{November 2, 2012}   =( Want my daughter here already

I wish so much my daughter would come already, she has been moving and kicking me all day. And not easing up at all, and my poor tummy is expanded to the max.And she has between today and yesterday hurt my ribs and pelvic area and tums of course. ..Ekkkkkkk Didn’t think it could anymore but boy does it and with each day the pains are getting pretty bad. I want to see her even worse.  I’m wondering what she looks like,carrying a baby that long without seeing her face than in Black in white and 3D makes you so antsy lol..The doctor thinks I could have her anywhere from my husbands birthday which is on the 5th, Happy Early Birthday Honey!!!!!!!!! To her due Date Dec 5th. On Wednesday she will be considered a Full term baby.( That”s right Ariella November 14th, 2012 Baby Girl.. And tomorrow at 10am we have our Breastfeeding class its a 2 hr class hopefully I get a lot out of this class so it helps me during the first year feeding her.I’m really excited we get to do some more classes =)

I keep thinking and thinking lately, when is she going to come, how will it feel, what is it going to feel like to have the nurses or doctor hand me my precious Bundle of Joy and tell my I’m a MOM, what is it going to feel like seeing her for the first time, my reaction, my husbands reaction, the love Im going to feel right away within the sec of seeing her, How is her sis pup Candy going to be like with her, protective loving, ect ? The rush of this is very overflowing I have so many emotions running deep threw my veins. I feel like releasing all of it and just crying but im so trying to hold everything in for the life of me. We are going to be putting in her car seat very soon, our bags are so close to being 100 percent packed. So know we are ready for you at a moments notice….

P.S  Don’t forget to bring the snow and santa with you Angel


Love always Mommy


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