{July 18, 2012}   Getting ready for our Sweet Miraicle.

Yay ! Tomarrow I will be 20 weeks, actually 5 months along. Are Obgyn Appointment is tomarrow at 3pm, we dont get to do the ultrasound but its just a checkup. We have been doing alot lately getting ready for the baby,so I have been beyond buzy. The other day we went to Babies r us, in Toys R us and we started to look for a stroller – Carseat duel and fell in love with this one. Its from the Christy Colllection.We were both figuring out how to use it so my hubby got down all the stuff than drilled me so I dont get stuck somewhere not being able to get the baby out on my own lmao. Boy it was funny. But yes we finally figured out what all the buttons and locks and stuff were for and walked out of the store purchasing it, it is so adorable I took some pictures so I could show you all it has.

Also we have the same Christy series as a pack and play so they both match, We have that one on layway, so in 45 days we should have that one here also.I should of took a picture of that one but I didnt, cause we had so much in the cart I got side tracked. Well I also washed all my girls new clothes I got her lately and hung them up too, got her whole nursery finally done, just missing two pieces which one is a little two case bookshelf for her books and also we are going to get a pink Rug so the Rocker does’nt slide, as well as the crib…..I will be posting another pic of the nursery once we have it totally finished but boy does it look very nice……


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