{July 23, 2012}   The nursery Is close to done…

Yup you all read that title right, the nursery is coming along great Im almost done just two more things in there which I need is a Medium size carpet to keep the glider from sliding and the crib from sliding, And also a two tier bookcase for her book so we can read to her asleep every night. Im getting really excited and anxious and scared all at the same time, I know its coming real soon cause the cold is going to start soon and August is coming up omg.. After Wednesday I have 19 weeks left, damm but when you say it like that, it sounds like forever huh???Gosh okay lets just say a little under 4 months ahhhh much better lmao…Well The baby is moving alot at night and just some through-out the day, I can feel her much better when Im laying down at night which has got to be my favorite time of the day, cause with each movement there’s a sense of the mommy coming out of me that what everything to be perfect her birth, her life her clothes, her family. It just feel right in my life to finally have her with me being 31 now I will be 32 when she comes, holy cow, I think its time to show what I was meant to be in this world for, which was having her there, just to be able to hear my daughter call me mom. Im still having such a hard time getting up in the mornings all I want to do is sleep, hopefully it changes real quick cause right know I feel like I need the sleep, but I no Im going to need it alot more when the baby comes, I think its my body getting me as much rest as possible saying your in trouble later , its gotta be cause even when I get up I still feel like I can go right back to sleep. I no when the baby gets here though im going to be up so much watching every breath every cry holding her as much as possible..Its not a winning battle on that for sure. Im already having breast milk the first stage of liquids coming out which is something really different, Boobs are getting overly heavy which is a good thing cause they are hot for my man but its hard to get use to the size lmao..Like you all wanted to no that right….hehe had to break the Ice on my blog somehow. And also my belly is going into another dimension its getting big, when you got to hold onto your hubby half of the time just to roll yourslef upright to get off the cough makes things interesting.. Okay enough Talking gotta get back to my season Of Kendra before hubby gets home and turns onto his cooking and nature channels lol..


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