{May 17, 2012}   My 1st High Risk Doctor’s Appointment

Today went pretty good at the High risk doctors office, We did a regular ultrasound, which was kinda werid cause it wasnt as visual than the 3d sonograms we have been having but we actually got a couple good close up profile pictures and the ultrasound tech was so funny and nice and she printed us off lots of pics like the other ultrasound techs, just the doctor was a little off but thank god he isnt going to be the one I see next time, because we had to actually ask to sit down with him to tell him all my medical history and ask questions about getting the epidurial while pregnant in my spine cause of my disk is badly I can hardly do anything for long periods of time. Well he also said it would be fine also, plus he dont think it will hurt the baby or even go to the baby while its in me. So I might just go through with it. Going to have to go back to my nuero and talk to him now, Well the baby’s heartbeat I guess is settling down to his/her regualar heartbeat because know it is at 167 which last time it was at 171. Our Baby was moving like crazy inside of me during the ultrasound and we had taken a video of it Im going to post it on YOUTUBE so you all can see I cant imagine how much this baby will be kicking soon lol. Its like I drinking 8 cups of expressso before we went in lol. But it was awesome to know the baby is doing great they told us the baby is actually growing fast its 5 days bigger than it should be but they are still keeping the due date at the same for know till it gets closer. But even though I got sick with a viral infection and with me barly eating cause I couldnt hold down much, the lady said when your sick the baby is completly safe inside of you. So with the growth pattern so far Im actuallly being a great mom keeping my baby inside of me. They also checked for Down Syndrome and on the ultrasound They check the neck, spine and nose length and so far we are in the clear, I had to do a needle poke which will tell us a yes or no on that too we should get the results back in a week, but they said it looks good no signs at all. But oh boy did that needle poke scare the crap outta me I started to panic lol to the point, where carlos took one for the team and got poked before me, just to show me it wasnt that bad, which it still was hehehehe. Oh man my nerves were tripping lol. But I made it with a little bandaid on my finger and my honey gots one toooo aww isnt that wuv…Well next time I go will be 7 weeks from know to the high risk I have a obgyn appointment next week and every month with my obm so it wont be so bad, just the wait to see our sweet lil one again is going to take forever. Carlos was so happy this appointment when he saw the baby bouncing around the video I posted on Youtube listen to him in the background so cute how he was loving every bit which this time was the first I didnt cry, and I mean first I think this time I was more nervous and curious what was going to happen that it took the crying part away this time, which was great cause I looked at our baby which is getting so big and than looking over at my husband holding him and watching him look at the screen with the biggest smile ever. I love when he is happy like that. This is going to be a amazing experience and I feel things from this point are going to go good, and im hoping I done jinx it but I feel good about this entire miricle growing inside of me.


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