Hey everyone! I went in for my 30 week appointment into my obgyn office and The baby is doing great her heartbeat was 143 and also my doctor measured me to see how along I was measuring out and im now measuring exactly what I should be, I guess my body caught up with me.So its showing im at where I am now. I started experiencing Baxton hicks contractions and oh lord it hurts like Fudgers lol. And my doctor confirmed that it was it, so this will begetting my body ready for labor. If these hurt this bad, cant even imagine what the real thing is going to feel like. Ekkkk!!!! So far she is really healthy, and moving like a champ inside of me. It feels beautiful knowing im growing life inside of me. A part of my husband and me..Its like a dream and I hope I never wake up from it ever. She was moving so much today that I actually was hurting in my stomach and back and my husband went to rub my belly with cream and before he started I told him to look and it looked like as if she was dancing inside of me. My hubs told me she is going to be a river dancer lmao.. This next Wednesday I will be 9 weeks away from seeing my sweet little girl..Its the biggest miracle in this world. Cant believe I will be counting down single digits from this point on. Man these last couple months are going to seem longer than what Ive been waiting for all my life. The anxiety is building more and more everyday like that as if every min seems longer than it actually really is..I guess all new mothers feel that way some time or another throughout this. I no I cant be alone in all of this.Also all of a sudden I started craving Life Savor Gummies to this week, lmao one more added craving. Well Next subject is that My husband and I went near Mt Vernon to take pictures of me and my husband and ariella growing before she gets here we wanted to have a few nice camera days, So here goes one of the times. This is near the waterfront, a very beautiful spot we have gone too quite a few times.Also some photos we have taken in our backyard..Enjoy the photos…



{September 20, 2012}   2nd 4D ultrasound at Peek a Boo

Watching this is amazing just to see how much she has grown and progressed through my pregnancy, im at 29 wks 2 days and she is coming really soon, I cant wait….

{September 20, 2012}   28-29 week Update, on my Pregnancy

Well  sorry Ive been MIA lately in my own little world counting the weeks down to the T. An have so many emotions running through my mind. I want her here so bad, and at the same time Im wanting her to stay in because feeling her inside of me moving around and looking at my tummy and seeing her, touching her with her having reaction to me and my husband hands on my belly she loves, When we have the doppler out listening to her She always makes herself known by kicking it lol, its so adorable. Im just going to have such a missing piece inside me when she is born but I no that when she is here all of that will be great memories as we are trying for our next one and taking care of her and watching her grow to be a beautiful woman.Well Im right now going to stick to a plan of having her natural with a epidural and any thing else I need for pain, if worse comes to worse than I will opt for a C-section. But Im going to try to do what a woman’s role is at least try my hardest too. Just so I can say That I tried with all my might. My Tears are going to be going as soon as we hit that last week and I don’t even no if im going to be able to sleep that week leading up to her birth. This is something I have dreamed about all my life and to have it come true, god has answered all my prayers as well as my grandfather up above and my husband. I love you 3 very much for making this happen. Also my Obgyn  for sure cant forget her she has lead us down a good patch and helped in alot of ways. I have started on our suitcase already packed all the baby’s clothes as well as all matching headbands and Beanies and socks, And her first coming home outfit. I still have so much to get ready to put in there but as time draws nearer than I can wash the clothes we are taking along ect. Well as for the 28 visit to my Obgyn went really good, prior to that I had to drink a Oral Glucose Tolerance Drink, Fruit punch a 10 ounce bottle, which I wasnt looking forward to that just cause drinks ive had to drink in the past for other tests that I could never hold down. Well this was actually good and I got it down within 10 mins. Do you all remember those Popsicles back in the day called outter pops with the bears on them, its taste just like the juice before you frezze them lol. Well a hour later my husband left work came home to get me and we went down to the doctors office, first off my fav doc came in and talked to us and couldnt believe how big I was her exact words were,(Christina I didnt even notice it was you I had to look twice because from the last time you were here you belly exploded lol) I was looking at here like really ,hehehe but knew she was just in shock how much progress ive made in so less of the time of getting pregnant, and than my husband goes well honey your belly is just going to get larger, I told him be quite in a joking way…But she measured me and to find out at 28 weeks im actually measuring at 29 weeks. So the baby is a week more than what she should be. Which probley means she is going to be a bigger baby. Im hoping not that big, I want all my stuff to go back normal again lol. And she told me after we got done talking about what things have been happening new symptoms in all. She told me as of today every 2 weeks I see you till you hit im 38 wks and than at 39 wks I see her every week till the baby is born…And than I said my goodbyes till next time and went to the lab to get my blood drawn by my favorite phlebotomy tech, she is always so gentle and has never messed up once on me..Well today its in my 29 week, and I called for the results and I dont have gestational diabetes at all, this baby is doing so good..Im so happy…Well on my husband and I first wedding anniversary I got surprised the 3 days before with being able to go see the baby on our last 4D ultrasound, it was extra special because know we have a closer image of what she is going too look like when she comes out, they say at this time its best to see what she will look like when she is born. And all I got to say is WOW. She couldn’t be as perfect as I ever thought in my life. The first Image we saw was her foot right on top of her head, lol. Theres a pic for you all to see. We had got 48 pics in all done. Which Im glad cause they have captured her smiling, yawning her feet, her girl parts, her profile, her daddy’s lips and nose lol. We also got a DVD and a bag of goodies lots of mags in some breastfeeding things. Im highly recommending Peek a BOO 3D in Fredericksburg there Websight is

