pictures..


Carlos says:

Hey beautiful sexy momma to be 🙂
Was cool to see this last ultrasound love, I am so happy everything has gone so well with this pregnancy, even though it has been kicking your butt, it is nice to know that our lil miracle is doing great 🙂 Just around the corner now she will be here! woohoo! Cmon lil one! lets get a move on! haha.
I am glad I could be by your side the whole way through love, I will be there for more times to come, love you bunches, Muahz! xoxo

awwww Thanks for the sweet comment honey. I cant wait till she gets here also, she sure has put me through alot of pain throughout but it is so worth it so have her at the end of all of this, I just cant stand how long you have to wait seems like its going slower everyday that passes by, we have a long 26 days to wait till she gets here.I cant believe she will be here for christmas this year, Im so nervous to meet her, But at the same time im not lol. Yup a bit confusing trust me Im confused all the time hehehe…Im glad we got to see her one last time though, even though how quick it was it still meant alot to be able to know she is okay…I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done and all the times you have been there to cry on , to show support and all. Dont think I dont see it because I do every single day. I love you

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