{October 4, 2012}   9 more Weeks to go….Yay

As I hit week 31 My Life seems to good to be true, Now it is only 9 more weeks to go until Im at the Labor and Delivery Unit and they are telling me Congratulations heres your Little Girl Ariella, These months have been a journey with many up and downs, but I still made it through and that’s all that matters to me.To finally get to meet my own flesh and blood, the one who will be my Daughter. I cant stop imagining this day in my head over and over every single day I wake up till I fall asleep at night. Not knowing what day will be the day that she is ready to see me, Her Birthday is suppose to be Dec 5th, 2012 but I wonder if she will be here early or I will carry her to that date?? So many wonders..Well I signed up for both my husband and I to go to this Childbirth class named ( Childbirth 1, 2, 3 * Focus on Medication & Vaginal Delivery ) It is put on by a place called momease, It is a six-hour childbirth class is designed for women intending to have an epidural and vaginal delivery. The class will discuss breathing, massage, and relaxation techniques for a medicated birth to increase the possibility of a vaginal delivery.
Other topics include: anatomy and physiology of labor, how to deliver the baby using medication, routine hospital procedures and their variations, epidurals and medications, cesareans and postpartum recovery. The class starts from 10am-5pm and they have a lunch break and as well as they will have snacks there also. I think this is going to be perfect for the both of us. I have been having real bad Panic attacks about going into labor just focused on the pain of it, how it is going to play out, what my visions are going to be when I first look into my daughter’s eyes, seeing my husband cut the babys cord , seeing his expressions if he is going to break down in tears of happiness, The first time I breast feed her, take her home, her first meeting with my pup Candy, just pretty much from A-Z.. So im hoping this class will help me calm down a bit. =)  Well some other things that has been going on, two days ago on October 2nd 2012 My husband before we went to bed like he does every night, rubs pregnancy cream all over my tummy and OMG it feels so relaxing, he has the hands that every man wishes they could have, lmao. But as he was about done, Ariella started to move. And this is her second time doing this,The first time my husband was asleep. But this time he was up and actually touching my stomach at the time she started to have Hi cup’s to the time she stop which was a good 25 minutes straight of every min her doing it, you could see my stomach bump up every single time even with my husbands hand placed on there. To see his Big Smile was The most wonderful moment I will never forget. I think he was in shock that he actually got to feel it this time.If I could rewind that everyday I would, I took a video which I will be posting soon so you all can see. But it was at the most perfect time ever. (Big Smiles) Well as of know my next step this week im going to be putting together my birth plan and typing it up, and doing my Living Will as well. So I have to bring with me to the hospital and also give to my Obgyn prior to me going into labor. So that should be taking up some time, also focus on some of my Studying and taking tests to finish off my schooling. Oh and guess what The 1st of October my husband put together the Car Seat and Stroller, so its ready at a drop of a dime. The only thing is my husband has got to put the bottom part of the seat into the car so when we are ready we can put the car seat in there for our journey to the hospital. And also so we can bring it by the fire department to make sure it is put in there the right way.Also Tuesday will be our next Obgyn visit, Its always good seeing my doctor she is so sweet.Also yesterday I had to take my pup Candy to the Vet because she was having a alleric reaction to something, she kept scratching and had bumps all over her, so we took her to her vet and they checked it out and think she might be getting bites when she goes outside or something. So they gave me Prednisone in liiquid form to give to her, so hopefully that works. And when they took her weight she is a whopping 16.2 lbs pretty good for her breed very healthy. She is getting so big October 25th is her birthday and she will be 6 yrs old. Cant believe i have had her that long, she is the best dog you could ever ask for..And on the 26th is my birthday so we are both Scorpios lol. Im going to get her some fancy dog treats from old town and a birthday cake for her 6th birthday, and some toys and the treats that she loves.. So that pretty much checks off list that has been going on and things that will be happening. Till than enjoy some pictures before you leave…And thanks once again for Visiting my Blog…xoxoxo



Carlos Cruzpagan says:

Hello Beautiful,
9 weeks! Woohoo! haha, can’t wait! Yeah, the Hic-ups were too cute love, I am glad that I got to experience that with you. Love you so much babes. I am going to be with you every step of the way, just toss your worries my direction love 🙂 Muahz!

Awwww babes,
I love you too with all my heart, I love being with you I really do, And I feel like our love has been getting much stronger. I always knew you were the man of my dreams, from the moment I heard your voice. Just glad we have gotten so far together in life so far. I know I have had some worries and im glad you have been there to help me through them, without you there I probley would of drove myself nuts sometimes lol. You always there and I hope you are by my side forever. I love you lots more Carlos more than you will ever no

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