The lady who does the ultrasounds actually is the one who owns the place and she is so sweet and takes the extra time out for you to make sure you get the best pictures and experience as possible.Well after that my husband and I went to go eat at Longhorn Steakhouse and to starbucks, was a really nice day we had together. As midnight stricks on the 17th we gave each other our anniversary gifts, For paper Gifts we he had made me real prudy origami  Red Roses and put some rose oil on them so they smelled real it was really romantic and they came out so fancy looking. As for my paper Gift for him I had made a Scrapbook that I have been saying I was going to make forever lol, but finally did to make it extra special when I did give it to him. Than we each had got each other one real nice gift, He got me a real expensive set of ear rings from zales which match a Heart Bracelet he had got for me on Valentines Day, it melted my heart, But at the same time I was thinking omg cause we had both got each other something from zales on the same holidays as before this would be the second time we did this. But I got him a really nice watch from zales to and he actually loved it, I was kinda nervous to give it to him, cause its hard to make sure you got the right thing for a man. But I did good YAY… And for our Anniversary which was September 17th, we went to the Baltimore Aquarium was really kool we looked through through the whole thing and took lots of pictures it was close to a pier which was beautiful. After spending a wonderful Day we ended it with a special dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Was so good. And than we drove home and watched our baby’s dvd on TV And Unwrapped our top layer of our wedding cake. And how everyone says it taste horrible I found out a way to do it where it was in the freezer for a month and It came out tasting like the day that we had got it for our wedding..I will post step by step in a blog on its own…So you soon to be married couples have this to use, I cant believe how long this butter cream lasted. Plus there’s pictures of my cake also so you can see how perfect it was when my husband cut into it.Well as I bring this to a end wanted to update you with my side effects as of know. Just been having hot and cold flashes really bad, feeling like my stomach is stretching more than ever, which makes my stomach so sore, and Leg cramps real bad, and my normal back and leg related stuff from before the pregnancy. As of that Ariella has so close to being here so you all as well as us welcoming her into the world….

She has such a strong heart, she has a heart of gold, just like her mommy..

