Wow I seriously cant believe I have made it this far in my pregnancy,Cant believe today I have 5 weeks left till I get to finally hold my daughter. I have finally started getting rounded out in my stomach know so it really looks like im pregnant 100 percent lol, Know people are coming up to me know asking when am I due or going to pop, Ive had a total of 3 people ask to touch my stomach. And had other pregnant women in elevators talk to me about my pregnancy as well as there’s,as well as others asking im I scared? The answer to that is very much (YES!), How could you not be afraid of a human coming out of your body, the pain during and after delivery, the adjustments, if the baby is going to be safe upon arrival, is she going to have her moms crappy Immune system or is she going to be completely 100 percent healthy. The list for me can go on and on. But I do love having her inside of me, the fact that im going to be giving life to my own flesh in blood, that im going to be her mom forever, ect. I’m going to miss a lot of things about this pregnancy once she comes, like feeling her move around, her kicks, hiccups which she has a lot. I just love it, to watch my belly move and no that’s my little girl in there makes the world so different to me than before. I’m also going to miss all the ultrasounds and see her grow inside of me, as you can see from the last ultrasound pictures she is going to be a 8lbs or over when she is born. =) But when she does come as 36 wks come up which she is concerted full term and It would be safe if I had labor from that point on. Its a big turning point from where we first started, Cant believe how long a pregnancy lasts until your the one behind the seat, lol. Ive been doing good lately, just the regular pains and some extras which I rather not talk about on here lol. But what I could say is heartburn is no joke, and with all this heartburn im sure she is going to come out with a lot of hair.. Also My ribs have been hurting cause of her growing outward more. Also Eczema But what can you say I’m pregnant and that is what comes with the Territory. My recent checkup which was last week her heartbeat was 143 BMP, and she is measuring good, My next visit I will be doing the Strep B test to see if I have it so that if I do I can be given Antibiotics to keep her safe at delivery, as well as me, and checking to see if I’m dilated any, that check will be at 36 weeks. Really nervous about that appointment cause it tells me a lot of what to come. I know Ive been slacking on posting for a bit, but my husband and I have been doing so much lately, that Ive been taking pictures to keep it all update but this has been the first chance I could write all my thoughts down.We have gone to The Plains in Virginia a hr in a half away to go pick out our pumpkins for this year did a corn mase, which Thank god my husband can Navigate cause my legs were killing me as well as me being hot. Didnt mix. But we had a blast there,  We have had Birthdays, First was my Bro in laws Birthday, Than my doggie my lil sweetheart turning 6 years old, which I made her a cookie bone cake for her Birthday got her gifts decorated and took tons of pics, Than came my birthday my husband surprised me and decorated for me Decked the kitchen area all in Little mermaid, I got a awesome yummy Ariel Cake and he gave me Roses, a cute funny card, and made me a framed print out of our Vows with our wedding pictures on it, came out so nice, and made tears come down my eyes, also took me to have lunch at Red Lobster and got me two gift cards One for Starbucks my Fav, and the other was to go shopping for baby stuff for our little girl. We pumpkin Craved for a good 3 hours all together, and watched scary movies and ghost story’s. Lmfao. Also I made her a little Card thing to put on her bed when she is born, I glammed out so it looks super cute, where they put the Name,Time she was born,Weight and length on, wanted it to be extra special for her to hold on to forever that I made. We have been spending a lot of good times together, its amazing, how much im in love with my husband, It really is. I’m so glad we are building a family and a good foundation together in life. So I bet your all thinking where are all these fun pictures lol, well give me a min to stop typing hehe and you all shall see how much fun we have been having. It has been hard not having my family there as much as they could of but Ive been trying to cope with that on my own but its just making me more stronger than weak anymore. I do have my moments were I sit and cry but Its not going to change anything, and I know that. =( But on a happier note. The next project we have in store is doing a Belly cast, which We should be doing this weekend, not showing pictures of the whole process since its kinda not for others eyes lol, But towards the end and the end results I will show ya all. Kinda wondering how I should decorate it, so im probley going to look for some ideas online, that’s my best bet. I got the belly cast for real cheap which was awesome and its brand new still in the box in all, The girl that gave it too me, had her baby early and by that time couldn’t use it, so I got it for 5 bucks, which is normally a good 30-40 bucks alone. I know my belly has grown a lot so wanted to do it right know, before she is born just to have all the memories from my first born as possible. Also we will be taking a new Class, Breastfeeding Basics and most probley Baby care basics still in the air with that one though, but we got to pick another class that added up to our other one we took that didn’t go as we thought it would, cause it was suppose to be geared towards a medicated birth and the instructor almost the whole time talked about not using drugs until the end for a short min, and everyone in the class wanted to go medicated.So accept getting a refund I decide to take another class I could get some basic knowledge on, since I will be breastfeeding for a year.

