{June 4, 2012}   The guesses Of a Girl or Boy.

I was looking on all my groups I go on for pregnancy on facebook and there was this test a gender predicator test. And theres lots of women that this actually came out right and some not so its 50-50 chance right here, But with all the good reads on it, I decided to do it and get it. But omg hope this test is right that would be awesome shows im having a girl…its not 100 percent though so keep ur fingers crossed, LOL. We also have done the Chinese Calender to predict If im having a girl or boy and with from when I conceived to how old I will be when I have the baby which thats how that one works, that came out showing a girl also. Plus with my obgyn she promised me I would be pregnant within a year, and she was completly right. And this last ttime I went to see her, she had the doppler listening to the heartbeat and she said Christina I think your having a girl, Plus theres lots that thinks that its a girl, but only 4 people that thinks its a boy, my Husband of course and my mother in law, and sister in law and bro in law. And my mom did also. When we were talking who knows what she thinks or cares anymore, but Im hoping its a little girl than we have a boy next, but only god can tell, Even if it is a boy first I will fall in love, but all moms wish for that little girl first so you can dress up go do girl things with, and be close and share things with. We Are going to go do a 4D ultrasound in town in 2 weeks to find out cause I cant wait as long as the High risk doctor wants, and you can find out at 16 weeks, so We are going to pay to go get a 30 min 4D ultrasound plus and video of the baby and Pictures so we can see what the baby looks like right know, We are also going to go back closer to delivery to do it again so we can see how close the faces match when he /she is born. I keep waiting for that one kick but it hasnt happened yet, I did feel something a month ago that almost seemed like the baby moving But I cant be for sure, plus I was half way asleep and it woke me up from a dead sleep. Other than that Ive been eating healthy and sometimes a little not with my chinese and mexican cravings, but Im in love with fruit and been eating it like crasy and actually am down almost 3 bottles of water a day know way better than before. Im still having a hard time finding the heartbeat at home, hopefully I can soon…..How long did it take you all to hear the heartbeat at home, and how low where you looking for it????? Hope you all enjoy the blog sorry I havent been writing all the time, but I really want them to be nice when I have something to talk about…..Love you yall…


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