{July 12, 2012}   This was Based from yesterday My Garden…

Yesterday.. Wow you all have seen my garden from start till know well the other day I had discovered I had a huge squash in there cause I started looking around. Since its been raining so much I havent been down there as much lately. I had thought at first it was the one of the birds we tried saving and one day they just left so I was thinking at first it was one of them dead, but as I moved the plants over and looked more I had saw that In deed this Black Beauty Summer Squash,  I had planted was growing like crasy. I had waited to my husband got home so I can show him before I had cut it off the Vine. We had walked downstairs after I told him to follow me and than I went to tell him to look down at the the plant under the leafs, so he did and said OMG.  And thanmy hubby started scouting out for new ones two were dead and we have 4 baby ones starting to grow like crasy. Totally no what to grow in Virginia that grows great with this weather is Squash, Rosmary, Parsley, Carrots, omg I had grew some carrots and pulled one up the other day like me and my grandpa used to do together when I was a little girl and I had washed it off with the hose and since the last time my grandpa and me had ate one together out of the ground was in the 80’s it smelled and tasted so much like the same and it was the best feeling doing it and rekindling my past with my husband I almost cried… As I was thinking about him. Well below here are the pictures of us chopping it off and all. Even used a tape measure to get a measurement on how big it was, it was almost 13 inches long. I have a green Thumb and love to grow plants mostly herbs and Vegs cause they are all so fresh..These will be all organic as I have not used no pesticides no anything…Cant wait till next summer I got lots of ideas of what I will be growing and doing. Plus my littegirl I want here to start her own little garden to so it can be a mommy and me thing we do together.



shaka says:

so jealous! i can’t grow anything. only when i was working at the nursery and getting paid to, i’ve lost my touch!

Girl I can rub a little of my green thumb on yea than you shall grow again lmao

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