{July 26, 2012}   Turtle VS. Chi-Weiner

My dog was super excites about having a new friend but she couldnt quite figure out what it was lmao…


Yup you all read that title right, the nursery is coming along great Im almost done just two more things in there which I need is a Medium size carpet to keep the glider from sliding and the crib from sliding, And also a two tier bookcase for her book so we can read to her asleep every night. Im getting really excited and anxious and scared all at the same time, I know its coming real soon cause the cold is going to start soon and August is coming up omg.. After Wednesday I have 19 weeks left, damm but when you say it like that, it sounds like forever huh???Gosh okay lets just say a little under 4 months ahhhh much better lmao…Well The baby is moving alot at night and just some through-out the day, I can feel her much better when Im laying down at night which has got to be my favorite time of the day, cause with each movement there’s a sense of the mommy coming out of me that what everything to be perfect her birth, her life her clothes, her family. It just feel right in my life to finally have her with me being 31 now I will be 32 when she comes, holy cow, I think its time to show what I was meant to be in this world for, which was having her there, just to be able to hear my daughter call me mom. Im still having such a hard time getting up in the mornings all I want to do is sleep, hopefully it changes real quick cause right know I feel like I need the sleep, but I no Im going to need it alot more when the baby comes, I think its my body getting me as much rest as possible saying your in trouble later , its gotta be cause even when I get up I still feel like I can go right back to sleep. I no when the baby gets here though im going to be up so much watching every breath every cry holding her as much as possible..Its not a winning battle on that for sure. Im already having breast milk the first stage of liquids coming out which is something really different, Boobs are getting overly heavy which is a good thing cause they are hot for my man but its hard to get use to the size lmao..Like you all wanted to no that right….hehe had to break the Ice on my blog somehow. And also my belly is going into another dimension its getting big, when you got to hold onto your hubby half of the time just to roll yourslef upright to get off the cough makes things interesting.. Okay enough Talking gotta get back to my season Of Kendra before hubby gets home and turns onto his cooking and nature channels lol..

Went to The obgyn she told me the baby is doing great all the tests are coming out normal the baby’s heartbeat is at 155 Bmp, But I might not feel the baby as much as others cause I have a anterior placenta ,Its pretty much a pillow that lay in between my tummy and baby,in alot of people they wont be able to feel there baby as hard when the baby stretches and kicks but even though I have that I still feel her. Its my little girl showing she loves her momma.So Sweet !!!!!!!! which wont harm me or the baby, But good thing it doesn’t lay no risks on me or the baby later on or right now. The thing that sucks is every time I feel the baby I go to put my husbands hand on my tummy and she isnt strong enough cause she is like that right know, in anterior mode, that carlos cant feel it. I feel like im experiencing it alone, but to feel her makes me feel so good ,cause I no she is doing okay. So I feel light as a feather cause like before she started kicking and moving I was stressing Cause I always had to find her heartbeat..We also talked about when to call her, which she said when its at between 5 minutes apart to call the office and if its after hours wait for the message than click one and someone will answer and contact the doctor on call. Which I really hope she is on call when I go into labor because she has been the best ever.  And we talked about setting up our first visit to the Pediatrician to see if we would like them as our baby’s regular doctor, Plus she cleared up if I needed to get a c-section for any reason she would pinch the cord longer so carlos can cut it and also we can take pictures in there as long as no pictures down there are happening which I dont want anyways lmao.So I still have my two options back yay, the only one thing is we cant have a camcorder in c-section only in regular delivery. overall it was a great visit…After we went across the hallway where the Pediatrician where lots of her patients go, so we set a appointment on Wednesday. They have a huge practice 8 Doctors and 8 LPN’S So we will see after that visit if that’s where we plan on taking her.

Yay ! Tomarrow I will be 20 weeks, actually 5 months along. Are Obgyn Appointment is tomarrow at 3pm, we dont get to do the ultrasound but its just a checkup. We have been doing alot lately getting ready for the baby,so I have been beyond buzy. The other day we went to Babies r us, in Toys R us and we started to look for a stroller – Carseat duel and fell in love with this one. Its from the Christy Colllection.We were both figuring out how to use it so my hubby got down all the stuff than drilled me so I dont get stuck somewhere not being able to get the baby out on my own lmao. Boy it was funny. But yes we finally figured out what all the buttons and locks and stuff were for and walked out of the store purchasing it, it is so adorable I took some pictures so I could show you all it has.

Also we have the same Christy series as a pack and play so they both match, We have that one on layway, so in 45 days we should have that one here also.I should of took a picture of that one but I didnt, cause we had so much in the cart I got side tracked. Well I also washed all my girls new clothes I got her lately and hung them up too, got her whole nursery finally done, just missing two pieces which one is a little two case bookshelf for her books and also we are going to get a pink Rug so the Rocker does’nt slide, as well as the crib…..I will be posting another pic of the nursery once we have it totally finished but boy does it look very nice……

This is the cutest video you can see her daddy’s Lips on here , also her profile and her hand , she is just so adorable, cant wait to see her, the days cant go by quick enough…

Mommy loves you and will forever

Yesterday.. Wow you all have seen my garden from start till know well the other day I had discovered I had a huge squash in there cause I started looking around. Since its been raining so much I havent been down there as much lately. I had thought at first it was the one of the birds we tried saving and one day they just left so I was thinking at first it was one of them dead, but as I moved the plants over and looked more I had saw that In deed this Black Beauty Summer Squash,  I had planted was growing like crasy. I had waited to my husband got home so I can show him before I had cut it off the Vine. We had walked downstairs after I told him to follow me and than I went to tell him to look down at the the plant under the leafs, so he did and said OMG.  And thanmy hubby started scouting out for new ones two were dead and we have 4 baby ones starting to grow like crasy. Totally no what to grow in Virginia that grows great with this weather is Squash, Rosmary, Parsley, Carrots, omg I had grew some carrots and pulled one up the other day like me and my grandpa used to do together when I was a little girl and I had washed it off with the hose and since the last time my grandpa and me had ate one together out of the ground was in the 80’s it smelled and tasted so much like the same and it was the best feeling doing it and rekindling my past with my husband I almost cried… As I was thinking about him. Well below here are the pictures of us chopping it off and all. Even used a tape measure to get a measurement on how big it was, it was almost 13 inches long. I have a green Thumb and love to grow plants mostly herbs and Vegs cause they are all so fresh..These will be all organic as I have not used no pesticides no anything…Cant wait till next summer I got lots of ideas of what I will be growing and doing. Plus my littegirl I want here to start her own little garden to so it can be a mommy and me thing we do together.