Also before I forgot I was going to tell you all that Hurricane Sandy, is in our path so its been raining really hard and windy, today it is suppose to get really bad, We are suppose to be having some bad flooding but I love this weather, plus good thing my husband has had some extra days off cause of it. Yay. Lmfao. My dog has been taking good to this storm which im glad of. She did shake a bit but only lasted 5 minutes guess she is getting use to the weather here =) Well enjoy the pictures everyone, and please leave comments if you like, you dont have to be a member to leave a comment it will just ask for your email and you can enter your name, Your name will pop up only not your email in the comment. Just a heads up…


{October 22, 2012}   My lil girl has hiccups again lol

Make sure you all watch the whole video, its so cute when she does this, every min you can see my belly move and towards the end she kicks me as she is hiccuping at the same time, little stinker lol..

This Is how we Conceived Ariella..

Whats funny is I got the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor  I ordered at the week I found out I was pregnant , I kept trying to use the regular Ovulation testers and It only told me like 3 times I was Fertile so I didnt think they were working right at all,  I started to be so depressed cause we kept trying for months before it happened. I had that procedure done also where they had put dye through my tubes to see if they were open or if they were blocked it hurt a lot getting that done, but I was so determined for a family that I would of done anything.So see our dreams come true. I went to a Fertility Doctor only one appointment cause the next one they said my insurance didn’t cover it.That day of that Appointment she gave me Clomid 100 mg days 5-9  And glad she did cause I couldn’t go back after that and I also took prenatal Vitamins and Primsoil and the first course OF Clomid. I ended up getting a cyst 8.9 cm they had to do Laproscopic Excesion surgery and my doctor didn’t want me to take the next course of clomid for a month after the surgery again, so than we wait exactly at the end of that month ,we started it back up thank god my period came at that time I added Preseed 5mg every time before we had sex and That was the only thing I did differently and I got pregnant , what was strange is we had a appointment at this fertility place in Bethesda and the Military would of accept us using (Tricare) for free just had to pay for half of the treatment , we put away enough to do IUI, and if that didn’t work we were going to do IVF well that week was the same time I had got the New machine in the mail the Clear Blue, and we called and cancelled, I took pregnancy test every single day after we took clomid, so I ordered pregnancy tests online 100 for like 10 bucks I kept taking them like crazy than, the day we found out at first I thought the pregnancy test was just playing jokes on me cause everyone of them kept coming up with only 1 line and this time, there was one with one dark line and one faded line, I was so excited I showed my husband and told him I think we did it, we wasn’t for sure and he said just to make sure go buy some good pregnancy tests so I went to the store got 4-5 of them took them got some all name brand ones like the ones that pop up saying pregnant or not right away than the one with the line and the plus sign, And the sad and smiley face ones,Every single one came back showing I was pregnant. I showed my husband them  when he was sitting at the computer and I ran and jumped on him, we were so happy, I made a appointment right away to the obgyn, to get a blood test and the Hcg levels were high, very high at that point she told me I was indeed pregnant. I told everybody.Every couple weeks I had to go back in to make sure my
levels were getting higher and not dropping lower, Every test the readings were getting so high…. And Ive been emotional ever since because I thought god didn’t have plans for me to be a mom, I didn’t feel like I was even a woman because I couldn’t give my husband let alone me a family. And know the rush of all of this is amazing feeling her move and seeing my stomach grow, listening to her heartbeat, is the best thing ever to feel,  looking at her grow through my ultrasound appointments .Just to know I’m going to finally become a mom after 32 years and one miscarriage, I thank god as well as my husband and my obgyn for making this all happen, I feel way to blessed. All I wanted to see was my own child’s face before anything were to ever happen to me, to Look into her eyes and hold her. And cherish every single moment of motherhood like everyone else does. I really Am excited for her to come into this world I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in this whole world.. So don’t ever let someone ever tell you that you cant have children a family member, friend, doctor anyone. Don’t ever give up on this dream because this will happen for you. I almost gave up plently of times cause I couldn’t handle walking around outside seeing couples together spending all this time with there kids being a family and just dad’s or mom’s by them selves looking so happy and talking to there little one destroyed me, and im pretty sure it has happened to alot of you that has been trying for so long to become pregnant. .But with my surgery even going through a OBgyn and a high risk doctor cause of all my medical problems, had a couple scares upon the way, we are so closer to touching her soon.I send Baby Dist and wishes to all the ladies that has gone through this,
Sincerly Christina Cruzpagan,,

