{July 19, 2012}   20 week 5 month visit to the OBGYN.

Went to The obgyn she told me the baby is doing great all the tests are coming out normal the baby’s heartbeat is at 155 Bmp, But I might not feel the baby as much as others cause I have a anterior placenta ,Its pretty much a pillow that lay in between my tummy and baby,in alot of people they wont be able to feel there baby as hard when the baby stretches and kicks but even though I have that I still feel her. Its my little girl showing she loves her momma.So Sweet !!!!!!!! which wont harm me or the baby, But good thing it doesn’t lay no risks on me or the baby later on or right now. The thing that sucks is every time I feel the baby I go to put my husbands hand on my tummy and she isnt strong enough cause she is like that right know, in anterior mode, that carlos cant feel it. I feel like im experiencing it alone, but to feel her makes me feel so good ,cause I no she is doing okay. So I feel light as a feather cause like before she started kicking and moving I was stressing Cause I always had to find her heartbeat..We also talked about when to call her, which she said when its at between 5 minutes apart to call the office and if its after hours wait for the message than click one and someone will answer and contact the doctor on call. Which I really hope she is on call when I go into labor because she has been the best ever.  And we talked about setting up our first visit to the Pediatrician to see if we would like them as our baby’s regular doctor, Plus she cleared up if I needed to get a c-section for any reason she would pinch the cord longer so carlos can cut it and also we can take pictures in there as long as no pictures down there are happening which I dont want anyways lmao.So I still have my two options back yay, the only one thing is we cant have a camcorder in c-section only in regular delivery. overall it was a great visit…After we went across the hallway where the Pediatrician where lots of her patients go, so we set a appointment on Wednesday. They have a huge practice 8 Doctors and 8 LPN’S So we will see after that visit if that’s where we plan on taking her.


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