{October 31, 2012}   34 wks to the 35 week Mark of Pregnancy =)

Wow I seriously cant believe I have made it this far in my pregnancy,Cant believe today I have 5 weeks left till I get to finally hold my daughter. I have finally started getting rounded out in my stomach know so it really looks like im pregnant 100 percent lol, Know people are coming up to me know asking when am I due or going to pop, Ive had a total of 3 people ask to touch my stomach. And had other pregnant women in elevators talk to me about my pregnancy as well as there’s,as well as others asking im I scared? The answer to that is very much (YES!), How could you not be afraid of a human coming out of your body, the pain during and after delivery, the adjustments, if the baby is going to be safe upon arrival, is she going to have her moms crappy Immune system or is she going to be completely 100 percent healthy. The list for me can go on and on. But I do love having her inside of me, the fact that im going to be giving life to my own flesh in blood, that im going to be her mom forever, ect. I’m going to miss a lot of things about this pregnancy once she comes, like feeling her move around, her kicks, hiccups which she has a lot. I just love it, to watch my belly move and no that’s my little girl in there makes the world so different to me than before. I’m also going to miss all the ultrasounds and see her grow inside of me, as you can see from the last ultrasound pictures she is going to be a 8lbs or over when she is born. =) But when she does come as 36 wks come up which she is concerted full term and It would be safe if I had labor from that point on. Its a big turning point from where we first started, Cant believe how long a pregnancy lasts until your the one behind the seat, lol. Ive been doing good lately, just the regular pains and some extras which I rather not talk about on here lol. But what I could say is heartburn is no joke, and with all this heartburn im sure she is going to come out with a lot of hair.. Also My ribs have been hurting cause of her growing outward more. Also Eczema But what can you say I’m pregnant and that is what comes with the Territory. My recent checkup which was last week her heartbeat was 143 BMP, and she is measuring good, My next visit I will be doing the Strep B test to see if I have it so that if I do I can be given Antibiotics to keep her safe at delivery, as well as me, and checking to see if I’m dilated any, that check will be at 36 weeks. Really nervous about that appointment cause it tells me a lot of what to come. I know Ive been slacking on posting for a bit, but my husband and I have been doing so much lately, that Ive been taking pictures to keep it all update but this has been the first chance I could write all my thoughts down.We have gone to The Plains in Virginia a hr in a half away to go pick out our pumpkins for this year did a corn mase, which Thank god my husband can Navigate cause my legs were killing me as well as me being hot. Didnt mix. But we had a blast there,  We have had Birthdays, First was my Bro in laws Birthday, Than my doggie my lil sweetheart turning 6 years old, which I made her a cookie bone cake for her Birthday got her gifts decorated and took tons of pics, Than came my birthday my husband surprised me and decorated for me Decked the kitchen area all in Little mermaid, I got a awesome yummy Ariel Cake and he gave me Roses, a cute funny card, and made me a framed print out of our Vows with our wedding pictures on it, came out so nice, and made tears come down my eyes, also took me to have lunch at Red Lobster and got me two gift cards One for Starbucks my Fav, and the other was to go shopping for baby stuff for our little girl. We pumpkin Craved for a good 3 hours all together, and watched scary movies and ghost story’s. Lmfao. Also I made her a little Card thing to put on her bed when she is born, I glammed out so it looks super cute, where they put the Name,Time she was born,Weight and length on, wanted it to be extra special for her to hold on to forever that I made. We have been spending a lot of good times together, its amazing, how much im in love with my husband, It really is. I’m so glad we are building a family and a good foundation together in life. So I bet your all thinking where are all these fun pictures lol, well give me a min to stop typing hehe and you all shall see how much fun we have been having. It has been hard not having my family there as much as they could of but Ive been trying to cope with that on my own but its just making me more stronger than weak anymore. I do have my moments were I sit and cry but Its not going to change anything, and I know that. =( But on a happier note. The next project we have in store is doing a Belly cast, which We should be doing this weekend, not showing pictures of the whole process since its kinda not for others eyes lol, But towards the end and the end results I will show ya all. Kinda wondering how I should decorate it, so im probley going to look for some ideas online, that’s my best bet. I got the belly cast for real cheap which was awesome and its brand new still in the box in all, The girl that gave it too me, had her baby early and by that time couldn’t use it, so I got it for 5 bucks, which is normally a good 30-40 bucks alone. I know my belly has grown a lot so wanted to do it right know, before she is born just to have all the memories from my first born as possible. Also we will be taking a new Class, Breastfeeding Basics and most probley Baby care basics still in the air with that one though, but we got to pick another class that added up to our other one we took that didn’t go as we thought it would, cause it was suppose to be geared towards a medicated birth and the instructor almost the whole time talked about not using drugs until the end for a short min, and everyone in the class wanted to go medicated.So accept getting a refund I decide to take another class I could get some basic knowledge on, since I will be breastfeeding for a year.

Also before I forgot I was going to tell you all that Hurricane Sandy, is in our path so its been raining really hard and windy, today it is suppose to get really bad, We are suppose to be having some bad flooding but I love this weather, plus good thing my husband has had some extra days off cause of it. Yay. Lmfao. My dog has been taking good to this storm which im glad of. She did shake a bit but only lasted 5 minutes guess she is getting use to the weather here =) Well enjoy the pictures everyone, and please leave comments if you like, you dont have to be a member to leave a comment it will just ask for your email and you can enter your name, Your name will pop up only not your email in the comment. Just a heads up…


Carlos says:

Hello my love, We have been crazy busy lately but it has all been lots of fun. Wish all these special dates were spread out more, haha. we barely have time to relax with everything back to back. and then Christimas and Ariella’s birth right around the corner 0_0 busy busy busy, but i love it, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Can’t wait to see our wee one and hold her in my arms and have her fall asleep on my chest, I think that will be my happiest moment when i can finally do that 🙂 Love you bunches babes, love all the pics and the blog, muahz!

Man this is my 3rd time writing this, cause for some reason it clears it, gosh. Well as I was saying babe before I was rudely interrupted lol. I’m glad she will be here soon also because waiting is driving me nuts, seems like every week is going slow, and I wish I had a time machine and could set it on Dec 5th already lol. Well at least you from October to new years every year is going to be like lol. This time you will have 3 girls in the house hahaha/ Well I loved spending time with during the storm all those days it was really nice, and having you cuddle with me this morning and slobber all over me I loved also lol.
Sorry about not spacing the stuff out but havent had much time and it was already a new week so I had to do it this time all at once lol….Love you baby

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