Well know I’m 33 weeks pregnant, im getting there and the lil one is sure showing me more and more each day how much of a struggle this is going to be.Yesterday she moved around a lot and I mean a lot however I was sitting laying ect she was moving, it it nice to know we are almost done with this pregnancy and get to enjoy her real soon. We were thinking of doing Blood Cord Banking But the cost is overrated right know, Its around 200 to do it plus to have to pay storage every month. Its like getting another apartment and trying to keep up with that ekk. So the second best thing all they do after the baby is born is throw away all the stem cells blood ect, so I’m donating it, so It can help someone who really needs it. Since my Blood Transfusion years ago I haven’t been able to give blood ect, so This will be my chance to give back to save someone else s life. And if by chance something would to happen to our lil one We would have to deal with it as it comes she will be on good insurance and with me taking her to all of her appointments getting her shots on time and keeping up with her, she should be good. And if not we will come across those chances when it happens. She is going to be well taken care of and only around me and her father im not letting nobody watch her at all, just cause ive seen to much bad things happen to kids when they get babysit by someone else. Next week I have another OBGYN checkup to see how she is doing, So I will keep you all posted on her progress.Just keep us in your prayers that this preganancy stays good till the end and after…On another note …Well I bet you all are going to be a pretty surprised but I’ve been looking through cute things to do for the holidays for woman that are pregnant so we can take tons of photos of how big my belly is getting Till the end when she is born, she has 7 more weeks to go, so I’m starting to get creative, lmao. As you will soon see, Well after my husband got off work yesterday I had told him to get his paint on, and make my Belly into a pumpkin, It came out really cute and boy did we have a blast. He looked so happy painting all over my big masterpiece lol. They paint brushes tickled so bad and the paint was cold it just felt so strange hehe.But the best part was the lovely memories we have on pictures that I can keep forever. So this is our surprise to all of my followers and ladies that come across this that are pregnant, and family and friends hope this put some smiles on your faces lol, as It did ours.Just make sure if you do this at home you use Non-Toxic paints which you can buy at Micheals and after clean up using a wet Hot wash cloth, and soap and water after you get it off to make sure your not sticky at the end, cause trust me you will be…

We have lots more in store for you all so keep checking back day by day….Enjoy…Our Craziness.

