{June 14, 2012}   My 15th week experience with birds while pregnant (Attacked)

I went to go water my garden outside at 7:43pm last night and my husband walked outside after me to come see how my garden is doing, and to be by my side, we started talking about what plants were what and looking how big they have been growning  so after I got done watering that area I went where my Topsy Turvy Plants are at and started spraying them which are under are deck of our house there sits 2 bird nests which before only sat 1, so I guess they built another one. Well when I started spraying the water into the planters all of a sudden a baby bird maybe a couple weeks old came attacking me and hit the back of my head and kept going like 2 mins later it finally clicked in my head “Holy Cow WTF is going on”, my husband stands theres starring at me laughing as the mom and dad birds comes saving there baby and both of them come fast as hell towards the top of my head as I look up Im the top of my head as I look up Im freaking out screaming running for my husband. And we see the baby bird on the ground carlos telling me to grab it so we can put it back in the nest, I start to try and the mom and dad are stil coming at me, seeing WTH is happening to there baby, so I freaked once again and I tried to grab the bird in time was so scaried as much as the bird was so I couldnt get him in time and it hopped into this crazy amount of ivy we have growning from the ground upward on the walls outside we didnt, so I handed my husband a rake he was trying to go through the ivy to find the bird. He finally found the bird made sure it was okay and put it back in the nest the whole time tons of birds that wasnt the mom and the dad was coming by seeing whats going on, we go back upstairs so the mom and dad could go back back to the baby. Thw whole time im saying Im Sorry, Im Sorry!, like a ton of times, man I feel like crap seriously. I hope they dont kill it cause it has a human scent on it now. I can still hear them chripping away cursing me out in there birdy Language. Than my husband tells me “I forgot to tell you the birds made a new nest” REALLY ! Well thank you so much for now letting me know after getting attacked and almost getting killed lol. I will never forget turning 15 weeks pregnant in this Pregnancy ever. With al these aches and pains boy did I take off can you just imagine a pregnant woman running from birds???? OMG what a day. 9:23PM I had a thought what was going on snd if the baby was okay and still there, so I have my hubby go to check if its in the nest, and my heart was telling me right it was gone so we are out in our backyard looking everywhere for him and thank god my husband found him he went back into the ivy. So we got him and have in a pot and I noticed he had little bugs crawling all over him, So ihad got some warm water and my hubby and bro in law had gave him a bath and got most of the bugs off of himand they dried him off and we had changed pots and towels and threw that nest out. Poor little guy we got him all covered up hope he lives threw the night. Ino his family isnt going to come back for him, and I feel its all my fault cause of me watering my plants freaked them out. Today I woke up at 9:11am and I went to go take my dog out and there my bro in law was out on the porch and he asked where do I keep candys dog food cause on this websight he found last night it says you can feed baby bird dog food, well I show him , than I go to the bathroom come back out go outside and than he told me the bird got out of the pot and its on the ground below our deck and theres another baby bird in the corner of the yard I was thinking where did that baby bird come from cause threw that whole thing that happened yesterday I never saw a second baby,But it looks just like the other one same markings and everything. But my bro in law put both birds next to each other and the nest on the ground the one that dont have bugs crawling like crasy through it,And also the mom and dad are back out there so They came back how awesome is that. I keep going out there to check on them the last time I checked The mom and dad had worms in there mouth bringing it to the babies. YAY, they are pretty close to flying to hopefully we can keep this going till they are able to fly and be okay without having to worry. I know you all were wondering what happened last night sorry I didnt get to this last night but my husband rubbed my head to sleep, so I knocked out..Hope you all get aa good laugh out of this,lol



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