{November 5, 2012}   Happy Birthday My love…

I can’t imagine passing one moment of my life without you
I can’t imagine living my dreams without you
I can’t imagine going into anyone’s arms for peace but yours
What would I have done if you weren’t born on this lovely day many years ago?
God for sure blessed me with you. The day you walked into my life till this Day and for many Years to come, U will be my number , don’t ever forget that. Our little angel Has 3 weeks and 2 days till she is in our arms. We have got so far and I think this year she is our gift for all the holidays together even our Birthdays. I hope today You get to see how much I love you and love being with you. This message is just for you….


Carlos says:

Hey there Beautiful,
Thank you so much for making my birthday special, I really love all the great gifts you got me. It meant a lot to have you go through all that work to get me something really nice. I love you bunches babes! Muahz!

I love you so much, I would do anything to make sure you have a smile on your face. I love the way you love me and I try to show you back that same kind of love plus more of course lol, cant have you showing off lol. I love you so much Carlos..

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