{September 30, 2012}   Our New Baby Photo Date outside of Mt. Vernon, also 30 week update and ect

Hey everyone! I went in for my 30 week appointment into my obgyn office and The baby is doing great her heartbeat was 143 and also my doctor measured me to see how along I was measuring out and im now measuring exactly what I should be, I guess my body caught up with me.So its showing im at where I am now. I started experiencing Baxton hicks contractions and oh lord it hurts like Fudgers lol. And my doctor confirmed that it was it, so this will begetting my body ready for labor. If these hurt this bad, cant even imagine what the real thing is going to feel like. Ekkkk!!!! So far she is really healthy, and moving like a champ inside of me. It feels beautiful knowing im growing life inside of me. A part of my husband and me..Its like a dream and I hope I never wake up from it ever. She was moving so much today that I actually was hurting in my stomach and back and my husband went to rub my belly with cream and before he started I told him to look and it looked like as if she was dancing inside of me. My hubs told me she is going to be a river dancer lmao.. This next Wednesday I will be 9 weeks away from seeing my sweet little girl..Its the biggest miracle in this world. Cant believe I will be counting down single digits from this point on. Man these last couple months are going to seem longer than what Ive been waiting for all my life. The anxiety is building more and more everyday like that as if every min seems longer than it actually really is..I guess all new mothers feel that way some time or another throughout this. I no I cant be alone in all of this.Also all of a sudden I started craving Life Savor Gummies to this week, lmao one more added craving. Well Next subject is that My husband and I went near Mt Vernon to take pictures of me and my husband and ariella growing before she gets here we wanted to have a few nice camera days, So here goes one of the times. This is near the waterfront, a very beautiful spot we have gone too quite a few times.Also some photos we have taken in our backyard..Enjoy the photos…



Carlos says:

Hey Beautiful, Glad you had a good time in all of this. The pictures came out really nice love, will have to do some more when the weather is nice again. I love feeling her kick my had every now and then. Love you bunches baby, we are almost there!

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