{October 17, 2012}   Our Babygirl’s Gift Registry

Our Babygirl’s Gift Registry

Here is our Baby Registry If anyone would like to get anything for My little Girl Ariella, its updated if it doesn’t bring you straight to it than all you have to look up is by my first and last name…xoxoxooxox

My husband was at work and I was thinking of some things I needed to get done but stay close by his work cause I knew I had to go pick him up soon, well Nalls is usually were I get all my homemade Jams, and spreads at, and some of my plants that I don’t grow from seeds. So I was just passing by and saw these huge size pumpkins the ones they use on Halloween Wars in all, I didn’t stop but drive by it and I was think this will be awesome to take my husband when he gets off of work.They also have pumpkin Holes to crawl through for the kids, It looked fun but there was no way with my belly I would of even been close to making that lol. So after work we had to go to his doctor appointment for a check up and than after all that, I finally got to bring him, His eyes got so big, so we started taking pictures cause this will be our 2nd Halloween together, we didn’t get a pumpkin out of this trip but a lot of good pumpkin photos, For lots of memories down the road, we are going to get out a couple weeks prior to Halloween so they stay good longer. But we walked around the place and looked at all the different assortments of them, there were ones neither of even seen before which we though was really nice. And got to see some chickens, and in one pic you can see my hubby talking mean to him lol, nah j.k.. But it looks like it in the picture. Besides that we got to see a pig also..We have something in store for this Halloween for you all, and will be posting it up as a surprised as soon as we get done…This was last week we went to this sorry but trying to check up on all the stuff I got going on around here. As you can see im doing all the stuff around here while poor ole candy gets all the pampering lol, evern when I walked outta the room she stole my computer chair lmao. Enjoy the Pictures…

This has got to be the best video by far of her moving my stomach around got it in perfect timing…Right after my husband rubbed my stomach she was a happy camper lol,

Hello all my fellow Bloggers and visitors, I’m back to talk about my 8 weeks I have left, some of the stuff we been doing lately. Well on October 9th 2012, My husband and I got to go to our First Birthing class together The one I talked about in the previous Post. (Childbirth 1,2,3) Well it was a okay class could of been better cause the class originally was suppose to be a medicated class so you can learn from a medicated level what will be happening, well this class leaned more towards un medicated, so while they teacher was going over things we were just taking in as much knowledge as we  could for the 8 hrs and our moneys worth. We learned some Positions in getting some relief from the pressure of the pain till the labor process works. Which one of them I’m going to be using a birth ball, So we Purchased one. Plus Boy does it help your back when its hurting, lol. The chairs we were sitting on for 8 hrs were so hard, but besides that we learned how to time my contractions, when to arrive at the hospital also watched some videos, got in a girl group and a boy group and made a list of 3 things that we thought were positives about being pregnant, 3 negatives, and 3 things that pretty much what we worry about. Everyone had to have a main person writing down and be a spoke person for the group, well guess who ended up doing the girls team, yup me. Cause I’m the only one in class that brought paper and a pen. Who don’t go to class without that lol? Well we came up with our answers,

1. Three Positives? Were Feeling the baby kick, mine was feeling how far your belly can expand.

2. Three Negatives? Back pain, Swelling, which every girl has had so far but me. hehe. Nervous about when the baby comes out, also The sickness they have had during pregnancy.

3. Three things your most Worried about? Pain during Labor, which of course was mine. Breastfeeding and outcome of the baby at the end, making sure the baby is healthy, ect.

