{October 22, 2012}   This Is how we Conceived Ariella..

This Is how we Conceived Ariella..

Whats funny is I got the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor  I ordered at the week I found out I was pregnant , I kept trying to use the regular Ovulation testers and It only told me like 3 times I was Fertile so I didnt think they were working right at all,  I started to be so depressed cause we kept trying for months before it happened. I had that procedure done also where they had put dye through my tubes to see if they were open or if they were blocked it hurt a lot getting that done, but I was so determined for a family that I would of done anything.So see our dreams come true. I went to a Fertility Doctor only one appointment cause the next one they said my insurance didn’t cover it.That day of that Appointment she gave me Clomid 100 mg days 5-9  And glad she did cause I couldn’t go back after that and I also took prenatal Vitamins and Primsoil and the first course OF Clomid. I ended up getting a cyst 8.9 cm they had to do Laproscopic Excesion surgery and my doctor didn’t want me to take the next course of clomid for a month after the surgery again, so than we wait exactly at the end of that month ,we started it back up thank god my period came at that time I added Preseed 5mg every time before we had sex and That was the only thing I did differently and I got pregnant , what was strange is we had a appointment at this fertility place in Bethesda and the Military would of accept us using (Tricare) for free just had to pay for half of the treatment , we put away enough to do IUI, and if that didn’t work we were going to do IVF well that week was the same time I had got the New machine in the mail the Clear Blue, and we called and cancelled, I took pregnancy test every single day after we took clomid, so I ordered pregnancy tests online 100 for like 10 bucks I kept taking them like crazy than, the day we found out at first I thought the pregnancy test was just playing jokes on me cause everyone of them kept coming up with only 1 line and this time, there was one with one dark line and one faded line, I was so excited I showed my husband and told him I think we did it, we wasn’t for sure and he said just to make sure go buy some good pregnancy tests so I went to the store got 4-5 of them took them got some all name brand ones like the ones that pop up saying pregnant or not right away than the one with the line and the plus sign, And the sad and smiley face ones,Every single one came back showing I was pregnant. I showed my husband them  when he was sitting at the computer and I ran and jumped on him, we were so happy, I made a appointment right away to the obgyn, to get a blood test and the Hcg levels were high, very high at that point she told me I was indeed pregnant. I told everybody.Every couple weeks I had to go back in to make sure my
levels were getting higher and not dropping lower, Every test the readings were getting so high…. And Ive been emotional ever since because I thought god didn’t have plans for me to be a mom, I didn’t feel like I was even a woman because I couldn’t give my husband let alone me a family. And know the rush of all of this is amazing feeling her move and seeing my stomach grow, listening to her heartbeat, is the best thing ever to feel,  looking at her grow through my ultrasound appointments .Just to know I’m going to finally become a mom after 32 years and one miscarriage, I thank god as well as my husband and my obgyn for making this all happen, I feel way to blessed. All I wanted to see was my own child’s face before anything were to ever happen to me, to Look into her eyes and hold her. And cherish every single moment of motherhood like everyone else does. I really Am excited for her to come into this world I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in this whole world.. So don’t ever let someone ever tell you that you cant have children a family member, friend, doctor anyone. Don’t ever give up on this dream because this will happen for you. I almost gave up plently of times cause I couldn’t handle walking around outside seeing couples together spending all this time with there kids being a family and just dad’s or mom’s by them selves looking so happy and talking to there little one destroyed me, and im pretty sure it has happened to alot of you that has been trying for so long to become pregnant. .But with my surgery even going through a OBgyn and a high risk doctor cause of all my medical problems, had a couple scares upon the way, we are so closer to touching her soon.I send Baby Dist and wishes to all the ladies that has gone through this,
Sincerly Christina Cruzpagan,,


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