{August 29, 2012}   My pregnancy Results (Old but from my facebook wanted to add this to my blog)
My pregnancy Results……Hurry up everyone please read and comment
by Christina Cruzpagan on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 11:57am ·

As you all know my first pregnancy results were at 80 HCG my hormone levels and the doctor wanted me to retake the blood test again in about 3 days after she said it should be at least at 400 for it to be a health pregnancy, Well yesterday I sucked up the needle and got my blood work done, as soon as there office opened I called and they said they have my results on her desk she needs to read them and get right back to me, so I havent showered or nothing waiting near the phone like a hawk, she calls me and tell me she has good news. The HCG level went pass the 400 its at 909 omg……So on Friday I need to go back to the doctors and do another blood test for my hcg levels again and she said they should be at 1500- 1800 and Monday they should be greater than 2000, which was what I needed to do my first ultrasound. So she told me to schedule a ultrasound for Tuesday… She wants me to stop taking all my meds im on know but vicidon as needed when im badly in pain and ambian so im doing this for this baby cause I dearly want this baby so bad its hurting me inside.Also she is referrring me to a high risk doctor at the same time so I can have one the entire pregnancy cause of all my medical conditions, just to lookout for me through this…In a good way of course. She said after I do the ultrasound, and she sees its growning in the right area in okay she is going to schedule me for my Very First OB Pregnancy Appointment… This is so amazing, in so many ways… I love you carlos for having this child with me, your everything I have ever dreamed of…….





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