I know it shows it in 4D but this was the part of it that was in 2D, My hubby is making the rest…Its funny and cute all at the same time….Enjoy all.


{June 22, 2012}   Its a GIRL !!!!!!!

The day we found out what you Were..

Hey Everyone, I’m about to Announce that we are having a Little “GIRL” Yup its a girl !!!!!!!!! This is so exciting to be able to finally no, I found out the day I hit 16 weeks, That’s when they say you can get to see the gender between 16-18 wks. So of course I had to find out right away without a day passing hehe.While we were driving the 45 min drive, we had made a deal in the car if its a Boy we go to Long John SILVER’S EWWWW, yes your dad’s idea LOL. And my pick if It was a girl was Cracker Barrel. I won lol….So yummo to me. Well here is how the day once we got there went,and they were at lunch cause the doors were locked. Man as I was sitting there My nerves were going 100 miles per hour just wondering what they were going to say you were going to be, I was hoping for a girl from the start as soon as I found out I was pregnant cause I always wanted a girl first and a Boy second.  We had went Into PeekaBoo 3D,as soon as we saw the lady come and unlock the door,  We got there really early just in case of traffic, and I had to sign a couple papers just asking general information  about me and the Due date, ect and show them a picture of the last ultrasound to show I have had recent medical care. Well After I had finished that while we were waiting we were looking at all the ultrasound pictures they had in the little photo folder, well they had said Christina are you ready and said yes and jumped and Carlos and I had walked into the Ultrasound room. It was a huge room nice comfortable bed huge pic of the ultrasound picture on the wall of the ultrasound being shooted towards that way, almost like a projector screen without the screen on the wall. So I lay down and had pulled up my shirt a little  and the ultrasound tech had put a towel down so I wouldn’t get messy with the gel they put on your belly. As she puts the gel on and puts the ultrasound gadget to my stomach there appears my beautiful little Girl, we got to see the whole baby the skeleton the legs and feet and the arms and little hands and her heart just a beat there was such a beautiful moment. ever. Just as we are looking at the baby and she is pointing out what parts are what, she couldn’t reveal the baby’s gender right away it took I’m not kidding you 1 full hour and within that hour we stopped 2 times cause she had her legs crossed like a little lady and sitting flat on her bottom and was so comfortable she was barly wanting to show what she was to us, already being stubborn lmao and she isn’t even out yet, good thing is im hoping she is this calm as soon as she is born. Well the 2 times I had got up the lady had me walking around I was running in place for a little bit just as much as my legs let me, and did two Handstands  after the second handstand and the her giggling the gadget over my stomach trying to get her to move around a bit so we can get to see her from behind or in between her legs. Well She finally got her in between her legs as she goes omg I think we are almost there I look at her face and I asked her you no what is already don’t you, she didn’t answer me right away she said here are her legs here is in between you see its flat the 3 slits, You a having a Girl, I was so shocked and I said omg its a girl. I was a bit sad for my hubby though even though how much I wanted a girl because one of us was going to be really happy, he still is supper happy but knowing he wanted a Boy got me a little chocked. Cause he didn’t get one. But we are both happy very happy and The ultrasound tech took a dvd of the whole ultrasound, with lullaby music in the background we had received 3 black and white photos and 2 Color ones that are 4D. There was bits and parts that were actually in 3D and 4D also. After they said congrats on the baby girl and Gave us a bag of stuff including what we had purchased. After we had left there we had gone to Cracker Barrel which was funny cause it was right across the street, I thought for sure that was another sign other than the Chinese chart saying it was a girl, The gender test we had got on amazon and also my OBGYN guessing it was a Girl. Well we Had got there and I ordered Fried shrimp platter, with Turnip Greens, Fried Apples, and Fries. I no that wasn’t the healthiest choice but going there only comes once in a while, so I took that and ran with it, And my hubby had got breakfast Steak and eggs, hash browns, and Chicken and Dumplings…Lunch was so good. And for the first time my stomach didn’t hurt all that bad which I thought for sure it would. Especially with all the poking and pretty much pushing the heck out of my tummy trying to get the baby to move around. Well luckily I enjoyed the day, we had gone right away to the house got cleaned up cause of how hot it was outside than went to Toys r us to find some girly Bedding, its was so nice going to the baby store finally knowing I had my little girl there with me inside of me. Cant believe im going to having such a cute shopping partner and be able to do all girl things together..Yay. I’m so glad to share this with you all, Here are some pictures we took that night after we got all settled down for the night, I hope you all enjoy.. Thanks for being here during this pregnancy with me… Our baby Girls name is going to be “Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan”