That was for the girls team, as for the guys I can only remember a few, which the guys were positive about feeling the baby move, watching the baby on the ultrasounds and the heartbeat which I think was my husbands answer. And I think the Negatives mostly were, The other couples not having the nursery done, nor had the all the things they needed so far. Which we have everything up and ready for her to come today if it were to happen. Also I think the other thing was the guys said they try all they can to be supportive during this whole process and they are hoping they are attending to us the best they could cause they cant feel our pain. As for what they worry about I remember of introducing another child to the new baby, How hard the adjustment will be. Hopefully I remembered those right lol.
Well we also talked about epidurals which was really werid because everyone in the class wants one and this class was getting taught by a doula, which all doulas are against doing pain meds they try to give you every possible advantage of having the baby as natural as possible. So as you can see in her eyes she was a bit taken back lol. There was a mix of people in there that are going to different hospitals, which was good cause I was thinking that we would be the only ones that were going to Inova and there was actually another couple that is also. Well we took some breaks and lunch and finished up the last of the class. And got out of there, as we go to the ca we are both looking at the car window, cause we could of thought we parked in the right spot cause the meters was mon-fri and some had mon-sat and the one we parked in was one meter up and of course we get slapped with a parking citation. Well thats how that day went, im just glad my husband and I got to go to a class and get that 1 on 1 bounding time. Next was My 32 week Checkup at my Obgyn’s Office and as Always it was so good to see her and her staff, they took the baby’s  heartbeat  which is 143 and she is measuring at 32 weeks just right. So she is doing Great, I also brought my Birth plan that I wrote up the night before I said up till 4am typing it up and she went over it with us and she said it actually is really good, cause I’m not asking to much or going overboard, and the stuff mentioned on there she was totally fine with. Also she told me that the next appointment is the last one that I keep my clothes on everyone after that she will be seeing if I’m dilating, and if I am than she would induce me which will happen if I don’t have her by the time she wants to, cause I really want her to deliver her.
This goes into yesterdays appointment with my High risk Doctor, now because now next appointment I got to see what we are going to do know. Well as everyone knows today we went to go see my High risk doctor at Invova Alexandria Hospital. And we got to see my little girl Ariella also as we were looking at her on the ultrasound machine they were taking all of her measurements, so I had a lot of you guess what she would be today as of October 11th, 2012. As the lady did the ultrasound she was pressing so hard on my stomach It hurted so bad, I had to tell her to ease up, but than after she did so the rest all went well. My guess was 5 Lbs and my husbands was 4 Lbs. Well Drummmmm Rollllll…..She is 4 Lbs and 14 ounces, 2 ounces away from being 5 lbs .. Her head is already measuring at 8 cm which im hoping so much that it stays at that and does not grow bigger, or that is going to rip me beyond words can say lmao..Also the Doctor thinks by the time she is ready to deliver she will be 8 plus Lbs. Also she is measuring a week more than she should be, so they have her coming November 28th 2012, but that’s not a for sure thing though cause her due date is still set in stone unless she comes early…So we shall see..They gave us a Baby percentile Chart, she is above average. Which is a beautiful thing because she is really healthy right know, but the doctor said get ready for a big baby, At that point I freaked out..So when I’m only 32 weeks and 1 day, Im actually at 33 weeks and 1 day..We got 5 pictures of her but it was 2D so its kinda hard to make out a couple but we put what they were on there so you all can get to see..As of know her head is down where it should be Thank god. And her feet are on my right rib cage, her arms are near her head in one picture you will see the arm coming up and her hand on top as if she has it place on her head like she is thinking, way to cute. And we got a perfect foot shot. And the profile pics are a little so- so unless you look real closely..I’m glad my husband got to take me to see the baby on 4d one last time before she is born. Well my next appointment with them is in 4 weeks, 1 month from now. And for sure last night I was having Braxton Hicks Contractions the doctor cleared it up with me. Well also guess what my husband put the base of the car seat into the car and I was out there watching him and was so happy seeing it happen and thinking what will it be like when we finally put the actual car seat in and put the baby in it and bring her home, so much emotions came over me all at once and I broke down crying but this has been something ive wanted all my life to become a mom. I feel like im dreaming right now about all of the stuff going on with her being inside of me feeling her kicks her movements, going to see her doing testing having my love by my side not missing one appointment since the very start. Its the biggest blessing in the whole world. I was just running all that through my head before I started crying happy tears all over and than my husband looks at me and smiles and says (Baby its okay) he knew how happy I was, I could feel it when he touched me. So know all we have to do is wait 8 more weeks till we have our Miracle baby in our arms..Well here are some pictures for you all to enjoy. Thanks for being apart of this experience with me.

