{August 3, 2012}   My Months are getting closer, Im so excited !

Well Here’s what has been going on lately with me, First off today I Hit 22 weekd Totally Happy the weeks are flying by,
even though the months dont seem to as much they still are getting up there. And she is moving alot more, she used to only
at night now its all the time, which I love it..It a miniature me and hubby inside me doing her Belly flops and kicks.
Last night Carlos was singing (Golden Slumbers) and he had his hand on my belly where she usually moves at, and he got through
the first part and bam she goes and starts kicking his hand, he looked at me and smiled and finished the song and kissed my
belly and said I love you Little one. It was about the most special moment to me, just to see something so special,
it was so hard not to cry and I didnt thank god. Cause that would of just ruined it…But boy holding it cause me to almost melt
down lol. Today Im taking a shower and she starts kicking me in there like she was taking a bath with me, it was so cute.
Awwwwzzz !! Well we got a new turtle he has one eye, his name when we got him was crush, but my hubby has made two nicknames
for him lucky and turbo lol. But he is a Eastern Painted Water Turtle, boy he loves swiming and looking at my dog candy. She is
always going down there checking him out she will stand our her hine legs like a pier Dog, we let her play with him twice till she
got to close for comfort so know she just has to watch him from the tank.Thats what she gets for being a bad pup to the sweetest turtle
in town hehe. It sucks about we cant go see the baby on ultrasound till October 11th, that time is going to last forever in
my eyes truly, Im thinking about getting another 4D ULTRASOUND close by 25 weeks, but I might pull it off just a little longer
maybe by a couple more weeks just so I can get the best profile picture of her, before she is born…
I kinda wish she was coming in October near my birthday and than my husband is kinda wanting her close to his birthday but its
still for December 5th, 2012 unless it changes by her growth, or I go into labor before who knows,
but her room is ready to rest her little Body into her bed and so she can look at all the cute things she has to start
life and than some with lol, Im passing down my Little mermaid collection ive been collecting forever to her.
Well Im officially stuck upstairs my hubby told me not to go down stairs cause he is steam cleaning the carpet, I was going
to do the downstairs today got 3 lines done I mean 3 and OMG I was so pooped the thing was to heavy for me pulling back and forth
and the thing ran out of water to fast I said, @#$#@ it and called my hubby at work telling him he is crazy if he thinks I cam
finish that, that he would have to when he got home, so know he was stuck doing it….LMFAO ! I tried thats all I could do, so I did
the dishes and clothes to make it up to him. Even though Im always keeping up with the house unless Im not feeling well.
But “Never I say Never let a pregnant woman do carpets” With a steam cleaner lmao, because being outta shape and a baby tummy
dont click with that kinda work buddy I tell ya.


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