Have done Care packages for years and thought I would share this with you all, its even fun to do for small children parties ect, But the military love them, they always appreciate the care packages I and know my husband started doing as a team, know that he just got out of the army after serving almost 11 years, we send books, magazines, healthy snacks – and sometimes cake, cookies hygiene products.  Baking a jar cake is really simple, and a great way to send a special treat from home, made with love. They keep really well because the heat seals the jar so tightly and it lasts the week or two it takes for the care package to arrive where your loved one is deployed. Here is a handy guide on how to bake jar cakes to send to soldiers overseas.

Step 1: Sanitize the Mason Jar

Take the two pieces of the lid and the jar apart. Put the glass jar in a pot of hot water and bring it to boil over medium high heat on the stove. Boil the jar to sanitize it, then remove it carefully from the hot water with tongs to cool.

Step 2: Grease the Jar

Once the jar is completely cooled, spray the inside liberally with a non-stick spray like Pam or waxed paper with butter. This way the cake doesn’t stick to the edges of the jar too much and it’s easy for your soldier to eat your delicious cake!

Step 3: Fill the Jar with Cake Batter

After you’ve made your cake batter (use any of the cake recipes on this site for your cake batter – they won’t be disappointed!), fill the sanitized mason jar about halfway with cake batter. Don’t forget the cake will rise as it bakes, so remember to only fill the jar half full.

Step 4: Bake the Cake in the Jar

Bake your cake inside the jar according to the normal recipe instructions – including temperature. However, it is wise to start checking on the cake about 10 minutes before the normal done time. Sometimes the jar cakes bake a little faster than a full-size cake would. The best way to tell if it is done is to insert a toothpick or skewer tester in the center and make sure it comes out clean. Also, the top of the cake should spring back when lightly pressed.

Step 5: Sanitize the Jar Lids

Shortly before your cake finishes baking, boil the two parts of the mason jar lid just like you did the jar itself.

Step 6: Sealing the Jar

Make sure to use gloves so you don’t burn your hands on the jar! Pull your jar cake out of the oven. Run a clean, damp cloth around the rim of the jar to get rid of any crumbs or baked on cake. Screw the lid tightly onto the jar while it’s still hot.

Do not frost or decorate the cake. Pick a good, flavorful cake recipe and they won’t miss it, I promise. Some people send a store-bought container of frosting on the side. I have also baked pumpkin bread and other breads in jars, and it turned out fantastic. Let your jar cake cool and then ship it out as soon as possible! The sooner the jar cake gets there, the better. Your soldier can run a knife right around the edge of the cake and plop it out of the jar