One More week to go and I will be 5 months Yay.. We got to see my little girl today everything is doing great, she is now at 10 ounces and Today was a full ultrasound where they checked the length, looked and measured the babys arms, shoulder to elbow, Check to see if there is any fuild or anything wrong with her brain which Thank god there isnt. And they told me the sex which we had already knew but it was good to get that extra ultrasound tech say its a girl again so we have no surprises.. At this time im not that high of a risk so my next ultrasound will be October 11th 2012, which man that is going to seem like forever. But we are going to get another 4d ultrasound maybe around 25 weeks, to get a better close up profile, we got some great pictures today with it being just 2D. Plus the doctor said she looked over everything and the brain, heart and where the blood is moving through the baby’s body is great and kidneys, which made me so much relaxed. As for the Blood I had outside my gestational sac is (Guess What) Its not there anymore all of the blood is gone and it had absorbed by itself. Im so glad that it’s gone also really been worried about it because I had it two times in two different areas. But it has no gone yay. Ariella’s Heartbeat is now at 135 Bpm the last time we went to the high risk it was at 165 Bmp..Crazy huh?????? I hope you all enjoy the pictures theres some cute ones she has her mouth open in one shot and she has her daddy’s lips ,also have some of her brain her legs, hands, in between showing she is for sure my Little girl. I was freaking out before they got started hoping they werent going to say it was a boy after I have got so many girl things already lmao….My wish came true…. After wednesday I have the countdown of 4 months left..lmao. We have some videos too that I will be posting too so you all can see how much she has grown.

Sorry it has taken so long to write another blog but I have been putting the babys room together and also been doing some shopping for the baby, finishing my downstairs almost close to being done with that Thank god. And the daily messes it never stops, nor lets up lmao. Like the dishes, laundry, cooking picking up from cooking ekkkk.And doing lots of  research on pregnancy Yup Ive been reading like crazy filling my brain with as much knowlegde as possible. Even started a course to get My high school diploma, I dropped out when I was in high school lots of times, from getting mixed up with not the best people someone can hang out with and know Im paying for it. I went to college and passed my nursing and IVe been out for a while now but I would like too work in labor and delivery like I was doing before. I want to raise my child with her knowning her mom and dad both did there schooling, so Im doing it for her. And so I can retake my Medical courses again, So I hope she is proud of me when she start releasing what her passion is for the career she decides to pick futher down the road.Im trying to redo my mistakes know while I can. Been going through family drama that hurts the most, and mixed with the hormones of pregnancy it’s very hard tO deal with seriosuly .And the pains of pregnancy finally feeling my body making a change and streching in places I shouldn’t be feeling lol, Whats it’s called pretty much is Round Ligament Pains. Its surely a feeling most of you if you havent experienced yet in your pregnancy, probley wont want too.It feels like your hoo hoo is stretching to outter space and back also real bad sharp knife pains as if the baby has a Steak knife trying to find some food in me. The baby also sets right on your bladder and Im going pee like 24-7. Gosh who knew your bathroom would become your bestfriend? All of my morning sickness has gone away now, but From my dengerated disk in my spine its making things a bit hard sometimes, like My legs hurt so bad I cant sleep on them at all, cant lay on my stomach cause I can feel the pains in my leg so my only option is sleeping on my back, but when I do that my legs and feet go numb that I wonder why I even try.I should learn how to sleep standing up I swear if I could learn that without falling on my Butt I so would..And oh man has the food craving popped in over night, well I have the love for fruit, and Chinese Food, my favorite is Sweet and sour Shrimp with steamed rice.And been getting alot of late night cravings Since I cant eat regular sandwiches with the meat, I eat Tomatoe and cheese and Red onion sanwiches and once a week have a tuna sandwich, How yum! Ive been keeping up with my water intake still can only get up to two bottles per day no matter how much I try lol. But its better than none at all..Ohh yea as for bending down to pick something up looks so funny Its got to be for my husband cause each time I do I have to spread my legs as this stomach grows bigger, and my under clothes are getting so tight gosh…Guess Im going to be heading to the nearest clothes shop pretty soon. As for my nerves about having the baby All I can say is im scaried shitless, Ive been watching to much Baby Story lately and what makes me the most nervous is “How the pain is going to feel?, How much pain I can handle trying to do it natually with a epidural of course,lol before throwing in the towel and saying C-Section Please. The doctor already knows that after 10 mins I will let her no if I can handle it or not and she said to let her no what I would like to do, I would try to like to have it natrual if I can make it. Cause I really would love to Hold her right after as well as have my hubby cut the Unbulical Cord.Also What I’m going to feel like after, if im going to hurt or be able to just be sore but be able to enjoy every minute of this whole process from start to end and after? What did you all fear at those times in your pregnancy? Is Any one as freaked out as I am right know? I guess I will bring this to a end for know as tomarrow is our Hospital Tour of the labor and delivery unit to see where we will be having Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan.

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