{October 16, 2012}   Pumpkin Patch Trip to Nalls in Alexandria

My husband was at work and I was thinking of some things I needed to get done but stay close by his work cause I knew I had to go pick him up soon, well Nalls is usually were I get all my homemade Jams, and spreads at, and some of my plants that I don’t grow from seeds. So I was just passing by and saw these huge size pumpkins the ones they use on Halloween Wars in all, I didn’t stop but drive by it and I was think this will be awesome to take my husband when he gets off of work.They also have pumpkin Holes to crawl through for the kids, It looked fun but there was no way with my belly I would of even been close to making that lol. So after work we had to go to his doctor appointment for a check up and than after all that, I finally got to bring him, His eyes got so big, so we started taking pictures cause this will be our 2nd Halloween together, we didn’t get a pumpkin out of this trip but a lot of good pumpkin photos, For lots of memories down the road, we are going to get out a couple weeks prior to Halloween so they stay good longer. But we walked around the place and looked at all the different assortments of them, there were ones neither of even seen before which we though was really nice. And got to see some chickens, and in one pic you can see my hubby talking mean to him lol, nah j.k.. But it looks like it in the picture. Besides that we got to see a pig also..We have something in store for this Halloween for you all, and will be posting it up as a surprised as soon as we get done…This was last week we went to this sorry but trying to check up on all the stuff I got going on around here. As you can see im doing all the stuff around here while poor ole candy gets all the pampering lol, evern when I walked outta the room she stole my computer chair lmao. Enjoy the Pictures…


Carlos says:

Hey beautiful, this was really cool looking at the pumpkins with you, I wish we could get one of those giant ones! that would be cool, haha. I get all inspired when i watch those competitions. haha.
We will have to carve a couple of cool ones for the house. Love you much babes. Muahz!

Yea I can tell when we watch those shows, but the weird thing is you got me all into those shows know so, im looking at pumpkins thinking what I can do with them also. Its pretty funny how we started thinking alike lately. It shows we have finally clicked On not so normal terms lmao..Ya we are dorks, but happy ones.. Yea we should get some from the farmers market those were actually big for a good price..I love you more honey buns lol, Cant wait till you get home. Hope your day at work goes well for you…I will be thinking about you till you get home…

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