{June 22, 2012}   Its a GIRL !!!!!!!

The day we found out what you Were..

Hey Everyone, I’m about to Announce that we are having a Little “GIRL” Yup its a girl !!!!!!!!! This is so exciting to be able to finally no, I found out the day I hit 16 weeks, That’s when they say you can get to see the gender between 16-18 wks. So of course I had to find out right away without a day passing hehe.While we were driving the 45 min drive, we had made a deal in the car if its a Boy we go to Long John SILVER’S EWWWW, yes your dad’s idea LOL. And my pick if It was a girl was Cracker Barrel. I won lol….So yummo to me. Well here is how the day once we got there went,and they were at lunch cause the doors were locked. Man as I was sitting there My nerves were going 100 miles per hour just wondering what they were going to say you were going to be, I was hoping for a girl from the start as soon as I found out I was pregnant cause I always wanted a girl first and a Boy second.  We had went Into PeekaBoo 3D,as soon as we saw the lady come and unlock the door,  We got there really early just in case of traffic, and I had to sign a couple papers just asking general information  about me and the Due date, ect and show them a picture of the last ultrasound to show I have had recent medical care. Well After I had finished that while we were waiting we were looking at all the ultrasound pictures they had in the little photo folder, well they had said Christina are you ready and said yes and jumped and Carlos and I had walked into the Ultrasound room. It was a huge room nice comfortable bed huge pic of the ultrasound picture on the wall of the ultrasound being shooted towards that way, almost like a projector screen without the screen on the wall. So I lay down and had pulled up my shirt a little  and the ultrasound tech had put a towel down so I wouldn’t get messy with the gel they put on your belly. As she puts the gel on and puts the ultrasound gadget to my stomach there appears my beautiful little Girl, we got to see the whole baby the skeleton the legs and feet and the arms and little hands and her heart just a beat there was such a beautiful moment. ever. Just as we are looking at the baby and she is pointing out what parts are what, she couldn’t reveal the baby’s gender right away it took I’m not kidding you 1 full hour and within that hour we stopped 2 times cause she had her legs crossed like a little lady and sitting flat on her bottom and was so comfortable she was barly wanting to show what she was to us, already being stubborn lmao and she isn’t even out yet, good thing is im hoping she is this calm as soon as she is born. Well the 2 times I had got up the lady had me walking around I was running in place for a little bit just as much as my legs let me, and did two Handstands  after the second handstand and the her giggling the gadget over my stomach trying to get her to move around a bit so we can get to see her from behind or in between her legs. Well She finally got her in between her legs as she goes omg I think we are almost there I look at her face and I asked her you no what is already don’t you, she didn’t answer me right away she said here are her legs here is in between you see its flat the 3 slits, You a having a Girl, I was so shocked and I said omg its a girl. I was a bit sad for my hubby though even though how much I wanted a girl because one of us was going to be really happy, he still is supper happy but knowing he wanted a Boy got me a little chocked. Cause he didn’t get one. But we are both happy very happy and The ultrasound tech took a dvd of the whole ultrasound, with lullaby music in the background we had received 3 black and white photos and 2 Color ones that are 4D. There was bits and parts that were actually in 3D and 4D also. After they said congrats on the baby girl and Gave us a bag of stuff including what we had purchased. After we had left there we had gone to Cracker Barrel which was funny cause it was right across the street, I thought for sure that was another sign other than the Chinese chart saying it was a girl, The gender test we had got on amazon and also my OBGYN guessing it was a Girl. Well we Had got there and I ordered Fried shrimp platter, with Turnip Greens, Fried Apples, and Fries. I no that wasn’t the healthiest choice but going there only comes once in a while, so I took that and ran with it, And my hubby had got breakfast Steak and eggs, hash browns, and Chicken and Dumplings…Lunch was so good. And for the first time my stomach didn’t hurt all that bad which I thought for sure it would. Especially with all the poking and pretty much pushing the heck out of my tummy trying to get the baby to move around. Well luckily I enjoyed the day, we had gone right away to the house got cleaned up cause of how hot it was outside than went to Toys r us to find some girly Bedding, its was so nice going to the baby store finally knowing I had my little girl there with me inside of me. Cant believe im going to having such a cute shopping partner and be able to do all girl things together..Yay. I’m so glad to share this with you all, Here are some pictures we took that night after we got all settled down for the night, I hope you all enjoy.. Thanks for being here during this pregnancy with me… Our baby Girls name is going to be “Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan”


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