{October 18, 2012}   Some Early Halloween Pregnancy FUN !!!!!! 7 wks Left

Well know I’m 33 weeks pregnant, im getting there and the lil one is sure showing me more and more each day how much of a struggle this is going to be.Yesterday she moved around a lot and I mean a lot however I was sitting laying ect she was moving, it it nice to know we are almost done with this pregnancy and get to enjoy her real soon. We were thinking of doing Blood Cord Banking But the cost is overrated right know, Its around 200 to do it plus to have to pay storage every month. Its like getting another apartment and trying to keep up with that ekk. So the second best thing all they do after the baby is born is throw away all the stem cells blood ect, so I’m donating it, so It can help someone who really needs it. Since my Blood Transfusion years ago I haven’t been able to give blood ect, so This will be my chance to give back to save someone else s life. And if by chance something would to happen to our lil one We would have to deal with it as it comes she will be on good insurance and with me taking her to all of her appointments getting her shots on time and keeping up with her, she should be good. And if not we will come across those chances when it happens. She is going to be well taken care of and only around me and her father im not letting nobody watch her at all, just cause ive seen to much bad things happen to kids when they get babysit by someone else. Next week I have another OBGYN checkup to see how she is doing, So I will keep you all posted on her progress.Just keep us in your prayers that this preganancy stays good till the end and after…On another note …Well I bet you all are going to be a pretty surprised but I’ve been looking through cute things to do for the holidays for woman that are pregnant so we can take tons of photos of how big my belly is getting Till the end when she is born, she has 7 more weeks to go, so I’m starting to get creative, lmao. As you will soon see, Well after my husband got off work yesterday I had told him to get his paint on, and make my Belly into a pumpkin, It came out really cute and boy did we have a blast. He looked so happy painting all over my big masterpiece lol. They paint brushes tickled so bad and the paint was cold it just felt so strange hehe.But the best part was the lovely memories we have on pictures that I can keep forever. So this is our surprise to all of my followers and ladies that come across this that are pregnant, and family and friends hope this put some smiles on your faces lol, as It did ours.Just make sure if you do this at home you use Non-Toxic paints which you can buy at Micheals and after clean up using a wet Hot wash cloth, and soap and water after you get it off to make sure your not sticky at the end, cause trust me you will be…

We have lots more in store for you all so keep checking back day by day….Enjoy…Our Craziness.


Carlos says:

LMAO, This was too funny doing love. Will have to find some other things to do as the next seasons arrive and then you can torture Ariella with unlimited outfits haha. Love you bunches babes 🙂 muahz!

Lmfao ya she is surely getting changed about 7 times a day to get into every outfit we got lol, just hopefully she dont outgrow them in one night since she is a growing machine lol. She is moving around like she was yesterday lol right know. I loved doing that yesterday, You looked at me werid when I first brought it up to ya and look how much fun you had lol…Wifes always no best lol..I love you lots

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