{September 11, 2012}   Ariella’s Doppler kick

At time 48 seconds you can see the baby kick the doppler while im listening for the heartbeat…27 WKS 3 DAYS ALONG

{September 11, 2012}   The baby moving September 10th 2012

Its kinda hard to see but if you focus on my belly really hard she starts to make a wave, and some small movements that the video on my photo captured, towards the very end I will be able to get better images. But this is pretty much what I can get right now…

Cant believe I made it this far, I thank god and my husband everyday for making this happen. I couldn’t be more happier at this time in my life to be carrying my own child, that is a part of both of us inside of me a growing life. She reminds me that everyday when I feel her kicks, and drop kicks lol. Its taking me some time to think inside of how this all is going to play even though I no how it does, Ive been just freaking myself out lately and I cant help it but everyday that goes by I think how hard this labor will truly be if I will be able to do this naturally. I Have finally came to my heart on trying my hardest to do this all natural with the help of a epidural and any pain management they can give me that’s healthy for the baby as well me in true labor. Im so scared of the pain, Cause ive never been good at all with pain since Ive been living with pain half of all my life dealing with stomach problems, gallbladder, and having Endometriosis. But I have gave alot of woman hope out there with Endo to never give up on having a baby no matter what there doctor may tell them cause many doctors in this world today are wrong. The things that have changed with this trimister so far is that You can actually see from the outside when ariella kicks me sometimes it looks like kicks and sometimes it looks like she is making my stomach wave, The other day she did the weirdest waving act ever. My husband said it looked like she was playing the bongos inside of me..Lmao.  Also the Ligiment pains and strecthing have been getting alot worse, I spotted blood two times which freaked me out big time but went away within a hr. So thank god for that, And me falling down the stair case in our house, and at my last appointment last month I had to go to labor and delivery because I was having bad cramps, so they had to make sure I wasn’t having Contractions, and had to do a test to make sure true labor hadn’t started. So we had to wait about a hr for the lab results and they came back negative so I got released. The nurse told me I had probley pulled something on the way down the staircase, to take it easy. And she saw how active my little girl is and told me she was doing great. So that day ended on a high note, Also my pain from my degenerated disk in my spine has been getting worse, in my legs and in my lower back, as also i have water in both legs now. Besides that she is doing great tomarrow I turn 28 weeks and have to go for my monthly checkup which I will be doing a hr pregnancy glucose test,Which is a routine screen all pregnant women take to see if they have gestational diabetes, I have to drink a special glucose (aka sugar) mixture (think flat soda) and than from a hr of drinking it I get blood work done..Also getting a complete blood count to make sure my iron is still good like it was last time, if it went back down like I was anemic before I started being pregnant they will be giving me iron shots…So im crossing my fingers that will come back okay…Know a different topic before I get myself all werided out by the needle, I have got all my Little girls clothes together each one has either a beanie or a headband to wear also with cute matching socks got all of those packed up in our suitcase just in case of a emergency we have it all and aren’t scrambling for anything but just our clothes at the last min. Also some cute pink slippers for walking the halls in the hospital and packed a pink hello kitty pillow case for my room also got her diaper bag ready full of new baby items I will be needing for her at the hospital some I may not need but just in case. So you can say I’m pretty ready, we also got her pack n playpen out of lay-way it matches her Car Seat and Stroller which is from the Cristy collection at toys r us….Know we have to get her swing for the livingroom, to rock her to sleep. I no theres some more that we are missing but I cant think of it as of now. We have a registry at Toys r us, all you got to do if you would like to get something is go to   and than click onto Find a Registry. And than you pick the first one under search by Last Name would type in Cruzpagan and first Name would be Christina, City Alexandria and State would be Virginia. And click find and you will see our list…Im not going to be having a baby shower I wish I could but I barley no anyone here so we are just doing this for gifts. I will  update it by the end of today cause I Had to take some stuff off and got to add what we need now so You can see what we still need by tomorrow is your best bet to look on there. Well here are some new pictures from the last time, And I will be posting a video of my tummy movement..It will get much more visual soon as Im in these last 3 months….Thank you all for reading and being there for me through my pregnancy…

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