{August 21, 2012}   On my way to my Third Trimister soon.

I no its been a while since Ive made a entry into my blog sorry to keep you all waiting just alot has been going on and as time gets closer, it seems like ive been keeping myself more buzy on making sure my lil girl has all the things she needs ready as I have no idea when she will be here, even though a due date your never really prepared. Well at least for me im not at all. Last week I had fell down my stairs in my house well 4 stairs, but thank god nothing bad happened and I got a butt to break from anything bad happening at that moment, but at that very moment of that happening, all I can think of is omg my baby, I sat at the end of the stair case with my hand on my stomach feeling if she would move and nothing, as I fell my dog Candy had ran down there as fast as I got down there in the first place and started kissing me making sure I was okay and mind you she is a lil thing, a Chi-Weiner so for her to be that brave and come down as fast as she could touched my heart..I gave her a kiss and told her I was okay, I get up and go into my room as fast as I could took out my Doppler thank god, I have one. “Even though every nurse I come in contact with say thats the worse thing to have at home, because your constanly checking if the baby is ok.” If it wasnt for that machine I would of lost it, I checked and she was at 143 BPM. So I didnt call the doctor because the way I fell was on my butt and with how good her heartbeat was I thought why call she is doing fine.Besides later on that night I had some cramping in my stomach and side. Mistake 1. I had my Obgyn appointment the next day for my monthly visit, and I had told the doc what had happened she had done a pelvic exam and did a culture to make sure the glue surrounding the sac holding the baby safe inside hasnt started to break down cause if so I would of been in preterm labor. So she tells me towards the end of my appointment she wants me to take this bag with the swab to the Labor and Delivery unit at our hospital we are having are baby at, The sigh shock of losing my baby played in my head, its way to early im thinking nothing but bad can turn out from this. As Im about to start to cry my husband saw that I wasnt taking it right at that very moment when she was saying it to me, she walked out of the room for a minute and he grabed me and started singing to me, His voice and the songs he sings me always make me smile and cry sometime but happy tears, but at that moment him holding me so tight making things better by just being there knowing I was going to break down crying in any second, didnt happen. I love him so much for doing that. Well as we get ready to head to the hospital all the nurses I knew were being so kind and telling me everything will be okay, I have got to have the best clinic by far. But we head over on the road to the hospital and a million things are running through my mind, as we get there im wondering is this the last moment of me carrying her and I get to see her, but than worried no matter how much I want to see her carrying her longer just for her to come into this world safe is what I rather have beyond all. Well we got to labor and delivery floor, get signed in, the have us go into a room and meet with our nurse lynn, She was great, she hooked me up to the Machine to see the baby’s heartbeat and one to see if I was having any contractions, two belts. As we couldn’t hear the rhythm 100 percent of the baby but caught her here and there cause she still is really to small for it to show on there the full time. But we could hear her moving around inside of me like crazy she was so active, even the nurse had said that’s a really good sign, she sent my culture to the lab and we sat there waiting for the results she came in a few times talking things over asking questions, letting us no everything she was doing at every min. I felt in good spirits also cause my husband was making me laugh saying goofy things making little movies of me and taking pictures. Cause I wanted him to get some just in case this was the time. Well a hr in a half later they tell us it came out fine that I should have the pains for about a week, and we can go home. OMG I was more than happy. So the ending of this story is if I fall or anyone else does call your OBGYN right away take it serious. Okay Let me think what else has been going on…Ive been washing and ironing new clothes ive been getting receiving blankets and put all the clothes by size so at the last minute when I need them im not looking for things that go together.. Been reading my pregnancy books, doing schooling, Im also trying to get out the word that Going to be getting care pkgs together for the holidays so if u would like to help out u can send letters, cards written or none written out, homemade candies n Cookies, things they can use down there, baby wipes, grooming stuffing for men and women, snack packs u buy at the store, or can make by hand either one works. Let me no when u need my mailing address and I will PM u. Please address all letters by dear hero, and be welcome to add ur info inside so they can contact u back if u like send all envelopes of all letters unsigned…Thanks to u all….The troops would love us getting together doing this for them. I do this every year have been for years, just at least I can do for them keeping us out of harms way. As for Friday Had the worst sleep in my life, My arms were so restless that I was up pacing all night and had to wake my husband up to massage my arms so I could fall asleep,Than I woke up sitting up sleeping on the bed I dont no what was the problem, other than what my husband said that my hormones are changing and the baby towards the third trimester is going to keep me up more. Going to try to go back to sleep. I really need it im so downed out…..Ive been really depressed at times and been okay like everything in my life is okay when I no alot isnt, but I hide it all inside, It sucks to have to feel that way but just got to, to make sure im okay…Been cooking and taking care of my dog spoiling her as much as possible cause Im hoping she adjusts to the baby once she is born, im pretty sure she will be jealous at first but she will come around. But she has been my baby for 5 years and I dont want her to feel left out in anyway,she knows something is going to be happening soon as she see me in the nursery all the time doing things. But with treats and love and showing she will still be my first baby she will understand..Fingers crossed. Every night Carlos sings to the baby and she just looks, its so sweet watching him do it I rub his head while he is doing it, cause it calms me down so much in my mind. Seeing him care my favorite song he sings to her is Golden Slumbers .

If you want to ever melt in your heart have your husband sing this to your belly while your pregnant, Im hoping she comes out remembering his voice singing it to her at night , so if she cry’s and he picks her up and starts singing that and her fall asleep to it. Just cause how she is used it hearing it.. I would probley start crying once I see it happen, cause than I no she really was hearing what was going on inside of me. Oh yea we had took a little photo shoot in the baby’s Nursery and it went good, I love the pictures, thought I would share them with you all also In 2 weeks and 2 days I will be on my 3rd trimester. never really thought this would get here as it felt like forever. The more heat I feel outside I start to think if this day is even going to come cause of the wait to December. But Im trying to stick to what I need to have a healthy pregnancy, the only thing I have trouble on the most is the water part. They want me to drink a gallon a day Im lucky to get to cups of water down me…So this third trimester will be the test if I can drink as much as possible. Im going to try so hard to do it for her. Well this is all for now Im going to sign out as im sleepy…nd double vision is starting to kick in lmao.Good night everyone…


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