{June 12, 2012}   Update On how Im doing going onto my 15th week.


Hello everyone thats stopping by to read my blog welcome, Well here is my updates, I went to the obgyn a week ago and the babies heartbeat was 159 bpm, which is great,all my blood results for all the testing they have been doing has been coming out really good, they baby is healthy. And my morning,day,and night sickness has finally disappeared thank god for that, cause know I can eat. My cravings have Been Chinese food very bad, and mexican food and Nacho chesse Sauce and lots of fruit, Ive actually turned to water so much now that I pick it alot over my caffenine free soda I use to drink 24-7. I Brought a Doppler the other day online threw a medical supply company its a real nice one it shows the babys heart beat and has a speaker so you dont have you use earphones..So It comes out more clear like how it does at the obgyn office. Cant wait till it gets here just so I can check on the baby everyday..I have been feeling like a elastic Rubber band lately my tummy keeps expanding So far to me it seems like my stomach is hanging in the middle it hasnt dropped at all yet. Im going to be scheduling a 4D Ultrasound on week 15 which is on this Wednesday.This is going to be my first child actually born Im hoping this pregnancy keeps going good. We have another Obgyn appointment coming up, we got to meet every doctor in that practice just in case my doctor isnt on call the day I go into labor.The thing that worries me is hoping the baby comes out healthy, How much pain Im actually going to feel when I start having contractions, I have two birth plans cause I know my pain level is very weak. So im going to try to push for 10-20 mins if its too much I told my doctor I want a C-Secion. Also not having any family there is really breaking heart right now, but thank god my husband will be by my side, but you always want family around. Also since im at high risk whats going to happen when the baby comes out if they are going to put the baby in my arms right away or take it the newborn unit to check to make sure everything is doing okay? Waiting for that first cry when the baby is born,just to know that the baby is okay and doing well. And knowing how bad im going to be crying looking at my child face to face finally after carrying the baby for 9 months which seems to take forever.Im Just entered my second Trimister so I have to finish this one as well as one more lol…. Just hoping the baby is healthy and so beautiful than ever, and smiling as soon as he,or she comes out.. Ive been really emotional everything makes me cry, Ive been watching alot of Baby story, and Birth Day shows and with most of them I cry as soon as I see how the parents react to seeing there child and the show Coming home, oh man theres not one show I dont cry to on that one, And I even break down in stores at home. My emotions are all over the place. I rather take that than the pregnancy sickness in a heartbeat. Oh yea we also found a Shermag Bella Deluxe Glider Rocker, Ottoman in Chocolate so I have a place to breastfeed the baby in the nursery..Its really nice we got it at Baby’s r us it should be in, in about a week cause it had to be ordered cause they only had the sample chair out there… Carlos and I loved it it locks when you get up so it doesnt rock and hit your legs it also lock in place if you dont want to rock when your breastfeeding also.Other than that those are my concerns..I bet the list will get longer as time goes by. How many of you had fears and what were they, and how did the outcome turn out at the end please share your stories??


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