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I went to go water my garden outside at 7:43pm last night and my husband walked outside after me to come see how my garden is doing, and to be by my side, we started talking about what plants were what and looking how big they have been growning  so after I got done watering that area I went where my Topsy Turvy Plants are at and started spraying them which are under are deck of our house there sits 2 bird nests which before only sat 1, so I guess they built another one. Well when I started spraying the water into the planters all of a sudden a baby bird maybe a couple weeks old came attacking me and hit the back of my head and kept going like 2 mins later it finally clicked in my head “Holy Cow WTF is going on”, my husband stands theres starring at me laughing as the mom and dad birds comes saving there baby and both of them come fast as hell towards the top of my head as I look up Im the top of my head as I look up Im freaking out screaming running for my husband. And we see the baby bird on the ground carlos telling me to grab it so we can put it back in the nest, I start to try and the mom and dad are stil coming at me, seeing WTH is happening to there baby, so I freaked once again and I tried to grab the bird in time was so scaried as much as the bird was so I couldnt get him in time and it hopped into this crazy amount of ivy we have growning from the ground upward on the walls outside we didnt, so I handed my husband a rake he was trying to go through the ivy to find the bird. He finally found the bird made sure it was okay and put it back in the nest the whole time tons of birds that wasnt the mom and the dad was coming by seeing whats going on, we go back upstairs so the mom and dad could go back back to the baby. Thw whole time im saying Im Sorry, Im Sorry!, like a ton of times, man I feel like crap seriously. I hope they dont kill it cause it has a human scent on it now. I can still hear them chripping away cursing me out in there birdy Language. Than my husband tells me “I forgot to tell you the birds made a new nest” REALLY ! Well thank you so much for now letting me know after getting attacked and almost getting killed lol. I will never forget turning 15 weeks pregnant in this Pregnancy ever. With al these aches and pains boy did I take off can you just imagine a pregnant woman running from birds???? OMG what a day. 9:23PM I had a thought what was going on snd if the baby was okay and still there, so I have my hubby go to check if its in the nest, and my heart was telling me right it was gone so we are out in our backyard looking everywhere for him and thank god my husband found him he went back into the ivy. So we got him and have in a pot and I noticed he had little bugs crawling all over him, So ihad got some warm water and my hubby and bro in law had gave him a bath and got most of the bugs off of himand they dried him off and we had changed pots and towels and threw that nest out. Poor little guy we got him all covered up hope he lives threw the night. Ino his family isnt going to come back for him, and I feel its all my fault cause of me watering my plants freaked them out. Today I woke up at 9:11am and I went to go take my dog out and there my bro in law was out on the porch and he asked where do I keep candys dog food cause on this websight he found last night it says you can feed baby bird dog food, well I show him , than I go to the bathroom come back out go outside and than he told me the bird got out of the pot and its on the ground below our deck and theres another baby bird in the corner of the yard I was thinking where did that baby bird come from cause threw that whole thing that happened yesterday I never saw a second baby,But it looks just like the other one same markings and everything. But my bro in law put both birds next to each other and the nest on the ground the one that dont have bugs crawling like crasy through it,And also the mom and dad are back out there so They came back how awesome is that. I keep going out there to check on them the last time I checked The mom and dad had worms in there mouth bringing it to the babies. YAY, they are pretty close to flying to hopefully we can keep this going till they are able to fly and be okay without having to worry. I know you all were wondering what happened last night sorry I didnt get to this last night but my husband rubbed my head to sleep, so I knocked out..Hope you all get aa good laugh out of this,lol



Hello everyone thats stopping by to read my blog welcome, Well here is my updates, I went to the obgyn a week ago and the babies heartbeat was 159 bpm, which is great,all my blood results for all the testing they have been doing has been coming out really good, they baby is healthy. And my morning,day,and night sickness has finally disappeared thank god for that, cause know I can eat. My cravings have Been Chinese food very bad, and mexican food and Nacho chesse Sauce and lots of fruit, Ive actually turned to water so much now that I pick it alot over my caffenine free soda I use to drink 24-7. I Brought a Doppler the other day online threw a medical supply company its a real nice one it shows the babys heart beat and has a speaker so you dont have you use earphones..So It comes out more clear like how it does at the obgyn office. Cant wait till it gets here just so I can check on the baby everyday..I have been feeling like a elastic Rubber band lately my tummy keeps expanding So far to me it seems like my stomach is hanging in the middle it hasnt dropped at all yet. Im going to be scheduling a 4D Ultrasound on week 15 which is on this Wednesday.This is going to be my first child actually born Im hoping this pregnancy keeps going good. We have another Obgyn appointment coming up, we got to meet every doctor in that practice just in case my doctor isnt on call the day I go into labor.The thing that worries me is hoping the baby comes out healthy, How much pain Im actually going to feel when I start having contractions, I have two birth plans cause I know my pain level is very weak. So im going to try to push for 10-20 mins if its too much I told my doctor I want a C-Secion. Also not having any family there is really breaking heart right now, but thank god my husband will be by my side, but you always want family around. Also since im at high risk whats going to happen when the baby comes out if they are going to put the baby in my arms right away or take it the newborn unit to check to make sure everything is doing okay? Waiting for that first cry when the baby is born,just to know that the baby is okay and doing well. And knowing how bad im going to be crying looking at my child face to face finally after carrying the baby for 9 months which seems to take forever.Im Just entered my second Trimister so I have to finish this one as well as one more lol…. Just hoping the baby is healthy and so beautiful than ever, and smiling as soon as he,or she comes out.. Ive been really emotional everything makes me cry, Ive been watching alot of Baby story, and Birth Day shows and with most of them I cry as soon as I see how the parents react to seeing there child and the show Coming home, oh man theres not one show I dont cry to on that one, And I even break down in stores at home. My emotions are all over the place. I rather take that than the pregnancy sickness in a heartbeat. Oh yea we also found a Shermag Bella Deluxe Glider Rocker, Ottoman in Chocolate so I have a place to breastfeed the baby in the nursery..Its really nice we got it at Baby’s r us it should be in, in about a week cause it had to be ordered cause they only had the sample chair out there… Carlos and I loved it it locks when you get up so it doesnt rock and hit your legs it also lock in place if you dont want to rock when your breastfeeding also.Other than that those are my concerns..I bet the list will get longer as time goes by. How many of you had fears and what were they, and how did the outcome turn out at the end please share your stories??

