{July 10, 2012}   Finally hit 18 weeks and 5 Days…

Sorry it has taken so long to write another blog but I have been putting the babys room together and also been doing some shopping for the baby, finishing my downstairs almost close to being done with that Thank god. And the daily messes it never stops, nor lets up lmao. Like the dishes, laundry, cooking picking up from cooking ekkkk.And doing lots of  research on pregnancy Yup Ive been reading like crazy filling my brain with as much knowlegde as possible. Even started a course to get My high school diploma, I dropped out when I was in high school lots of times, from getting mixed up with not the best people someone can hang out with and know Im paying for it. I went to college and passed my nursing and IVe been out for a while now but I would like too work in labor and delivery like I was doing before. I want to raise my child with her knowning her mom and dad both did there schooling, so Im doing it for her. And so I can retake my Medical courses again, So I hope she is proud of me when she start releasing what her passion is for the career she decides to pick futher down the road.Im trying to redo my mistakes know while I can. Been going through family drama that hurts the most, and mixed with the hormones of pregnancy it’s very hard tO deal with seriosuly .And the pains of pregnancy finally feeling my body making a change and streching in places I shouldn’t be feeling lol, Whats it’s called pretty much is Round Ligament Pains. Its surely a feeling most of you if you havent experienced yet in your pregnancy, probley wont want too.It feels like your hoo hoo is stretching to outter space and back also real bad sharp knife pains as if the baby has a Steak knife trying to find some food in me. The baby also sets right on your bladder and Im going pee like 24-7. Gosh who knew your bathroom would become your bestfriend? All of my morning sickness has gone away now, but From my dengerated disk in my spine its making things a bit hard sometimes, like My legs hurt so bad I cant sleep on them at all, cant lay on my stomach cause I can feel the pains in my leg so my only option is sleeping on my back, but when I do that my legs and feet go numb that I wonder why I even try.I should learn how to sleep standing up I swear if I could learn that without falling on my Butt I so would..And oh man has the food craving popped in over night, well I have the love for fruit, and Chinese Food, my favorite is Sweet and sour Shrimp with steamed rice.And been getting alot of late night cravings Since I cant eat regular sandwiches with the meat, I eat Tomatoe and cheese and Red onion sanwiches and once a week have a tuna sandwich, How yum! Ive been keeping up with my water intake still can only get up to two bottles per day no matter how much I try lol. But its better than none at all..Ohh yea as for bending down to pick something up looks so funny Its got to be for my husband cause each time I do I have to spread my legs as this stomach grows bigger, and my under clothes are getting so tight gosh…Guess Im going to be heading to the nearest clothes shop pretty soon. As for my nerves about having the baby All I can say is im scaried shitless, Ive been watching to much Baby Story lately and what makes me the most nervous is “How the pain is going to feel?, How much pain I can handle trying to do it natually with a epidural of course,lol before throwing in the towel and saying C-Section Please. The doctor already knows that after 10 mins I will let her no if I can handle it or not and she said to let her no what I would like to do, I would try to like to have it natrual if I can make it. Cause I really would love to Hold her right after as well as have my hubby cut the Unbulical Cord.Also What I’m going to feel like after, if im going to hurt or be able to just be sore but be able to enjoy every minute of this whole process from start to end and after? What did you all fear at those times in your pregnancy? Is Any one as freaked out as I am right know? I guess I will bring this to a end for know as tomarrow is our Hospital Tour of the labor and delivery unit to see where we will be having Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan.


Carlos Cruzpagan says:

Hey Beautiful,
So happy everything is going good with our little miracle. Totally in love with you, hope the rest will continue to go well. Muahz.

~Papa Bear

Awwwwwwwwwww Babe you left me a msg…Yay..Totally in shock… lol. Im so in love with you also babe I dont no what I would be without you,
cant wait to we meet our liitlle girl I cant believe in 1 more week I will be 5 months its unbelievable. I love you so much, thanks for being a great husaband and loving me constantly through it all….

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