{October 4, 2012}   9 more Weeks to go….Yay

As I hit week 31 My Life seems to good to be true, Now it is only 9 more weeks to go until Im at the Labor and Delivery Unit and they are telling me Congratulations heres your Little Girl Ariella, These months have been a journey with many up and downs, but I still made it through and that’s all that matters to me.To finally get to meet my own flesh and blood, the one who will be my Daughter. I cant stop imagining this day in my head over and over every single day I wake up till I fall asleep at night. Not knowing what day will be the day that she is ready to see me, Her Birthday is suppose to be Dec 5th, 2012 but I wonder if she will be here early or I will carry her to that date?? So many wonders..Well I signed up for both my husband and I to go to this Childbirth class named ( Childbirth 1, 2, 3 * Focus on Medication & Vaginal Delivery ) It is put on by a place called momease, It is a six-hour childbirth class is designed for women intending to have an epidural and vaginal delivery. The class will discuss breathing, massage, and relaxation techniques for a medicated birth to increase the possibility of a vaginal delivery.
Other topics include: anatomy and physiology of labor, how to deliver the baby using medication, routine hospital procedures and their variations, epidurals and medications, cesareans and postpartum recovery. The class starts from 10am-5pm and they have a lunch break and as well as they will have snacks there also. I think this is going to be perfect for the both of us. I have been having real bad Panic attacks about going into labor just focused on the pain of it, how it is going to play out, what my visions are going to be when I first look into my daughter’s eyes, seeing my husband cut the babys cord , seeing his expressions if he is going to break down in tears of happiness, The first time I breast feed her, take her home, her first meeting with my pup Candy, just pretty much from A-Z.. So im hoping this class will help me calm down a bit. =)  Well some other things that has been going on, two days ago on October 2nd 2012 My husband before we went to bed like he does every night, rubs pregnancy cream all over my tummy and OMG it feels so relaxing, he has the hands that every man wishes they could have, lmao. But as he was about done, Ariella started to move. And this is her second time doing this,The first time my husband was asleep. But this time he was up and actually touching my stomach at the time she started to have Hi cup’s to the time she stop which was a good 25 minutes straight of every min her doing it, you could see my stomach bump up every single time even with my husbands hand placed on there. To see his Big Smile was The most wonderful moment I will never forget. I think he was in shock that he actually got to feel it this time.If I could rewind that everyday I would, I took a video which I will be posting soon so you all can see. But it was at the most perfect time ever. (Big Smiles) Well as of know my next step this week im going to be putting together my birth plan and typing it up, and doing my Living Will as well. So I have to bring with me to the hospital and also give to my Obgyn prior to me going into labor. So that should be taking up some time, also focus on some of my Studying and taking tests to finish off my schooling. Oh and guess what The 1st of October my husband put together the Car Seat and Stroller, so its ready at a drop of a dime. The only thing is my husband has got to put the bottom part of the seat into the car so when we are ready we can put the car seat in there for our journey to the hospital. And also so we can bring it by the fire department to make sure it is put in there the right way.Also Tuesday will be our next Obgyn visit, Its always good seeing my doctor she is so sweet.Also yesterday I had to take my pup Candy to the Vet because she was having a alleric reaction to something, she kept scratching and had bumps all over her, so we took her to her vet and they checked it out and think she might be getting bites when she goes outside or something. So they gave me Prednisone in liiquid form to give to her, so hopefully that works. And when they took her weight she is a whopping 16.2 lbs pretty good for her breed very healthy. She is getting so big October 25th is her birthday and she will be 6 yrs old. Cant believe i have had her that long, she is the best dog you could ever ask for..And on the 26th is my birthday so we are both Scorpios lol. Im going to get her some fancy dog treats from old town and a birthday cake for her 6th birthday, and some toys and the treats that she loves.. So that pretty much checks off list that has been going on and things that will be happening. Till than enjoy some pictures before you leave…And thanks once again for Visiting my Blog…xoxoxo


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