{August 29, 2012}   I love you forever and forever Carlos (Recopied from facebook when we first started dating)
I love you forever and forever Carlos
by Christina Cruzpagan

Every morning, I feel empty without you by my side,

Counting down the days, until you arrive.

Then it becomes the afternoon, thinking to myself, “Why is time going so slow?”

I know you tell me that distance will make our love grow stronger,

I try to remind myself of this every day, as I look into your photo.

“This day is finally over”, I say to myself as the dark and lonely night gradually moves in.

Some may say, I have tough skin. But, I really don’t think so, for him, I would do anything.

I stand proud besides my man, supporting and loving him through these difficult days,

Forever and always.

As soon as I crawl into my bed, the tears start falling down,

I become weak and heartsick.

Then, I hear an irritating ringing noise coming from under my pillow, and I see a strange phone number on my screen.

“It’s him!!” I say to myself, as I wipe the tears off my face.

He tells me he can’t talk much, and I understand.

During our long talks, he, in some strange way,

senses what I’m feeling, and tells me “Baby, I’m almost here, I love you.”

Smiling, I tell him, “I can’t wait! I love you”

Then he leaves…. I grab a hold of my pillow very tight.

Trying to hold back my tears, repeating to myself “He’s almost here, He’s almost here….”

My mind reassures me that I am strong,

And then I hear his voice again saying,

“Distance will make our love grow stronger.”

This is true, although we’re thousands of miles apart,

I can truthfully say that I can feel it.

I love you soon the Army wont have you I will honey and we will be together

Love you Carlos Cruzpagan


Carlos Cruzpagan says:

Love you babes, thank you for this 🙂 xoxo

Your my everything, Always and forever carlos. Your my husband the father of our child and my Life.

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