{July 12, 2012}   High RISK Doctors Appointment 19 Weeks 2 days.

One More week to go and I will be 5 months Yay.. We got to see my little girl today everything is doing great, she is now at 10 ounces and Today was a full ultrasound where they checked the length, looked and measured the babys arms, shoulder to elbow, Check to see if there is any fuild or anything wrong with her brain which Thank god there isnt. And they told me the sex which we had already knew but it was good to get that extra ultrasound tech say its a girl again so we have no surprises.. At this time im not that high of a risk so my next ultrasound will be October 11th 2012, which man that is going to seem like forever. But we are going to get another 4d ultrasound maybe around 25 weeks, to get a better close up profile, we got some great pictures today with it being just 2D. Plus the doctor said she looked over everything and the brain, heart and where the blood is moving through the baby’s body is great and kidneys, which made me so much relaxed. As for the Blood I had outside my gestational sac is (Guess What) Its not there anymore all of the blood is gone and it had absorbed by itself. Im so glad that it’s gone also really been worried about it because I had it two times in two different areas. But it has no gone yay. Ariella’s Heartbeat is now at 135 Bpm the last time we went to the high risk it was at 165 Bmp..Crazy huh?????? I hope you all enjoy the pictures theres some cute ones she has her mouth open in one shot and she has her daddy’s lips ,also have some of her brain her legs, hands, in between showing she is for sure my Little girl. I was freaking out before they got started hoping they werent going to say it was a boy after I have got so many girl things already lmao….My wish came true…. After wednesday I have the countdown of 4 months left..lmao. We have some videos too that I will be posting too so you all can see how much she has grown.


Dana Walker says:

So Exciting!!!! Glad to here all is well!!!!….. yup im stalking again! tee hee hee 🙂

Girl your so nuts lmao Isnt they baby getting so cute. Im going to post some video in a couple minutes also. Love ya girly

Carlos Cruzpagan says:

I’m happy to see our little miracle is growing strong. Love you lots babe 🙂 Muahz.

I am too sweety, I love going to go see her we should invest in a ultrasound machine since Im going to be having 6 kiddos.. lmao. Sounds like a good idea?????

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