{June 7, 2012}   Obgyn Visit Today

I went to the Ob today cause ive been feeling a little bit of stabbing pains down there This is been going off and on for a while know and I went before to the ob to get it checked out and like today , they say nothing is wrong. So curious what can be causing this. But besides that I got to hear the babys heartbeat on the doppler today and they found it right away, ohhh it felt so good knowning that the baby was doing good, cause i need to buy A new dopple cause mine at home is so old I think its useless know lol. Well anyways the babys heartbeat is higher than it was the last visit its know 159 BMP and I recorded it on my recorder but I cant post the sound on hear kinda suck, (((Oh never mind I got a idea come back to this post tomarrow and you can hear it, I got what I can do hehehhe….Baby and I are doing okay just for the usually pain the morning sickness has finally gone away yippy000)))…… Talk about happy. Well till tomarrow Goodnight everyone.

I was looking on all my groups I go on for pregnancy on facebook and there was this test a gender predicator test. And theres lots of women that this actually came out right and some not so its 50-50 chance right here, But with all the good reads on it, I decided to do it and get it. But omg hope this test is right that would be awesome shows im having a girl…its not 100 percent though so keep ur fingers crossed, LOL. We also have done the Chinese Calender to predict If im having a girl or boy and with from when I conceived to how old I will be when I have the baby which thats how that one works, that came out showing a girl also. Plus with my obgyn she promised me I would be pregnant within a year, and she was completly right. And this last ttime I went to see her, she had the doppler listening to the heartbeat and she said Christina I think your having a girl, Plus theres lots that thinks that its a girl, but only 4 people that thinks its a boy, my Husband of course and my mother in law, and sister in law and bro in law. And my mom did also. When we were talking who knows what she thinks or cares anymore, but Im hoping its a little girl than we have a boy next, but only god can tell, Even if it is a boy first I will fall in love, but all moms wish for that little girl first so you can dress up go do girl things with, and be close and share things with. We Are going to go do a 4D ultrasound in town in 2 weeks to find out cause I cant wait as long as the High risk doctor wants, and you can find out at 16 weeks, so We are going to pay to go get a 30 min 4D ultrasound plus and video of the baby and Pictures so we can see what the baby looks like right know, We are also going to go back closer to delivery to do it again so we can see how close the faces match when he /she is born. I keep waiting for that one kick but it hasnt happened yet, I did feel something a month ago that almost seemed like the baby moving But I cant be for sure, plus I was half way asleep and it woke me up from a dead sleep. Other than that Ive been eating healthy and sometimes a little not with my chinese and mexican cravings, but Im in love with fruit and been eating it like crasy and actually am down almost 3 bottles of water a day know way better than before. Im still having a hard time finding the heartbeat at home, hopefully I can soon…..How long did it take you all to hear the heartbeat at home, and how low where you looking for it????? Hope you all enjoy the blog sorry I havent been writing all the time, but I really want them to be nice when I have something to talk about…..Love you yall…

Found this and thought I would share it with all of you all, I Have finally hit my second trimister, what the best feeling in the world that my baby is doing well, as of right know im 13 weeks 2 days… Keep trying to find the baby’s heartbeat on my doppler I have at home but its still so faint its hard to pick up, my last appointment my doctor had found it in like 10 mins, but the nurse before her couldnt find it lol.Just hope the baby is loving it home for right know. Been through alot lately and just want this one thing to go right in my life, before I feel complete.. This opened my eyes and let me know to look past the drama in my life and love the baby I carry inside me and worry more about her than anything else right know….

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