{May 26, 2012}   First Prank that I pulled off to My hubby….

Played the best prank on my hubby today, and he came home early damm im good lol. He dont like anyone touching our lawn so we cant hire anyone to do it.

Well I email him and I say omg your going to be so upset at your brother, Listen here us what happened, two teenagers came knocking on the door and said they will mow our lawn and trim our trees, for 6 dollars , and your bro payied them, so guess whats happening.5 mins later I get a email back … . YOUR KIDDING ME? Im Lmao. I said no way ask your brother. And I get a hold of his brother really quick and say look this is what I told ur bro play along and lets prank him, he goes okay and than I told him what to say, carlos ends up calling him and asked whats going on over there so he tells him, he said how are you going to pay someone to do our lawn, its my lawn, and his brother says no its actually the landlords lol. And he got off the phone before he got off he told him how are u going to pay them and not even stay and leave to school? Well i was here either way. Two mins later my bro in law hit me up and says he is on his way home he is pissed lol. I was like oh hell yea, i should of done this before at least I know how to get him home early. LoL. Carlos comes home im almost finished getting ready but hear footsteps im in the bathrrom rolling laughing so hard, and I look out of the window and there his car sits. I finish up real quick and than come out and carlos is smurking at me on the couch and I said u so fell for it and i busted out laughing. Funny thing is he checked the backyard to see if the guys were in the back and check to see if his lawn mower was there thinking they were coming back later since he didnt see them. All I gotta say I totally suceeded at this prank…hahhahahhahahahha
The Victum Rests Below lmao….

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